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March 16, 2015

Sturgeon Bay Winter Layup Fleet - Daniel Lindner
1-LayupFleet-3-15-15-dl.jpg (143029 bytes)
Wide view of Sturgeon Bay's winter fleet.
2-LayupFleet-3-15-15-dl.jpg (80254 bytes)
Wide view of the fleet at sunset.
3-LayupFleet-3-15-15-dl.jpg (87724 bytes)
A view of the "'Footers Row," Invincible, Cason J. Callaway, and Algolake.
4-Footers-3-15-15-dl.jpg (98459 bytes)
Close up of the 1,000 footers Walter J. McCarthy Jr, Edgar B. Speer, and American Century, as well as the newly arrived Arthur M. Anderson.
5-Anderson-3-15-15-dl.jpg (120752 bytes)
Close up of the Arthur M. Anderson.
6-Callaway-3-15-15-dl.jpg (122536 bytes)
Close up of the freshly painted Cason J. Callaway and Algolake, as well as the tug Invincible.
7-LayupFleet-3-15-15-dl.jpg (94028 bytes)
View of the south side of Bay Shipbuilding, with Invincible, Callaway, and Algolake, and 1,000 footers Paul R. Tregurtha and James R. Barker. CSL Assiniboine, Hon. James L. Oberstar, and CSL Laurentien are behind the Tregurtha.
8-Buffalo-3-15-15-dl.jpg (108434 bytes)
Joseph L. Block, Wilfred Sykes, and Buffalo on the south side of the yard.
9-Block-3-15-15-dl.jpg (135061 bytes)
Close up of Joseph L. Block and Wilfred Sykes.
10-LayupFleet-3-15-15-dl.jpg (149788 bytes)
View of the north side of the shipyard - CSL Laurentien, Hon. James L. Oberstar, CSL Assiniboine, Algolake, and Cason J. Callaway. 1,000 footers are in the far right.
11-Footers-3-15-15-dl.jpg (113234 bytes)
A view of the 1,000 footers from another angle.
12-Texas-3-15-15-dl.jpg (61864 bytes)
 A view of the newly constructed chemical barge Texas, which is moored at the CenterPointe Yacht Services dock between the Michigan and Oregon Street Bridges.
13-Texas-3-15-15-dl.jpg (68000 bytes)
Close up of the bow of Texas, where the damage the barge received in the collision with the Oregon Street Bridge earlier this winter can be seen underneath the anchor pocket.

Mackinaw breaking ice Sunday afternoon below Mission Point on the St. Marys River
- Roger LeLievre
Mackinaw-1-rl.jpg (154037 bytes) Mackinaw-2-rl..jpg (127644 bytes)      

Port Colborne Sunday -
Shelley Bowser
Martin-and-Whitefish.jpg (137167 bytes)
Winter has released it icy grip on the canal.
baie-comeau.jpg (74207 bytes) Whitefis-and-Martin.jpg (175073 bytes) Seahound.jpg (166783 bytes)
The ice has freed the winter lay up fleet with open water even though the lake is still solid.
ALGOMA-PROGRESS.jpg (103913 bytes)
Algoway.jpg (121571 bytes) Algowood-1.jpg (168416 bytes)      

St. Clair River- 
Don  Detloff
1-neah-11mar15-djd.jpg (182169 bytes)
USCGC Neah Bay (WTGB-105) at Algonac - Mar 11.
2-neah-11mar15-djd.jpg (170534 bytes) 1-risley-06mar15-djd.jpg (166023 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley
2-algocanada-06mar15-djd.jpg (155673 bytes)
1-hollyhock-08mar15-djd.jpg (149911 bytes)
USCGC Hollyhock

CCGS Griffon - Graham Grattan
1-grif-3-10-15-gg.jpg.jpg (227049 bytes)
Griffon in Long Point Bay
2-grif-3-10-15-gg.jpg.jpg (141313 bytes) 3-grif-3-11-15-gg.jpg.jpg (62733 bytes)
An example of Lake Erie ice is turned up by Griffon's propeller wash.
4-grif-3-11-15-gg.jpg.jpg (138472 bytes)
The setting sun shows Griffon in a loose track.
5-grif-3-12-15-gg.jpg.jpg (161394 bytes)
Griffon upbound the Detroit River.

