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January 22 - 24, 2015

1/24 - Toledo Winter Lay-up - Bob Vincent
1-Algorail-1-23-15-bv.jpg (91571 bytes)
Algorail in the Toledo Ship Yard
2-Algorail-1-23-15-bv.jpg (126474 bytes) 3-Algorail-1-23-15-bv.jpg (114549 bytes) 4-StClair-1-23-15-bv.jpg (89628 bytes)
St. Clair is docked on the east wall in #2 slip on the Presque Isle side. Behind it is the American Spirit.
5-StClair-1-23-15-bv.jpg (109501 bytes)
6-StClair-1-23-15-bv.jpg (109629 bytes) 7-AmerSpirit-1-23-15-bv.jpg (68540 bytes)
American Spirit docked behind the St. Clair in slip #2 east wall at Presque Isle side of CSX Toledo Docks
8-AmerSpirit-1-23-15-bv.jpg (98049 bytes) 9-AmerSpirit-1-23-15-bv.jpg (124543 bytes) 10-HLeeWhite-1-23-15-bv.jpg (93368 bytes)
H. Lee White is docked on the west wall (Midwest Stone Dock) in slip #2 on the Presque Isle side of the Toledo Docks
11-HLeeWhite-1-23-15-bv.jpg (89241 bytes) 12-HLeeWhite-1-23-15-bv.jpg (105302 bytes) 13-AmerMariner-1-23-15-bv.jpg (98440 bytes)
American Mariner is docked on the west wall slip #1 on the Presque Isle side of the CSX Toledo Docks
14-AmerMariner-1-23-15-bv.jpg (120301 bytes) 15-AmerMariner-1-23-15-bv.jpg (99108 bytes)
16-AmerCourage-1-23-15-bv.jpg (107250 bytes)
The American Courage is docked on the east wall of slip #1 on the Presque Isle side of CSX Toledo Docks.
17-AmerCourage-1-23-15-bv.jpg (109121 bytes) 18-AmerCourage-1-23-15-bv.jpg (71922 bytes) 19-PRClarke-1-23-15-bv.jpg (153667 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke is docked on the east wall of slip #2 on the Torco side of CSX Toledo Docks
20-PRClarke-1-23-15-bv.jpg (82631 bytes)
21-PRClarke-1-23-15-bv.jpg (140100 bytes) 22-GreatRepublic-1-23-15-bv.jpg (186184 bytes)
The Great Republic is docked on the east wall in slip #2 on the Torco side of CSX Toledo Docks. It is docked in front of the Philip R. Clarke.
23-GreatRepublic-1-23-15-bv.jpg (216152 bytes) 24-GreatRepublic-1-23-15-bv.jpg (171855 bytes) 25-OLMoore-1-23-15-bv.jpg (237211 bytes)
26-LJKuber-1-23-15-bv.jpg (229517 bytes) 27-OLMoore-1-23-15-bv.jpg (224191 bytes)
The barge Lewis J. Kuber and tug Olive L. Moore are docked on the west (across for the Live Pad) wall on the Torco side of the CSX Toledo Docks.
IMG_8412.jpg (115337 bytes)
Sam Laud tied up at the Ironville dock of the Midwest Terminals of Toledo. It's the old Gulf Oil property.
29-AmerMariner-Courage-1-23-15-bv.jpg (99274 bytes)
A bow view of both the American Mariner and American Courage
1-NeahBay-1-23-15-bv.jpg (183918 bytes)
U S Coast Guard ice breaker Neah Bay was breaking ice in Toledo shipping channel so the James R. Barker could come in to unload iron ore at CSX Torco
2-NeahBay-1-23-15-bv.jpg (181251 bytes) 3-NeahBay-1-23-15-bv.jpg (209459 bytes) 4-JRBarker-1-23-15-bv.jpg (96191 bytes)
James R. Barker coming in to unload iron ore at CSX Torco Docks.
5-JRBarker-1-23-15-bv.jpg (108321 bytes) 6-JRBarker-1-23-15-bv.jpg (136604 bytes)
 G tug Nebraska breaking ice in the slip.
7-Nebraska-1-23-15-bv.jpg (79088 bytes) 8-JRBarker-1-23-15-bv.jpg (138358 bytes) 9-JRBarker-1-23-15-bv.jpg (151331 bytes) 10-JRBarker-1-23-15-bv.jpg (113977 bytes) 11-JRBarker-1-23-15-bv.jpg (85330 bytes)
12-JRBarker-1-23-15-bv.jpg (213444 bytes)        

1/23 - Last Two Vessels in Marquette for 2014-15 -
Rod Burdick
def_ash11515ld_rb.jpg (210671 bytes)
Tug/Barge Defiance/Ashtabula loading ore at LS&I on January 15, 2015
mm11715unld2_rb.jpg (144448 bytes)
Mesabi Miner unloading coal on January 17, 2015
12-JRBarker-1-23-15-bv.jpg (213444 bytes)    

Basic Marine's Nickelena on the Seaway
- Paul Beesley
1-cedar-12-1-14-pb.jpg (89679 bytes)
Cedarglen with her unique design passes Valleyfield, Quebec.
2-intrep-12-1-14-pb.jpg (98035 bytes)
The tug Nickelena was sent with a barge to Valleyfield to pick up a large industrial cargo.  The loading dock required the barge to be held perpendicular to the current which is quite strong.  Consequently, the Ocean Intrepid was chartered to hold the barge in position.
3-intrep-12-1-14-pb.jpg (117317 bytes)
The Ocean Intrepide can work at cross-purposes to currents.
4-intrep-12-1-14-pb.jpg (113005 bytes)
The Intrepide moves the empty barge downriver to the loading ramp.
5-olza-12-1-14-pb.jpg (111704 bytes)
Olza downbound on a cold, cold day.
6-intrep-12-2-14-pb.jpg (128201 bytes)
With the barge secured to the Nickelena the unbound transit is ready to commence.  This cargo was going to Duluth.
7-intrep-12-2-14-pb.jpg (117518 bytes)
Entering the Snell lock.
8-cantran-12-2-14-pb.jpg (127692 bytes)
Canadian Transport downbound.
9-blue-12-2-14-pb.jpg (109001 bytes)
Waiting for the Bluewing to depart the lock so the Nickelena can enter.

1/22 - Point Edward/Sarnia
- Marc Dease
1-mich-11-26-14-md.jpg (136650 bytes)
Michipicoten in the north slip at Point Edward.
2-mapl-12-4-14-a-md.jpg (199620 bytes)
Mapleglen takes on a load at the elevator.
3-mapl-12-4-14-b-md.jpg (83671 bytes)
Night view.
4-rsp-1-16-15-a-md.jpg (162337 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson down bound at 1 & 2.
5-rsp-1-16-15-b-md.jpg (195855 bytes)
Making the turn.
6-rsp-1-16-15-c-md.jpg (222350 bytes)
Wide view.
7-great-1-16-15-md.jpg (166864 bytes)
Great Republic making the turn at 1 & 2.
8-wood-1-16-15-md.jpg (148942 bytes)
Algowood making the turn.
9-ama-1-17-15-md.jpg (150455 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson below 1 & 2.

Samuel Risley escorts in the St. Clair River -
Julie Fletcher
IMG_20150121_133148.jpg (144740 bytes) IMG_20150121_133206.jpg (166584 bytes) IMG_20150121_133641.jpg (197028 bytes) IMG_20150121_133648.jpg (191379 bytes)  


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