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February 19 - 22, 2015

2/22 - CCGS Samuel Risley assists theArthur M. Anderson on Lake Erie, Sunday - Photo courtesy of the Canadian Coast Guard
15990416124_de462473a7_o.jpg (96973 bytes) 16425390868_1e1d16a5da_o.jpg (1481512 bytes) risley-anderson2-21-15c.jpg (86760 bytes) risley-anderson2-21-15.jpg (172713 bytes) risley-anderson2-21-15b.jpg (110134 bytes)
ccgonice2-15.jpg (113151 bytes)
CCG Helicopter, CCGS Samuel Risley on Lake Erie Sunday.


Arthur M. Anderson stuck off Conneaut - Gene Polaski
Ships-Arthur-Anderson-in-ice-022.jpg (80060 bytes)        

2/21 - Erie Lay-up - Brian W.
erie201512.jpg (86553 bytes)
Thunder Bay in the West Slip
erie201513.jpg (201863 bytes)
Bow thruster on the Thunder Bay.
erie201514.jpg (123785 bytes)
Superstructure of the Thunder Bay. The tug Dorothy Ann is to the left background.
erie201515.jpg (105565 bytes)
Roger Blough at old Ore Dock & the barge Pathfinder in the Dry Dock Slip.
erie201516.jpg (127617 bytes)
Roger Blough showing both sides of her shuttle boom unloader. A bubbler system is keeping ice away from the prop & rudder but the Seagulls seem to love it.
 erie201517.jpg (60404 bytes)
Thunder Bay locked in by ice on a -3 degree day. Spring seems a million years away, but the sun sure was nice.

2/20 - Lake Erie Icebreaking -
U. S. and Canadian Coast Guards
150219-G-ZZ999-004.jpg (197315 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson is beset in ice near Ashtabula, Ohio Thursday (Canadian Coast Guard Photo)
150219-G-ZZ999-005.jpg (279889 bytes)
Bristol Bay breaks ice outside of Ashtabula (Canadian Coast Guard Photo)
150219-G-ZZ999-006.jpg (122210 bytes)
Griffon en route to a rendezvous with the Bristol Bay (Canadian Coast Guard Photo)
150219-G-ZZ999-001.jpg (136658 bytes)
The Bristol Bay in the ice field outside Ashtabula, Ohio. The cutter has encountered ice 8 to 10 feet in Lake Erie and brash ice, which is the jagged landscape, 5 to 6 feet thick.
(U.S. Coast Guard photo by Lt. Cmdr. John Henry)
150219-G-ZZ999-002.jpg (136314 bytes)
Bristol Bay backs down from a wall of ice as it prepares to ram the wall in efforts to clear a path into Ashtabula. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Lt. Cmdr. John Henry)
150219-G-ZZ999-003.jpg (330853 bytes)
An air crew from Coast Guard Air Station Detroit delivers resupply food to the crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay outside of Ashtabula, Ohio, Feb. 19. It was taking longer than anticipated to open a path into Ashtabula and the cutter's crew was running low on food. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Lt. Charlie Kelly)

Arthur M. Anderson stuck off Conneaut and Bristol Bay off Ashtabula Thursday - John Unterwagner

2-Arthur-Anderson-2-19-15-JU.jpg (264393 bytes)
Periodic plumes of heavy black smoke would indicate that she was attempting to enter Conneaut Harbor on her own power, but was making little or no progress.
1-Bristol-Bay-2-19-15-JU.jpg (78456 bytes)      

Peter R. Cresswell at Marysville -
Eric Cameron
FullSizeRender.jpg (136845 bytes) FullSizeRender1.jpg (170108 bytes)      

Winter fleet in Sarnia Saturday -
Matt Miner
04 - Niagara - 2-14-15 - MMiner.jpg (125255 bytes)
CSL Niagara tied up at Cargil.
02 - AOlympic - 2-14-15 - MMiner.jpg (126812 bytes)
Algoma Olympic at the Government Dock.
03 - AOlympic - 2-14-15 - MMiner.jpg (143553 bytes)
Algoma Olympic & CSL Niagara.
05 - PrideNiagara - 2-14-15 - MMiner.jpg (163061 bytes)
Tug Pride & CSL Niagara.
06 - CalMich - 2-14-15 - MMiner.jpg (119600 bytes)
Calumet & Michipicoten in the North Slip.
07 - Pierson - 2-14-15 - MMiner.jpg (107453 bytes)
Robert S Pierson at the south end of the North Slip.
08 - Pierson - 2-14-15 - MMiner.jpg (163735 bytes)
Robert S Pierson.
09 - MichCal - 2-14-15 - MMiner.jpg (122467 bytes)
Michipicoten & Calumet.
10 - Pierson - 2-14-15 - MMiner.jpg (219468 bytes)
Robert S Pierson.
11 - Michipicoten - 2-14-15 - MMiner.jpg (190649 bytes)
12 - Risley - 2-14-15 - MMiner.jpg (53065 bytes)
Samuel Risley stopped for the night off Marysville.
13 - Algosteel - 2-14-15 - MMiner.jpg (76479 bytes)
Algosteel stopped too.
14 - Algosteel - 2-14-15 - MMiner.jpg (114013 bytes)
15 - GovtDock - 2-14-15 - MMiner.jpg (96629 bytes)
Panoramic of the Government Dock.
16 - NorthSlip - 2-14-15 - MMiner.jpg (83067 bytes)
Panoramic of the North Slip.

Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley escorting the Capt. Henry Jackman


Panama Canal last week
- John Agnew
IMG_0066.jpg (109187 bytes) IMG_0069.jpg (149936 bytes) IMG_0073.jpg (153516 bytes) IMG_0075.jpg (166910 bytes) IMG_0076.jpg (125443 bytes)
IMG_0080.jpg (211466 bytes) IMG_0083.jpg (124260 bytes) IMG_0084.jpg (149271 bytes)    

2/19 - Arthur M. Anderson mirage taken from  Perry, Ohio Monday - Elaine Smith
arthur-m.-anderson.jpg (64240 bytes)        

Port Colborne Monday
- Barry Andersen
Algoway-tied-at-W-12-for-the-winter-layup.jpg (122929 bytes)
Algoway - tied at wharf 12 for winter work
Baie-Comeau-on-east-wall-just-above-bridge-19A-Port-Colborne.jpg (172996 bytes)
 Baie Comeau - tied on east wall just above bridge 19A
Whitefish-Bay-and-Rt-Hon-Paul-J.jpg (64771 bytes)
Whitefish Bay and Rt Hon Paul J. Martin at wharf 16
Rt-Hon-Paul-J.-Martin-and.jpg (88299 bytes) Whitefish-Bay-at-W16-with-strbrd-side-freshly-painted.jpg (85539 bytes)
Whitefish Bay at wharf 16 with starboard side freshly painted
Algowood-in-winter-layup-at-W-17.jpg (53420 bytes)
Algowood at wharf 17
 IMS-Yard-Port-Colborne-former-CCGS.jpg (70785 bytes)
former CCGS Verendreye awaits scrapping
Algoma-Progress-at-IMS-yard-with-very-little-done-as-of-yet.jpg (91057 bytes)
Algoma Progress at IMS yard

Sturgeon Bay Sunday
- Matt Stram
DSCN2890.jpg (185945 bytes)
Fleet mates Joe Block and Wilfred Sykes
DSCN2891.jpg (181632 bytes)
DSCN2895.jpg (146422 bytes)
Cason Callaway in the graving dock receiving a new coat of paint. 
DSCN2896.jpg (73006 bytes)
Bows of the W J McCarthy Jr, Edgar Spear and American Century
DSCN2899.jpg (120051 bytes)
DSCN2901.jpg (150399 bytes)
Sterns of the W J McCarthy Jr, Edgar Speer and American Century
DSCN2904.jpg (161260 bytes)
Callaway in the graving dock
DSCN2906.jpg (213470 bytes)
Tug Invincible
DSCN2909.jpg (156491 bytes)
Callaway backed in to its driveway appearing to be in the neighborhood
DSCN2922.jpg (142943 bytes)
James Barker, Paul Tregurtha, Sykes and the Joe Block

CCGS Samuel Risley from Windsor to Sarnia and escorting the Captain Henry Jackman -
Carol Launderville
15852641893_c40b4eac5e_k.jpg (213020 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley in Windsor
16285281000_5f3d58c8e9_o.jpg (70262 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley escorts the Captain Henry Jackman Feb 7/8 from Windsor to Sarnia
16471755412_e9474c0d95_o.jpg (77961 bytes) 16286458759_aede8d58af_o.jpg (110916 bytes) 16473233095_de4b865726_o.jpg (118792 bytes)
Officers and crew of CCGS Samuel Risley proudly celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Flag of Canada.
16285013068_e85ab8ee44_o.jpg (208685 bytes) 16286823957_b17216b31f_o.jpg (263584 bytes)      

USCGC Bristol Bay breaks ice in Lake Huron
U.S. Coast Guard photos by Chief Petty Officer Nick Gould
150210-G-ZZ999-001.jpg (105181 bytes)
The crews of the Capt. Henry Jackman and the Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay witness the morning sunrise as they sit in a frozen section of Lake Huron, Feb. 10 . As part of Operation Coal Shovel, the crew of the Bristol Bay broke the Jackman free from the ice and assisted it northbound.
150210-G-ZZ999-003.jpg (126469 bytes)
150210-G-ZZ999-002.jpg (159374 bytes)
Chief Petty Officer Nick Gould, Petty Officer 1st Class Dwayne Matthews and Petty Officer 3rd Class Angelo Barnett stand on frozen Lake Huron with the Capt. Henry Jackman and Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay in the background.

Port Stanley -
Monty Young
C-J-Weaver.jpg (171398 bytes)
CJ Weaver
CJ-Weaver.jpg (107754 bytes) Carol-Ann-II-3.jpg (142552 bytes)
Carol Ann II High and dry
Carol-Ann-II-welding.jpg (118982 bytes)
Carol Ann II getting some work done
Carol-Ann-II-.jpg (257716 bytes)
Cosley-Bros.jpg (239419 bytes)
Cosley Bros
Weaver-Bros.jpg (195523 bytes)
Weaver Bros with her name back on
Weaver-Bros-.jpg (106606 bytes) Susan-Michelle.jpg (229588 bytes)
Susan Michelle - Support Tug for offshore drilling.
Susan-Michelle-☼♣_2.jpg (108650 bytes)

Historical Perspective
- Jon Paul Michaels
In days gone by it was a special treat to see a ship go by with a deckload of cars and even some trucks.
1-jtreid-2-18-15-jpm.jpg (64042 bytes)
 J T Reid
2-perseus-2-18-15-jpm.jpg (57770 bytes)
3-selkirk-2-18-15-jpm.jpg (82525 bytes)
4-southpark-2-18-15-jpm.jpg (41651 bytes)
South Park
5-superior-2-18-15-jpm.jpg (42909 bytes)
6-renvoyle-2-18-15-jpm.jpg (63726 bytes)
7-fortchambly-2-18-15-jpm.jpg (67969 bytes)
Fort Chambly
8-martian-2-18-15-jpm.jpg (54095 bytes)
9-wilson-2-18-15-jpm.jpg (25902 bytes)
Unidentified Wilson boat
10-unidentified-2-18-15-jpm.jpg (23741 bytes)
About to lose part of the deckload in heavy seas


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