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March 24, 2015

John G. Munson departing Duluth Monday -  Ed Labernik 
1-jmunson-3-23-15-el.jpg (128944 bytes)
John G. Munson departs CN Duluth, pushing through a broken ice field with the Bong Bridge in the background.
2-jmunson-3-23-15-el.jpg (102385 bytes)
Munson passes the Mesabi Miner loading at the Superior Midwest Energy Terminal.
3-jmunson-3-23-15-el.jpg (127413 bytes)
Munson passes through broken ice of Superior Bay near the wintering American Integrity.
4-jmunson-3-23-15-el.jpg (128935 bytes)
Turning to starboard, the Munson lines itself up with the Duluth Ship Canal.
5-jmunson-3-23-15-el.jpg (225068 bytes)
Munson about to pass under the Aerial Lift Bridge.
6-jmunson-3-23-15-el.jpg (162197 bytes)
Munson outbound to Lake Superior to Gary, IN.

Mackinaw passing through the Soo on its way to Whitefish Bay Monday - David Kaye
1-mackinaw-3-23-15-dk.jpg (177893 bytes) 2-mackinaw-3-23-15-dk.jpg (175341 bytes) 3-mackinaw-3-23-15-dk.jpg (146460 bytes) 4-mackinaw-3-23-15-dk.jpg (150794 bytes) 5-mackinaw-3-23-15-dk.jpg (168678 bytes)


Alpena upbound the Detroit River after taking fuel at Mistersky Fuel dock - Kenneth Borg
IMG_0735-1.jpg (120529 bytes)
Let the 2015 shipping season begin!
IMG_0736-1.jpg (169716 bytes)      

Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley escorts the bulk carrier Algosea through the ice on Lake Erie Saturday - Canadian Coast Guard
Algosea-in-the-window.jpg (114571 bytes) Beautiful-Sunset-on-Lake-Erie-with-Algosea.jpg (100787 bytes)      

Badger in winter lay-up with the tug Spartan opening channel in the ice at Ludington, MI. March 6 - Don Klemm
Badger-&-Spartan-Tug.jpg (54146 bytes)        


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