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January 14, 2015

St. Marys River Icebreaking Operations - Graham Grattan
1-rspier-1-13-15-gg.jpg.jpg (48333 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson
1-fron-1-12-15-gg.jpg.jpg (80237 bytes)
2-stcl-1-12-15-gg.jpg.jpg (69987 bytes)
St. Clair
3-speer-1-12-15-gg.jpg.jpg (75827 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer
4-speer-1-12-15-gg.jpg.jpg (61912 bytes)
5-mack-1-12-15-gg.jpg.jpg (71246 bytes)
USCGC Mackinaw taking part in Operation Taconite.
6-burns-1-12-15-gg.jpg.jpg (52013 bytes) 7-burns-1-12-15-gg.jpg.jpg (44599 bytes)
Mackinaw and a USCG helicopter.
1-samris-1-11-15-gg.jpg.jpg (77790 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley taking part in Operation Taconite.
2-samris-1-11-15-gg.jpg.jpg (309557 bytes)
4-samris-1-11-15-gg.jpg.jpg (97817 bytes) 1-mac-1-11-15-gg.jpg.jpg (89749 bytes) 2-mac-1-11-15-gg.jpg.jpg (75579 bytes) 3-samris-1-11-15-gg.jpg.jpg (96786 bytes) 3-mac-1-11-15-gg.jpg.jpg (86502 bytes)
4-mac-1-11-15-gg.jpg.jpg (91131 bytes) 2-jack-1-11-15-gg.jpg.jpg (38030 bytes) 5-katbay-1-11-15-gg.jpg.jpg (86505 bytes)
USCGC Katmai Bay taking part in Operation Taconite
1-katbay-1-10-15-gg.jpg.jpg (89445 bytes) 2-katbay-1-10-15-gg.jpg.jpg (67203 bytes)
3-katbay-1-10-15-gg.jpg.jpg (77372 bytes) 4-katbay-1-10-15-gg.jpg.jpg (76442 bytes)      

- Jim Hoffman (Soo)
1-Carson-J-Callaway-1-10-15-jh.jpg (94240 bytes)
Cason J Callaway getting under way, after a delay in the Soo
2-Carson-J-Callway-1-10-15--jh.jpg (66547 bytes)
Under way in upper St Mary's.
3-Katmai-Bay-1-11-15---jh.jpg (99091 bytes)
Katmai Bay in Upper St Marys
4-Katmai-Bay-1-11-15-jh.jpg (285554 bytes) 5-Mackinaw-1-13-15--jh.jpg (93548 bytes)
Mackinaw West Pier Soo Mi
6-Burns-Harbor-1-13-15-jh.jpg (94899 bytes)
Burns Harbor approaching the Soo Locks
7-Burns-Harbor-1-13-15-jh.jpg (211390 bytes) 8-Burns-Harbor-1-13-15.jpg (89346 bytes)    

Rt. Hon Paul J Martin and Baie Comeau passing downbound at Sarnia January 13
- Matt Jones
100_0830.jpg (124609 bytes) 100_0831.jpg (125275 bytes) 100_0833.jpg (96928 bytes) 100_0835.jpg (161669 bytes) 100_0836.jpg (143242 bytes)
100_0838.jpg (96682 bytes) 100_0839.jpg (107309 bytes) 100_0840.jpg (129006 bytes) 100_0842.jpg (133062 bytes) 100_0843.jpg (132641 bytes)

St. Clair River at Algonac -
Don Detloff
1-risley-13jan15-djd.jpg (73308 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley at Algonac State Park
2-risley-13jan15-djd.jpg (99975 bytes) 1-white-13jan15-djd.jpg (73634 bytes)
H. Lee White
2-laud-13jan15-djd.jpg (81422 bytes)
Sam Laud

John J. Boland and Adam Cornelius laid up at the old ore dock in Huron, Ohio January 13
- Dave Wobser
Huron-1-13-2015-A-djw.jpg (66653 bytes)
Bow Boland
Huron-1-13-2015-B-djw.jpg (92903 bytes)
Bow - Cornelius
Huron-1-13-2015-C-djw.jpg (103822 bytes)
Stern both
Huron-1-13-2015-D-djw.jpg (59259 bytes)
Stern Boland
Huron-1-13-2015-E-djw.jpg (91893 bytes)
Cornelius accommodations block

Former Commodore Straits sunk
- C. Ruffett
image13.jpg (76053 bytes) image12.jpg (86406 bytes)      

