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March 19, 2015

Dorothy Ann escorted across Lake Erie - Capt. Jeremy Mock and Canadian Coast Guard
pathfinder3-15-(1).jpg (57191 bytes)
CGS Samuel Risley and USCGC Neah Bay escorting Tug Dorothy Ann/Barge Pathfinder towards Cleveland.
pathfinder3-15-(6).jpg (81804 bytes) pathfinder3-15-(3).jpg (57853 bytes) pathfinder3-15-(4).jpg (43140 bytes) pathfinder3-15-(5).jpg (88684 bytes)
pathfinder3-15-(2).jpg (80361 bytes) Ice-conditions2-with-Dorothy-Ann-March-15.jpg (271138 bytes)
Ice Conditions
Ice-conditions-with-Dorothy-Ann-March-15.jpg (230276 bytes)    

Wheatley, Ontario
- George Lee
Misc-2597.jpg (105789 bytes)
Cemba, former Pelee Island fuel delivery vessel
Misc-2598.jpg (108657 bytes) Misc-2599.jpg (170006 bytes) Misc-2600.jpg (133833 bytes) Misc-2602.jpg (99301 bytes)
Misc-2605.jpg (192554 bytes) Misc-2607.jpg (98904 bytes) Misc-2612.jpg (91437 bytes) Misc-2613.jpg (108933 bytes) Misc-2615.jpg (121031 bytes)

Work at the Soo Locks - David Kaye
1-billaier-3-1715-dk.jpg (165300 bytes)
Army Corps Tug Billmaier working on removing two barges which have been frozen in place since the end of January.
2-billmaier-3-17-15-dk.jpg (167997 bytes) 3-billmaier-3-17-15-dk.jpg (154672 bytes) 4-billmaier-3-17-15-dk.jpg (287540 bytes) 5-soolocks-3-1-15-dk.jpg (177440 bytes)
Ice flowing out of the MacArthur lock.
6-soolocks-3-17-15-dk.jpg (188982 bytes) 7-katmaibay-3-17-15-dk.jpg (145301 bytes)
USCG Katmai Bay breaking ice
8-katmaibay-3-17-15-dk.jpg (180306 bytes)
Taken 5 minutes apart, proving that in the Soo if you do not like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change.

Tug Billmaier attempting to free two barges frozen in place since late January.

Tug Maier flushing ice out of the MacArthur Lock.

Historical Perspective - Margaret Yorke at Dean Construction railroad drydock for her last 5 year inspection - Matt Jones
Margaret-Yorke-1.jpg (327386 bytes) Margaret-Yorke-2.jpg (124228 bytes) Margaret-Yorke-3.jpg (159916 bytes) Margaret-Yorke-4.jpg (148019 bytes) Margaret-Yorke-5.jpg (133843 bytes)


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