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March 26, 2015

Opening day at the Soo - David Kaye
1-edwinhgott-3-25-15-dk.jpg (120751 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott arrives in the Soo for opening Day.
2-edwinhgott-3-25-15-dk.jpg (65542 bytes) 3-edwinhgott-3-25-15-dk.jpg (141641 bytes) 4-edwinhgott-3-25-15-dk.jpg (74770 bytes) 5-rblough-3-25-15-dk.jpg (105375 bytes)
Roger Blough rounding Mission Point.
6-missouri-3-25-15-dk.jpg (148003 bytes)
Tug Missouri helping the Edwin H. Gott
7-mackinaw-3-25-15-dk.jpg (138833 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw heading back up river.

USCGC mackinaw At Point Louise Wednesday - Graham Grattan
1-mac-3-25-15-gg.jpg.jpg (105825 bytes)
Mackinaw approaching Point Louise downbound.
2-mac-3-25-15-gg.jpg.jpg (102848 bytes)
Passing Point Louise.

Roger Blough under escort of the CCGS Samuel Risley in the Detroit River - Ted Hanifan
IMG_47831.jpg (118515 bytes)
Blough upbound on the first trip of the season in the Fleming Channel assisted by the Samuel Risley on March 23, 2015
IMG_47891.jpg (101015 bytes) IMG_47911.jpg (105307 bytes)
Belle Isle can be seen in the back ground.
IMG_48071.jpg (80819 bytes)  

- Marc Dease
1-algoma-3-23-15-a-md.jpg (91452 bytes)
Members of the Algoma fleet waiting for the season to start by night.
2-algoma-3-24-15-b-md.jpg (213146 bytes)
And by day.
3-algoma-3-24-15-c-md.jpg (303366 bytes)
Bow shots.
4-grif-3-24-15-a-md.jpg (166822 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ships Griffon and Samuel Risley at the Sydney Smith dock.
5-grif-3-24-15-b-md.jpg (256382 bytes)
6-grif-3-24-15-c-md.jpg (163427 bytes)        

Edgar B. Speer outbound from Sturgeon Bay heading east toward Lake Michigan on March 23 - Brian Forest
1-ebspeer-3-23-15-bf.jpg (267270 bytes)        

Roger Blough passing Marysville March 23 - Jeff Naz
IMG_2678.jpg (329810 bytes) IMG_2679.jpg (119035 bytes) IMG_2681.jpg (135510 bytes)    

Historical Perspective - Jon Paul Michaels
1-tgirdler-3-25-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (41888 bytes)
Thomas M Girdler loads on the northside of Escanaba's Chicago and Northwestern Dock while  The Charles M. White waits to load on the southside.
2-calumetriver-3-25-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (52102 bytes)
Charles M White inbound Calumet River for South Chicago/Republic Steel with 15,557 tons of Groveland pellets loaded the day before at Escanaba - C&NW.
3-5bridges-3-25-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (79542 bytes)
Clear of the notorious 5 Bridges
4-detroitedison-3-25-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (49385 bytes)
Detroit Edison at American Shipbuilding Dock
5-wolverine-3-25-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (34316 bytes)
Wolverine at stone dock
6-algoway-3-25-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (61634 bytes)
Algoway passing Republic Steel Dock
7-tfpatton-3-25-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (54741 bytes)
Thomas F Patton unloading while refueling from tanker MV Gary.
8-cmwhite-3-25-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (34515 bytes)
The Patton was an infrequent visitor to S. Chicago as it didn't have a bow thruster to help in river navigation like her sister ships.
9-unloading-3-25-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (38747 bytes)
After the Patton departed we got our turn under the hullets unloading through the night hours.


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