American Fortitude in Oswego
- Jared Sieber
fortitude-Jared-Sieber-122414.jpg (147489 bytes)        

Last lockage at Soo for Algoma Montrealais December 29
- Michelle Briggs, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
1-algomont-12-25-14-usace.jpg (194978 bytes) 2-algomont-12-25-14-usace.jpg (101973 bytes) 3-algomont-12-25-14-usace.jpg (73929 bytes) 4-algomont-12-25-14-usace.jpg (87256 bytes) 5-algomont-12-25-14-usace.jpg (92714 bytes)
6-algomont-12-25-14-usace.jpg (90700 bytes) 9-algomont-12-25-14-usace.jpg (152454 bytes) 7-algomont-12-25-14-usace.jpg (113254 bytes) 8-algomont-12-25-14-usace.jpg (116756 bytes)  

Algoma Montrealais downbound at the Soo -
Roger LeLievre
Algoma-Montrealais-12-25-14RL.jpg (174024 bytes)
On her last trip downbound at the Soo on Christmas Day.

Algoma Montrealais' last trip through the Welland Canal -
J Bowser
-enter-lock-3.jpg (85594 bytes) lock-3.jpg (35742 bytes) -lock-5-exit.jpg (63396 bytes) lock-5-exit.jpg (89936 bytes)  

Algoma Montrealais at Glendale Bridge. December 27
- Ian Baker
img_2796.jpg (101979 bytes) img_2798.jpg (66697 bytes) img_2801.jpg (70267 bytes) img_2806.jpg (101358 bytes) img_2802.jpg (102394 bytes)

Welland Canal December -  Barry Andersen
Flintersky-(Ndl)-dbnd-tied-above-L7-at-dusk.jpg (98913 bytes)
Flintersky (Nld) dbnd tied on wall above L7
Palmerton-(Atg)-inbnd-Port-Colborne-outer-harbour-(5).jpg (119140 bytes)
Palmerton (Atg) dbnd in Port Colborne outer harbour
barge-Norman-McLeod-with-tug-Everlast-headed-for-L2-upbnd.jpg (72719 bytes)
tug Everlast & barge Norman McLeod upbnd for L2
Algoma-Montrealais-dbnd-entering-L3-on-last-trip.jpg (98315 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais eases into L3 dnbnd on last trip
Algoma-Montrealais-dbnd-clear-of-L3-on-last-trip-(5).jpg (57232 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais dbnd clear of L3 nearing bridge 4 as darkness closes in
Algoma-Montrealais-dbnd-clear-of-bridge-4-headed-for-L2.jpg (63693 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais dbnd passes under skyway headed for L2
Baie-St-Paul-dbnd-clear-of-L2-(2).jpg (95990 bytes)
Baie St. Paul dbnd clear of L2
Hon-Paul-J.-Martin-passes-Algoma-Montrealis-below-L3.jpg (81980 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin upbnd under skyway with Christmas lights galore
Shoveler-(Cyp)-dbnd-entering-L3-(3).jpg (98897 bytes)
Shoveler (Cyp) - dnbnd entering L3
Whistler-(Cyp)-dbnd-from-bridge-4-headed-for-L2.jpg (103418 bytes)
Whistler (Cyp) - dbnd clear of L3 from bridge 4
tug-Yankee-(Ame)-dnbnd-above-old-guard-gate-in-Thorold.jpg (85546 bytes)
Tug Yankee (Ame) - dbnd headed for L7 after refit at Donjon in Erie, PA
tug-Yankee-(Ame)-dnbnd-headed-for-L7-at-Thorold.jpg (87345 bytes) Vitosha-(Mlt)-unloads-cargo-at-wharf-2-Welland-Canal.jpg (83999 bytes)
Vitosha (Mlt) - unloading at W-2 Port Weller
Cuyahoga-headed-dbnd-loaded-for-L1.jpg (115907 bytes)
Cuyahoga - dbnd headed for L2
Federal-Danube-(Mhl)-dbnd-clear-of-L2-as-darkness-falls-(3).jpg (55613 bytes)
Federal Danube (Mhl) - dbnd clear of L2 with lights on as darkness falls
Mapleglen-dbnd-clear-of-L2.jpg (91974 bytes)
Mapleglen dbnd headed for L2
Rt-Hon-Paul-J.-Martin-Xmas-lights-(2).jpg (44770 bytes)
Christmas lights on stern of Rt. Hon Paul J. Martin - one of few vessels spotted this year


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