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March 3 - 4, 2015

3/4 - Arthur M. Anderson arrives for lay-up in Sturgeon Bay, Wis. - Monica Sawyn
1-Aanderson-3-4-15-ms.jpg (67210 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson heading down the bay toward the second of Sturgeon Bay's three bridges.
 2-Aanderson-3-4-15-ms.jpg (106699 bytes)
Nearing Bay Shipbuilding, where other docked boats can be seen in the distance.
3-Aanderson-3-4-15-ms.jpg (107387 bytes)
Backing into the dock at Bay Shipbuilding with the assistance of Selvick tugs.

Port of Duluth entry Tuesday morning
- Nic Caine
photo16.jpg (75320 bytes)        

3/3 - USCG Mobile Bay breaking ice in the Straits of Mackinac for the Arthur M. Anderson - USCG Air Station Traverse City
anderson3-2-15-uscgastc (5).jpg (77794 bytes)
The Mobile Bay widening the track
anderson3-2-15-uscgastc (4).jpg (91195 bytes) anderson3-2-15-uscgastc (6).jpg (107777 bytes) anderson3-2-15-uscgastc (2).jpg (91028 bytes)
The Anderson began this trip on February 5 and has spent almost a month fighting through the ice.
anderson3-2-15-uscgastc (1).jpg (90257 bytes)
anderson3-2-15-uscgastc (3).jpg (101262 bytes)        

Sarnia, Ont. - Marc Dease
1-acm-3-1-15-md.jpg (135389 bytes)
Awaiting the arrival of fleet mate Peter R. Cresswell.
2-prc-3-2-15-a-md.jpg (204215 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell finally arrives for winter lay-up.
3-prc-3-2-15-b-md.jpg (192656 bytes)The tug Pride will provide assistance. 4-prc-3-2-15-c-md.jpg (172466 bytes)
Flushing the ice from the dock.
5-prc-3-2-15-d-md.jpg (180152 bytes)
Flushing continues.
6-prc-3-2-15-e-md.jpg (179971 bytes)
Breaking more ice.
7-prc-3-2-15-f-md.jpg (138627 bytes)
Backing in.
8-prc-3-2-15-g-md.jpg (158338 bytes)
A tight fit.
9-prc-3-2-15-h-md.jpg (170916 bytes)
Almost home.

St. Clair River
- Don Detloff
1-escort-03mar15-djd.jpg (143395 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley escorting Victorious and John J Carrick at Algonac State Park.
2-risley-03mar15-djd.jpg (151243 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley
3-victorious-03mar15-djd.jpg (135225 bytes)
Victorious and John J Carrick
1-neah-27feb15-djd.jpg (231261 bytes)
USCGC Neah Bay (WTGB-105) at Algonac City Park - Feb. 27

Port Colborne Lay-up
- Brian W.
pc2-28-15-bw.jpg (293773 bytes)
Algoway is laid up at the Stone Dock in Port Colborne while work is underway on her unloading boom.
pc2-28-15-bw13.jpg (80621 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin is rafted to the Whitefish Bay at the old Canada Furnace dock. The forward cargo sections are fairly similar but the stern superstructures are completely different.
pc2-28-15-bw14.jpg (138757 bytes)
View of the stern sections of both ships clearly shows the differences between 1970's lake freighter architecture and today's more modern designs.
pc2-28-15-bw15.jpg (130979 bytes)
Kort nozzles on both ships.  
pc2-28-15-bw16.jpg (97954 bytes)
The Algowood & Algoma Progress are tied up near the Lake Erie entrance to the Welland Canal. 
pc2-28-15-bw17.jpg (139511 bytes)
The ice breaking bow, anchor pocket, & bow thruster port of the Algowood in a detail view.
pc2-28-15-bw18.jpg (54495 bytes)
The Spring departures are going to take some serious ice breaking power to get these ships moving again. Baie Comeau is frozen in by heavy plate ice in the reach below Lock 8.  

