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February 1 - 6, 2015

2/6- St. Clair River at Algonac State Park Thursday - Don Detloff
1-risley-05feb15-djd.jpg (169780 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley escorting Frontenac
2-frontenac-05feb15-djd.jpg (123227 bytes)

Toledo Docks Torco -
 Bob Vincent
1-JamesLKuber-2-5-15-bv.jpg (73099 bytes)
After unloading ore at Torco, the James L. Kuber shifted over to the west wall for winter lay up.
2-Victory-2-5-15-bv.jpg (131490 bytes)
Stern view Victory
3-JamesLKuber-2-5-15-bv.jpg (165383 bytes) 4-Victory-2-5-15-bv.jpg (85697 bytes) 5-JamesLKuber-2-5-15-bv.jpg (86044 bytes)
 Barge James L. Kuber
6-OliveLMoore-2-5-15-bv.jpg (109901 bytes)
Tug Olive L. Moore

2/4 - South Chicago Saturday -
Steve Bauer
1-Jckmn-1-31-15-sb.jpg (260751 bytes)
The AIS destination for the Capt. Henry Jackman said "Chicago...One Day."   On Saturday they finally made here after some ice and weather delay on the way. The ice on the Calumet River provides little resistance as she passes under the 92nd St. bridge just after sunrise with an assist from the G Tugs Massachusetts and Colorado.
2-Jckmn-1-31-15-sb.jpg (307379 bytes)
Captain Chris on the G Tug Massachusetts lines up the bow of the Henry Jackman for the 95th St. Bridge.
3-Jckmn-1-31-15-sb.jpg (305695 bytes)
The delay at the NS-5 is minimal today at the Five Bridges.
4-Jackmn-1-31-15-sb.jpg (321459 bytes)
Approaching 100th St.
5-Jckmn-1-31-15-sb.jpg (210189 bytes)
Crew members getting ready to tie off at the Morton Salt Dock.
6-Clrdo-1-31-15-sb.jpg (299635 bytes)
The crew on the G Tug Colorado get ready to release the tow line.  They will then go to the starboard side and help the Massachusetts shove the Henry Jackman tight to the dock.
7-Calwy-1-31-15-sb.jpg (276534 bytes)
With a destination of "Never Lay Up", the Cason J. Callaway arrived at South Chicago a few hours later.  She is backing up the Calumet River approaching 95th St. with a destination of the south dock of KCBX. 
8-Calwy-1-31-15-sb.jpg (252566 bytes)
No delay at NS5.
9-Calwy-1-31-15-sb.jpg (96992 bytes)
Watching the clearance at 100th St.  The space was a little tight with the Capt. Henry Jackman sitting on the other side.
10-Calwy-1-31-15-sb.jpg (134785 bytes)
Making the turn at KCBX north dock.

2/2 - Defiance/Ashtabula coming into Cleveland for lay-up - Scott Tish
1-gtug-1-31-15-st.jpg (192051 bytes)
G tugs Iowa and Illinois work on breaking ice in the inner harbor in preparation for the arrival of the Defiance/Ashtabula
2-gtug-1-31-15-st.jpg (147696 bytes)
G tug Illinois working on breaking ice
3-gut-1-31-15-st.jpg (130138 bytes)
The Iowa and Illinois stand by as the Cutter Neah Bay heads into Cleveland escorting the Defiance/Ashtabula
4-uscg-1-31-15.jpg (146367 bytes)
The Cutter Neah Bay heads in as the Illinois heads behind to meet up with the Iowa
5-uscg-1-31-15-st.jpg (178545 bytes)
The Neah Bay cutting a path home to the Cleveland Coast Guard station
6-ash-1-31-15-st.jpg (180586 bytes)
The Iowa works on tying onto the Ashtabula while the Illinois tends to ice breaking duties
7-ash-1-31-15-st.jpg (183327 bytes)
The G tug Iowa looks almost like a toy as it assists in maneuvering the Ashtabula
8-ash-1-31-15-st.jpg (213205 bytes)
With the Iowa towing the Illinois speeds ahead to clear ice for the turn into the old riverbed
9-ash-1-31-st.jpg (234959 bytes)
Defiance/Ashtabula on the icy Cuyahoga
10-ash-1-31-15-st.jpg (274411 bytes)
It's a tight squeeze as the Iowa pulls on the Ashtabula (visible to the right between the Ashtabula and the shore) with the Illinois trailing as they pass the stern of the Alpena in layup at Lafarge

Welland Canal -
Jim Bowser
port-colborne-jan-31-20153.jpg (157942 bytes)
 The Rt. Hon. Paul J Martin arrived about noon in Port Colborne and tied up to the Whitefish Bay with the help of the Seahound.
port-colborne-jan-31-20151.jpg (163055 bytes) port-colborne-jan-31-20155.jpg (131399 bytes) port-colborne-jan-31-20152.jpg (121257 bytes)
CCGS Griffon tied up across from the Algowood
port-colborne-jan-31-2015.jpg (195425 bytes)
IMG_4127.jpg (163563 bytes)
Port Weller
IMG_4117.jpg (384922 bytes) IMG_4108.jpg (292097 bytes) IMG_4109.jpg (328952 bytes)  

Adam Cornelius/John J Boland at lay-up in Huron, Ohio
- Steven Myers
IMG_1124.jpg (110209 bytes)
Across the Huron River from the boats, in a parking lot next to the Brass Pelican bar. There are several excellent public locations to view and photograph the boats close-up in Huron.
IMG_1117.jpg (159964 bytes)
US 6 bridge over the railroad leading to the former ore docks.  The railroad was loading stone into rail cars from the pile to the right last summer.  You can see where the former Hulett unloaders once stood and one of the tracks that ran under it can be seen.  A small marine repair facility has set up shop on the former docks and apparently may be doing some work on the Cornelius and/or Boland while in layup.
IMG_1121.jpg (255443 bytes)
Bow of the Boland sticking out in the river channel compared to the Huron Boat Basin harbor building.

Lake Erie to Port Colborne -
Julie Fletcher
IMG_20150130_170417.jpg (92909 bytes) IMG_20150128_074306.jpg (134866 bytes) IMG_20150130_170502.jpg (64954 bytes) IMG_20150131_121606.jpg (154907 bytes)  

Historical Perspective - Charles M. White -
Jon Paul Michaels
rip # 6 of the 1977 Season was a load of 15,554 tons of McCook Coarse red ore loaded in less than 5 hours at the Great Northern Ore Dock in Superior, WI on May 16. It was delivered to the N & W Ore Dock in Huron, OH on May 19 and unloaded in slightly less than 10 hours.
1)-Upbound-Lake-Superior-May-16,-1977.jpg (71924 bytes) 2)-Unloading-at-N-&-W-Ore-Dock--Huron,-OH-May-19,-1977.jpg (86872 bytes) 3)-The-two-17-ton-Hulets-in-action.jpg (81541 bytes) 4)-The-Huletts-unload-directly-into-railroad-ore-cars.jpg (69772 bytes) 5)-Closeup-view-of-the-jaws-of-the-Hulett-and-its-operator-in-the-cargo-hold.jpg (39610 bytes)


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