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January 20 - 21, 2015

Edwin H. Gott  arrives in Milwaukee for lay-up - Cathy Drexler
Edwin-H-Gott-Jan.-20,-2015-38.jpg (146349 bytes)
Gott nearing Port of Milwaukee toward expectant photographers in 32 degree rain.
Edwin-H-Gott-Jan.-20,-2015-55.jpg (156885 bytes)
Passing beneath Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge to enter Port of Milwaukee.
Edwin-H-Gott-Jan.-20,-2015-92.jpg (193022 bytes)
In Milwaukee's inner harbor.

Welland Canal and Port Huron in November - Paul Beesley
1-atlerie-11-29-15-pb.jpg (94393 bytes)
 Making our way down the Seaway we saw these ships:  Atlantic Erie.
2-fedelbe-11-29-15-pb.jpg (83017 bytes)
Federal Elbe.
3-fedmir-11-29-15-pb.jpg (81160 bytes)
Federal Miramichi - still in blue after all these years.
4-pachur-11-29-15-pb.jpg (85712 bytes)
 Pacific Huron - looking much like the Miramichi.
5-pine-11-29-15-pb.jpg (102210 bytes)
Pineglen leaves the Snell lock before we could enter.
6-fedosh-11-29-15-pb.jpg (86434 bytes)
The Federal Oshima enters the Eisenhower Lock.
7-ojib-11-30-15-pb.jpg (46355 bytes)
Ojibway passing upbound.
8-ojib-11-30-15-pb.jpg (66299 bytes)
Closer view of the 'pointy' end.
9-seddes-11-30-15-pb.jpg (62562 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes passing.
10-nerd-11-29-15.jpg (201651 bytes)
At one place above the Wiley-Dondero Canal there always seems to be at least one photographer
each time I pass.  This day was no different.
1-kom-11-23-14-pb.jpg (53634 bytes)
  Kom unbound above Lock 3, Welland Canal.  This photo was taken after returning home from Authorama 2014 in Port Huron.  The rest of the photos were taken in Port Huron on the same day.
2-manis-11-23-14-pb.jpg (43003 bytes)
 Manistee unbound approaching the Blue Water bridge.
3-sharon-11-23-14-pb.jpg (54347 bytes)
McKiel's relatively new tug Sharon M1 pushing barge Huron Spirit with self-unloading gear on board.
4-sharon-11-23-14-pb.jpg (48236 bytes)
Another view of the tug and barge.
5-amcent-11-23-14-pb.jpg (65093 bytes)
American Century unbound at the bridge.
6-trans-11-23-14-pb.jpg (55070 bytes)
Transhawk just below the Blue Water bridge.
7-uscg-11-23-14-pb.jpg (87660 bytes)
 USCG patrol boat passes the Sharon M1.

St. Clair River  icebreaking
- Butch Dompierre
RJD_6918-CCGS-Escort-1.jpg (103436 bytes)
 St. Clair River clogged south of Port Lambton.
RJD_6970-SamuelrisleyMLFlag1.jpg (51872 bytes) RJD_6854-SamuelRisley1.jpg (137655 bytes) RJD_6978-SamuelRisleyPortQuarter1.jpg (147315 bytes) RJD_6932-CCGS-Griffon1.jpg (122224 bytes)
RJD_6951-CCGS-SamuelRisley1.jpg (94294 bytes) RJD_6775-OnDuty1.jpg (115885 bytes) RJD_6773-OnDuty1.jpg (91258 bytes) RJD_6660-BristolBay1.jpg (100548 bytes) RJD_6760-GriffonOnDuty1.jpg (95174 bytes)

Algowood arrives for winter lay-up in Port Colborne -
Nathan Attard
image12.jpg (131139 bytes)
Algowood arrived Monday for winter lay-up.  Algoma progress sitting at scrap yard behind the Algowood.

Defiance and barge Ashtabula at the Marquette Ore Dock - Daniel McAndrew
Ashtabula-1st-Load-at-Marquette-1-15-15.jpg (108498 bytes)
Loading January 15 bound for TORCO Dock
Ashta-(3).jpg (208151 bytes) Ashtabula-@-Marquette.jpg (112191 bytes) Ashta-(2).jpg (91158 bytes)  

Welland Canal November 27 & 28 - Paul Beesley
1-griff-11-27-14-pb.jpg (249846 bytes)
CCGS Griffon clears Lock 8, Port Colborne, on her way to start the Fall buoy pickup on Lake Erie.
2-nick-11-27-14-pb.jpg (328367 bytes)
Nickelena passing Port Colborne downbound.
3-nick-11-27-14-pb.jpg (387004 bytes)
 Nickelena under Bridge 21, Port Colborne.
4-sed-11-27-14-pb.jpg (286278 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes clear of Bridge 21 while the Griffon goes under.
5-sed-11-27-14-pb.jpg (234871 bytes)
Sedna Desgagnes' heavy lift apparatus well-secured.
6-atlhur-11-28-14-pb.jpg (69771 bytes)
 Atlantic Huron somewhat obscured by snow.
7-eider-11-28-14-pb.jpg (94991 bytes)
Eider easing out of Lock 1, unbound.
8-nick-11-28-14-pb.jpg (115281 bytes)
Looking south toward Lock 1  from the Nickelena's wheelhouse.
9-simm-11-28-14-pb.jpg (129939 bytes)
Former CCGC Simmonds waiting to be sold on Crown Asset


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