Coast Guard marine inspectors walkthrough moored vessels in Toledo -
U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Levi Read
uscgtoledo2-15-(7).jpg (76452 bytes)
Chief Warrant Officer Gregory Miller and Lt. Ryan Junod, both Coast Guard marine inspectors at Marine Safety Unit Toledo, walk the length of the American Mariner during a routine walkthrough of several vessels that are moored in Toledo, Ohio.
uscgtoledo2-15-(4).jpg (126586 bytes)
Inside the open cargo hold.
uscgtoledo2-15-(3).jpg (50793 bytes)
A few taconite pellets that were leftover from a previous shipment aboard the motor vessel American Mariner,
uscgtoledo2-15-(5).jpg (75902 bytes) uscgtoledo2-15-(6).jpg (81497 bytes)
uscgtoledo2-15-(9).jpg (56395 bytes)
Chief Warrant Officer Michael Mitchell, a Coast Guard marine inspector at Marine Safety Unit Toledo, shines a light on a placard Feb. 18, showing the date of the original Coast Guard inspection of the Philip R. Clark, which was commissioned in 1952.
uscgtoledo2-15-(8).jpg (58331 bytes) uscgtoledo2-15-(2).jpg (99006 bytes)
The stern and anchor system of the  American Spirit.
uscgtoledo2-15-(10).jpg (154001 bytes)
Marine inspectors at Marine Safety Unit Toledo, walk down to the motor vessel Sam Laud
uscgtoledo2-15-(1).jpg (143776 bytes)

Winter Layup at Sturgeon Bay Wis.
- Andrew Huxman
IMG_0842.jpg (178665 bytes) IMG_0949.jpg (94452 bytes)      

Algomarine in Owen Sound
- Jim McPherson
Algomarine---Owen-Sound---Feb-25-2015.jpg (122962 bytes)        

CSL Argosy in the port of Antwerp
- Christian Rombouts
CSL.jpg (87081 bytes) CSL1.jpg (92234 bytes) CSL2.jpg (81134 bytes) CSL3.jpg (100946 bytes)  

Recent images from the Panama Canal and other locations
- Roger LeLievre
Aida-Luna--Curaco.jpg (250058 bytes)
Aida Luna passenger liner at Curaco.
Anchorage---Colon.jpg (292674 bytes)
Anchorage is crowded at Colon, Panama. Some of these vessels appeared to be abandoned.
Anchorage---Colon-2.jpg (325460 bytes)
Anchorage, Colon, Panama - another view.
As-Elbia---Panama-Canal.jpg (196464 bytes)
As Elbia in the Panama Canal at the Continental Divide.
Cap-Talbot---Panama-Canal.jpg (297749 bytes)
Cap Talbot - Panama Canal Gatun Locks.
Clarice-Panama-Canal.jpg (173717 bytes)
Clarice and Panama Canal tug.
Conti-Daphne---Curaco.jpg (222649 bytes)
Conti Daphne entering port at Curaco.
Dodo,-Ranger-Gatun-Lake.jpg (248566 bytes)
Dodo and Ranger at anchor in Gatun Lake, awaiting lockage.
Encofrador-Curaco.jpg (188585 bytes)
Encofrador arriving at Curaco
Ever-Diadem---Panama-Canal.jpg (154565 bytes)
Ever Diadem in Gatun Lock, Panama Canal
Hansa-Ronneburg---Costa-Rica.jpg (110706 bytes)
Hansa Ronneburg, Limon, Costa Rica.
Independencia.jpg (113546 bytes)
Independencia, former Lakes-built "B"-Class 180 ex-USCGC Sweetgum (WLB-309)
Island-Princess---Aruba.jpg (80206 bytes)
Island Princess docked at Aruba.
Maersk-Semakau.jpg (150153 bytes)
Maersk Semakau at Panama City.
Niew-Amsterdam-at-Half-Moon-Cay.jpg (186910 bytes)
Niew Amsterdam at Half Moon Cay.
Schulte,-Johann---Panama-City.jpg (324844 bytes)
Johann Schulte at Panama City.
Tug-Pablo-Presbere---tug.jpg (316383 bytes)
Tug Pablo Presbere at Limon, Costa Rica.
Tate-McAllister-Fort-Lauderdale.jpg (283969 bytes)
Tug Tate McAllister at Fort Lauderdale
Wellington-Express---Costa-Rica.jpg (158279 bytes)
Wellington Express at Limon, Costa Rica
World-Harmony---Panama-City.jpg (228596 bytes)
World Harmony at Panama City.
Zuiderdam-anchored-Gatun-Lake.jpg (116982 bytes)
Zuiderdam anchored Gatun Lake

Historical Perspective - Joseph Block leaving lay-up at Manitowoc April1968 -
Dick Sheehy
68Apr,Joseph-Block-&-Tug-Reiss-at-MTWC.jpg (183869 bytes) 68Apr,Joseph-Block-2,MTWC.jpg (159718 bytes) 68Apr,Joseph-Block,8thStBridge.jpg (190664 bytes)    


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