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March 23, 2015

Joseph L. Block departs Winter Lay-up at Sturgeon Bay Wednesday - Sue Dillenburg  
IMG_3910-(2).jpg (171723 bytes) IMG_3912-(2).jpg (115580 bytes)
Selvick tugs Donny S and Jimmy L.
IMG_3914-(2).jpg (96205 bytes) IMG_3915-(2).jpg (161838 bytes)
Joseph Block gives a 3 long and 2 short salute leaving Bay Ship and heading to the turning circle and starts the new shipping season
IMG_3918-(2).jpg (235369 bytes)

St. Clair River Sunday - Don Detloff
1-escort-21mar15-djd.jpg (119937 bytes)
CCGS Griffon escorting Algocanada at Algonac State Park.
2-algocanada-21mar15-djd.jpg (133455 bytes)

Onboard Eider - Paul Beesley

Canfornav's Eider is one of many ships that take Ice Advisors in the winter to assist them through the ice in the Gulf of St Lawrence and the St Lawrence River as far upstream as Montreal.  I joined the ship at the Halifax pilot station and we were routed far to the east of Nova Scotia to avoid heavy ice on the east coast of Cape Breton.  Even before we got to Cabot Strait we were in lots and lots of ice, some of it very thick!

This ship, and others both inbound and outbound, followed the Recommended Route (sent out regularly by the Canadian Ice Service with the route determined by the Canadian Coast Guard.
Follow this link to see the latest Recommended Route.

The Ice Advisor assists the ship as far as the pilot station at Les Escoumins where river pilots come on board for the remainder of the trip.

These photos were taken between Quebec City and Trois Rivieres.  The ship tied up in Sorel, Quebec to unload steel.
1-ohb-3-15-15-pb.jpg (454343 bytes)
Ocean Henry Bain, tug used as a pilot boat in Quebec City.  River pilots do a changeover here.  In winter there are two pilots on board for each leg in case the ship is greatly delayed in ice.
2-ohb-3-15-15-pb.jpg (202877 bytes)
Bain returns to her dock with the relieved pilots.
3-trap-3-15-15-pb.jpg (137100 bytes)
 In Trois Rivieres there were two ships working cargo, Trapzitza...
4-anett-3-15-15-pb.jpg (132628 bytes)
...and Anette.  The latter arrived a few hours before we went past.
5-eid-3-15-15-pb.jpg (430474 bytes)
Crew on the Eider prepare the gangway to enable the pilots to board and disembark.  Pilot ladders must be set according to international requirements.  This greatly minimizes the risk to the pilots.  In the past ladder set-ups in some locales were very dangerous.  For more information on pilot ladders and how they are to be rigged visit this url:
6-eid-3-15-15-pb.jpg (286218 bytes)
Looking ahead toward the bridge at Trois Rivieres.
7-pilot-3-15-15-pb.jpg (258028 bytes)
The pilot boat from Trois Rivieres makes it approach for the final pilot exchange during the trip.   

Sorel, Quebec  - Paul Beesley
1-cga-3-19-15-pb.jpg (171611 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary building next to the CCG base at the river's edge.  The Auxiliary has silver trim as opposed to the gold for the regular CG.
2-iv14-3-19-15-pb.jpg (169526 bytes)
 Information from Mac McKay's blog.  I.V.No.14 is one of five self-propelled, self dumping spoil hopper boats converted from newsprint carriers. Originally built in the 1930s, they were rebuilt 1969-72 and are unique in the Canadian dredging business. All other operators use tugs and barges.
3-iv14-3-19-15-pb.jpg (182664 bytes)
Another view of the IV #14.
4-phoen-3-19-15-pb.jpg (159668 bytes)
Phoenix, formerly Phoenix Sun, along with Eider in the Richelieu River at Sorel.
5-phoen-3-19-15-pb.jpg (110165 bytes)
A wider view of the harbour at the mouth of the Richelieu.
6-phoen-3-19-15-pb.jpg (281417 bytes)
Bow shot of the Phoenix.  There is a crew on board and Transport Canada, who inspect vessels in Canada, were also on board.
7-phoen-3-19-15-pb.jpg (312666 bytes)
Looks like a new logo on the funnel.
8-phoen-3-19-15-pb.jpg (147803 bytes)
They also had a brand new flag flying at the stern.

Port Dover - Joe D'Angelo
1-alexb-3-4-12-jd.jpg (202670 bytes)
Alex B
2-leonards-3-4-12-jd.jpg (150829 bytes)
Leonard S
3-angler-3-4-12-jd.jpg (115936 bytes)
Angler high and dry in Port Dover.
4-mimarlynne-3-4-12-jd.jpg (144363 bytes)
 Mi Mar Lynne
5-siltmaster-3-21-15-jd.jpg (65242 bytes)
Silt Master clearing harbour ice
6-siltmaster-3-21-15-jd.jpg (110292 bytes) 7-eauclipper-3-21-15-jd.jpg (128002 bytes)
Eau Clipper
8-jamesd-3-21-15-jd.jpg (87145 bytes)
James D
9-briand-3-21-15-jd.jpg (83342 bytes)
Brian D


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