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January 13, 2015

We fell behind in our Photo Galley updates, we are getting caught up but still have more pictures to add. Please continue to send in your pictures.


Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley arrives to help on lower lakes
DSCN2627.jpg (393879 bytes)
Downbound off Port Huron
DSCN2643.jpg (221081 bytes)
Carefully passing Marine City. They held close to shore to avoid breaking off more ice that would flush down river.
DSCN2652.jpg (64729 bytes)
American Courage waiting crossways in the river.
DSCN2657.jpg (75040 bytes)
At Algonac State Park.
DSCN2660.jpg (98592 bytes)
Eagle gets a close up view.
DSCN2664.jpg (55437 bytes)
American Spirit working with the CCGS Griffon at Russell Island.
DSCN2674.jpg (90350 bytes) DSCN2663.jpg (87863 bytes) DSCN2682.jpg (115368 bytes)  


St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-algomarine-12jan15-djd.jpg (69013 bytes)
Algomarine underway.
2-algomarine-12jan15-djd.jpg (102109 bytes)
Shoveling snow on the Algomarine.
3-algomarine-12jan15-djd.jpg (86667 bytes)
Algomarine approaching Russell Island.
1-griffon-12jan15-djd.jpg (91890 bytes)
Griffon backing down to assist Algomarine.
2-griffon-12jan15-djd.jpg (88162 bytes)
Griffon at Algomarine's bow.
3-griffon-12jan15-djd.jpg (74649 bytes)
Backing down along Algomarine's starboard side.
4-griffon-12jan15-djd.jpg (90327 bytes)
Moving further aft.
5-griffon-12jan15-djd.jpg (74865 bytes)
Aongside Algomarine.
1-griffon-10jan15-djd.jpg (61435 bytes)
CCGS Griffon assisting Whitefish Bay.
2-griffon-10jan15-djd.jpg (83137 bytes)
Alongside breaking a relief track.

The Hon. James L. Oberstar arrives in Sturgeon Bay - Mitch Custer
1-Oberstart-01-12-15-mac-(1280x853).jpg (59153 bytes)
Approaching the Oregon/Maple Streets Bridge in Sturgeon Bay.
2-Oberstar-0112-15-mac-(1280x853).jpg (50500 bytes) 3-Oberstar-01-12-15-mac-(1280x853).jpg (195377 bytes)
Ready to back into its slip at the Bayship yard being helped by the Tugs Donny S and Jimmy L.

Huron, Ohio winter lay-up - Steven Myers
2inHuron1.jpg (164882 bytes)
John J. Boland has joined the Adam E. Cornelius for lay-up at Huron in Slip #2 at the former ore dock.

Grand Haven traffic videos - Brandon Davis


John G Munson unloading stone at Buffington, Indiana on Jan. 6 - Gary R. Clark
jmunson1-6-15-gc.jpg (106092 bytes)        

Welland Canal January 2 and December 30 - Barry Andersen
Algoma-Progress-tied-up-at-W-17-before-going-into-scrapyard.jpg (87959 bytes)
Algoma Progress de-ballasted to get draft suitable to enter IMS yard slip
Algoma-Progress-after-accommodations.jpg (108249 bytes)
Algoma Progress at view of after cabins
tugs-Jarrett-M-and-Seahound-at-West-Street.jpg (138598 bytes)
tugs Jarrett M and Seahound at West Street await call to move Algoma Progress into IMS slip
barge-St,-Marys-Cement-and-tug-Petite-Forte-at-w-16.jpg (128589 bytes)
barge St. Marys Cement and tug Petite Forte tied up at wharf 16
tug-Petite-Forte-and-barge-St.-Marys-Cement-at-W-16.jpg (138900 bytes)
 tug Petite Forte with barge tied at wharf 16
396.jpg (100914 bytes)
 Algoma Progress upbound approaching Lock 8 December 30.
Algoma-Progress-upbnd-headed-for-L8.jpg (104489 bytes)
Algoma Progress stern view nearing bridge 11 Alanburg
Algoma-Progress-tieing-up---her-career-ended-at-IMS-yard.jpg (107584 bytes)
Algoma Progress tying up wharf 17 at Port Colborne before she heads in IMS Yard
Algoma-Enterprise-inbnd-port.jpg (92474 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise in Port Weller harbor headed for old PWDD for winter work  
Algoma-Progress-engine-room-ULS-insignia-to-the-end.jpg (176957 bytes)
Algoma Progress last remaining identity from ULS ownership visible
Algosteel-at-wharf-16.jpg (96643 bytes)
 Algosteel tied up at briefly at wharf 16 for some work before departing for Goderich

Algoma Enterprise on dry dock - Skip Gillham
Algoma-Enterprise---PWDD---Jan.-2-15-SG-(3).jpg (118227 bytes)
Came across this today, something we haven't seen recently - a ship on the old Port Weller Dry Docks.

Algoma progress at Port Colborne - Shelley Bowser
ALGOMA-PROGRESS.jpg (66841 bytes) ALGOMA-PROGRESS-TUGS-AND1.jpg (102743 bytes) ALGOMA-PROGRESS-AND.jpg (97729 bytes)    

Detroit - Ken Borg
IMG_9982.jpg (118371 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson loading coke from Zug Island in the old channel of the Rouge River.

IMG_9894-1.jpg (113147 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais passing under the Ambassador Bridge for the last time.  Dec 26, 2014.

IMG_9970-1.jpg (136639 bytes)
Looks like the draw span is taking shape for the new Fort St drawbridge in Detroit, MI on Dec 31, 2014
IMG_9973-1.jpg (135762 bytes)
Operating end of the new Fort St. drawbridge.  Doesn't look like much visibility for the operator  for boats below the bridge.  Dec 31, 2014

Saginaw River
- Todd Shorkey
3-alpena-12-30-14-ts.jpg (111560 bytes)
Alpena unloading at Lafarge Cement in Essexville
2-alpena-12-30-14.jpg (109406 bytes) 1-aplena-12-30-14-ts.jpg (145651 bytes)    

Edger B Speer waiting for the American Spirit to finish loading ore in Two Harbors, Mn. on a crisp 5 degree afternoon - Doug Wolfe
IMG_0073.jpg (89623 bytes)        


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