Mackinaw returning to Sturgeon Bay
- Sue Dillenburg
IMG_3864.jpg (168634 bytes) IMG_3901.jpg (103684 bytes) IMG_3902.jpg (122500 bytes) IMG_3903.jpg (160202 bytes)
Passing the Bay Ship Winter Fleet after working with Mobile Bay to cut the turning circle to the Northwest near Bay of Green Bay, also the Arthur M Anderson tucked in by Footer row. 
IMG_3905.jpg (128562 bytes)
IMG_3906.jpg (115139 bytes) IMG_3908.jpg (136140 bytes)
 Footers  parallel to Mack in last photo are James Barker and Paul Tregurtha (inboard)

St. Clair River -
Tom Welles
IMG_20150309_162314_5261.jpg (87399 bytes)
Hollyhock works track at Marine City.
IMG_20150309_162314_526.jpg (29764 bytes) IMG_20150309_160153_209.jpg (133438 bytes)
Neah Bay at Algonac Monday

Playfair II Killarney Ont.  - March 7 - James Carlson
Playfair-II-Killarney-ON-Mar-7-2015.jpg (72096 bytes)        

Port of Goderich, Ontario
- Philip Nash
1-Frontenac-5-3-15-pn.jpg (123303 bytes)
Frontenac wintering in Goderich, Ontario.
2-Frontenac-5-3-15-pn.jpg (141204 bytes)
Bow of the Frontenac.
3-Frontenac-5-3-15-pn.jpg (215966 bytes)
Stern of the Frontenac.
4-Frontenac-5-3-15-pn.jpg (134106 bytes)
MacDonald Marine's Tugs Debbie Lyn and Ian Mac.
5-Frontenac-5-3-15-pn.jpg (82692 bytes)
 Frontenac with waiting rail cars to load salt.
6-Frontenac-5-3-15-pn.jpg (78053 bytes)
 Bow thruster on the Frontenac.
7-JBAird-5-3-15-pn.jpg (54664 bytes)
John B. Aird at the North dock for winter lay-up.
8-JBAird-5-3-15-pn.jpg (81510 bytes)
Stern of John B. Aird.
9-Goderich-5-3-15-pn.jpg (112497 bytes)
Fishing boats with the salt loading dock in the background.
10-Cote-Nord-5-3-15-pn.jpg (83474 bytes)
Tug Ocean Cote-Nord
11-Cote-Nord-5-3-15-pn.jpg (103903 bytes)
Tug Ocean Cote-Nord was built in 2001
12-Cote-Nord-5-3-15-pn.jpg (143068 bytes)
Tug Ocean Cote-Nord is 75 ft. in length with 1400 bhp
13-MikeJ-5-3-15-pn.jpg (74213 bytes)
Fish tug Mike J
14-MikeJ-5-3-15-pn.jpg (75374 bytes)
Stern of the Mike J.
15-JacksQueen-5-3-15-pn.jpg (74394 bytes)
Fish Tug Jack's Queen of Chatham, Ontario.
16-JacksQueen-5-3-15-pn.jpg (78048 bytes)
 Stern of Jack's Queen.
17-NoskcaJ-5-3-15-pn.jpg (77544 bytes)
Fish Tug Noskca J.
18-LastTime-5-3-15-pn.jpg (61224 bytes)
Fish Tug Last Time
19-CGGoderich-5-3-15-pn.jpg (71910 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Station.
20-DonaldBert-5-3-15-pn.jpg (108150 bytes)
MacDonald Marine Tug Donald Bert.
21-Dover-5-3-15-pn.jpg (89140 bytes)
MacDonald Marine Tug Dover

