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March 17, 2015

Sarah Spencer and Jane Anne IV broke free from their moorings Sunday as a result of the ice flow on the Maumee River - Bob Densic
IMG_20150315_153020_562.jpg (188076 bytes)
The Jane Anne IV broke free first and grounded at the end of the the ADM elevators.  The barge Sarah Spence followed shortly after ending up " in the notch"
IMG_20150315_153034_934.jpg (134183 bytes)
In the notch
IMG_20150315_153615_705.jpg (183740 bytes)
Another vessel caught in the ice flow... Slightly smaller
IMG_20150315_151845_091.jpg (139414 bytes)
Tug grounded

USCG Mackinaw arrives at the Soo Locks Monday - David Kaye
1-mackinaw-2-16-15-dk.jpg (111030 bytes) 2-mackinaw-3-16-15-dk.jpg (123867 bytes) 3-mackinaw-3-16-15-dk.jpg (174068 bytes) 4-mackinaw-3-16-15-dk.jpg (164537 bytes) 5-locks-3-16-15-dk.jpg (110797 bytes)
6-locks-3-16-15-dk.jpg (134283 bytes) 7-mackinaw-3-15-15-dk.jpg (121828 bytes)      

Historical Perspective This was steamboating! - Jon Paul Michaels
1-djmorrell-3-16-16-jpm.jpg (32698 bytes)
Daniel J. Morrell
2-lhindman-3-16-15-jpm.jpg (72521 bytes)
Lynda Hindman
3-huron-3-16-15-jpm.jpg (68459 bytes)
4-hplatt-3-16-15-jpm.jpg (49996 bytes)
Henry R. Platt Jr.
5-penetang-3-16-15-jpm.jpg (70690 bytes)
6-hennepin-3-16-15-jpm.jpg (56857 bytes)
7-norway-3-16-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (54280 bytes)
8-ggpost-3-16-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (94885 bytes)
G G Post
9-wjfilbert-3-16-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (69311 bytes)
William J Filbert
10-donnaconna-3-16-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (80235 bytes)
11-wyandotte-3-16-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (88961 bytes)
12-wareiss-3-16-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (103948 bytes)
William A Reiss
13-bethlehem-3-16-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (110882 bytes)
14-jfschoellkopf-3-16-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (71681 bytes)
J F Schoelkopf Jr


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