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February 8 - 9, 2015

2/9 - USCGC Neah Bay (WTGB-105) at Algonac State Park - Don Detloff
1-neah-08feb15-djd.jpg (159669 bytes)        

Onboard the Herbert C. Jackson in July between Marquette and Dearborn - Gary Schweitzer
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2/8 - Recent Soo traffic - Dave Kaye
1-algocanada-2-7-15-dk.jpg (76042 bytes)
Algocanada at the Purvis Dock Soo Ontario.
2-mackinaw-2-7-15-dk.jpg (91591 bytes)
Mackinaw breaking ice in the shipping lane between Sugar Island and Rotary Park.
3-mackinaw-2-7-15-dk.jpg (96905 bytes) 4-mackinaw-2-7-15-dk.jpg (101489 bytes) 5-mackinaw-2-7-15-dk.jpg (123566 bytes)
6-mackinaw-2-7-15-dk.jpg (148291 bytes) 7-mackinaw-2-7-15-dk.jpg (127732 bytes)      

Historical Perspective
- Jon Paul Michaels

A few weeks back in the Information Search a thread was run concerning "doghouse's & deckhouse's". I wanted to share some of my photo's of the different types's and locations of theses unique structures.
1.hgdalton-02-7-15.jpm.jpg (93932 bytes)
Henry G Dalton
2.-hjohnson-02-07-15-jpm.jpg (41093 bytes)
Horace Johnson
3.-victorious-02-07-15-jpm.jpg (55744 bytes)
4.-gmiller-02-07-15-jpm.jpg (53496 bytes)
Governor Miller
5.-dhoughton-02-07-15-jpm.jpg (61525 bytes)
Douglas Houghton
6.-dgkerr-02-07-15-jpm.jpg (99207 bytes)
D G Kerr
7.-maunaloaII-02-07-15-jpm.jpg (45216 bytes)
Maunaloa II
8.-wairvin-02-07-15-jpm.jpg (37455 bytes)
William A Irvin
9.-epthomas-02-07-15-jpm.jpg (27757 bytes)
Eugene P Thomas
10.-bricoldoc-02-07-15-jpm.jpg (51508 bytes)
11.-outarde-02-07-15-jpm.jpg (61260 bytes)


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