Welland Canal March 8
- Barry Andersen
 upper-S-end-of-locks-6-E-and-W.jpg (123366 bytes)
view looking toward locks 6 east and west
looking-N-from-lock-5-elevation.jpg (135340 bytes)
looking north from lock 5 elevation towards Seaway water tower and bridge 5 in the distance
bridge-5-looking-N-toward-lock-3.jpg (138121 bytes)
bridge 5 looking north toward lock 3
locks-of-3rd-Canal-climb-the.jpg (185076 bytes)
locks of 3rd Canal climb the escarpment and are visible south of Glendale Avenue
lock-3-lower-tieup-wall-shows-wall.jpg (141910 bytes)
lock 3 lower tieup wall shows configuration to help vessels upbound into the lock
from-bridge-4-looking-north-toward-lock-2.jpg (109818 bytes)
from bridge 4 looking north towards lock 2
250.jpg (129485 bytes)
lock 1 control weir and power generation wei
lock-1-filling-tunnels-entrance-close-up.jpg (172020 bytes)
lock 1 filling tunnel entrance
lock-1-work-progresses-with-lower.jpg (160823 bytes)
lock 1 with work progressing - lower gates open with safety stop logs in place to keep harbour water out
new-tieup-wall-above-lock-1-nears-completion.jpg (130343 bytes)
new lengthened tieup wall nears completion above lock 1 
ASI-Clipper-formerly-Nadro-Clipper-at-winter-berth.jpg (179809 bytes)
ASI Clipper, formerly Nadro Clipper at winter berth below lock 1
271.jpg (209896 bytes)
 Wilson T. Cooper workboat tied astern of ASI Clipper
pilot-boat-Mrs.-C-out-of-water-for-winter-work.jpg (261450 bytes)
Port Weller pilot boat Mrs. C out of water for winter work

Canadian Coast Guard Ship Griffon on Lake Erie -
Travis Borchuk
griffon315.jpg (87893 bytes)        

Bridgetown Barbados
- Paul Beesley
1-agul-2-21-15-pb.jpg (180694 bytes)
Container ship Agulhas Stream working cargo at the commercial part of Bridgetown Harbour.
2-azur-2-21-15-pb.jpg (160975 bytes)
P&O's Azura, one of several cruise ships in port to unload and load on this day.
3-bcg-2-21-15-pb.jpg (153197 bytes)
 Barbados Coast Guard base.  The ship on the right appears to be ready for disposal.
4-noord-2-21-15-pb.jpg (228107 bytes)
Noordam, tied up astern of us.
5-ocean-2-21-15-pb.jpg (199876 bytes)
Oceana.  Painting is a constant.  See the ladder leading up through the Hawse Pipe?
6-ocean-2-21-15-pb.jpg (153968 bytes)
 Noordam, seen through the gap between Oceana & Royal Clipper.
7-ocean-2-21-15-pb.jpg (277297 bytes)
 Oceana backs out with tug in attendance.
8-pilot-2-21-15-pb.jpg (374519 bytes)
Pilot boarding.
9-prosna-2-21-15-pb.jpg (90254 bytes)
Polsteam's Prosna also in port.  She was still there a week later when we returned.
10-royclip-2-21-15-pb.jpg (229972 bytes)
Technician on board Royal Clipper fixing something.
11-royclip-2-21-15-pb.jpg (166541 bytes)
As night falls the Royal Clipper lights up.
12-seadre-2-21-15-pb.jpg (145708 bytes)
Seadream 1, we shadowed each other around the Carib.
13-windstar-2-21-15-pb.jpg (280704 bytes)
 Our ride.  Only 130 passengers on this trip and food, oh my, the food!
14-windstar-2-21-15-pb.jpg (128913 bytes)
Maritime version of a "Black Box".  This one on the Wind Star.
15-tug.jpg (297530 bytes)
Tug Barbados II.  She escorted most ships but was seldom called upon to assist.


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