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December 1, 2014

Welland Canal - Former American Fortitude scrap tow with tugs Evans McKeil on bow and Jarrett M on stern - Barry Andersen
Courtney-Burton-tow-clear-of-L4.jpg (98062 bytes)
Downbound clear of Lock 4 approaching Bridge 5
520.jpg (124113 bytes)
Easing into Lock 3 with tug Evans McKeil
Courtney-Burton-tow-eases-into-L3.jpg (103274 bytes)
Entering Lock 3
522.jpg (144714 bytes)
Tug Evans McKeil lead tug
American-Fortitude-tow-clear-of-L3.jpg (92818 bytes)
581.jpg (111035 bytes)
Approaching Bridge 4
586.jpg (107298 bytes)
Stern view headed for Lock 2 from Bridge 4
Courtney-Burton-pilot-house-(3).jpg (115494 bytes)
Pilot house
tug-Jarrett-M-on-stern-of-Courtney-Burton-tow-(2).jpg (175203 bytes)
Tug Jarrett M on stern
American-Fortitude-tow-at-W-16-headed-to-Brownsville-TX.jpg (93485 bytes)
American-Fortitude-tow-headed-for-L1-(3).jpg (89733 bytes) Strandja-(Mlt)-inbnd-Port-Colborne-harbour.jpg (96250 bytes) Blue-Phoenix-I-(Pan)-upbnd-headed-for-L2-(2).jpg (88905 bytes)
Blue Phoenix I
stack-on-Blue-Phoenix-I----------note-EO-for-Egon-Oldendorff.jpg (112684 bytes)
Blue Phoenix stack - EO shows from original owners Egon Oldendorff
Blue-Phoenix-I-(Pan)-upbnd-headed-for-L3.jpg (107574 bytes)

Scrap tow in the Welland Canal - Ian Baker
img_2604.jpg (88536 bytes) img_2614.jpg (97426 bytes) img_2619.jpg (62621 bytes) img_2621.jpg (86448 bytes) img_2624.jpg (76085 bytes)
img_2629.jpg (86628 bytes) img_2631.jpg (102736 bytes) img_2637.jpg (75386 bytes) img_2639.jpg (75866 bytes) img_2641.jpg (86289 bytes)
img_2645.jpg (73802 bytes) img_2651.jpg (96197 bytes) img_2654.jpg (81855 bytes)    

American Fortitude tied up for inspection in Port Colborne for seaway inspection - Nathan Attard
image1.jpg (114768 bytes) image2.jpg (103345 bytes) image11.jpg (134969 bytes)    

Manitowoc at Algonac State Park on Sunday - Don Detloff
1-manitowoc-30nov14-djd.jpg (84143 bytes)        

Saginaw River  - Todd Shorkey
1-olmoore-11-28-14-ts.jpg (88813 bytes)
Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber inbound at the Lake State Railway Bridge
2-olmoore-11-18-14-ts.jpg (109054 bytes)
Stern view

Welland Canal Friday - Ian Baker
img_2553.jpg (78887 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes
img_2564.jpg (77476 bytes) img_2567.jpg (73842 bytes)
Federal Yukina
img_2576.jpg (87052 bytes) img_2582.jpg (71700 bytes)
Atlantic Huron
img_2587.jpg (86404 bytes) img_2592.jpg (91903 bytes)
img_2602.jpg (92492 bytes)    


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