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March 28, 2015

USCGC Alder and John G. Munson downbound in the St. Marys River Friday afternoon - Graham Grattan
1-alder-3-27-15-gg.jpg.jpg (53320 bytes) 2-alder-3-27-15-gg.jpg.jpg (91156 bytes) 3-jgmun-3-27-15-pg.jpg.jpg (53860 bytes) 4-jgmun-3-27-15-gg.jpg.jpg (115441 bytes) 5-jgmun-3-27-15-gg.jpg.jpg (102995 bytes)
6-jgmun-3-27-15-gg.jpg.jpg (136386 bytes) 7-jgmun-3-27-15-gg.jpg.jpg (124520 bytes)      

Recent Soo traffic - David Kaye
1-algomaolympic-3-27-15-dk.jpg (123945 bytes)
Algoma Olympic stuck in the ice about 5 miles below Mission point.
2-katmaibay-3-27-15-dk.jpg (122063 bytes)
Katmai Bay helping the Olympic.
3-alder-3-27-15-dk.jpg (146995 bytes)
USCG Alder ties up at the West Pier for the night after escorting the Munson down from Lake Superior.
4-johngmunso-3-27-15-dk.jpg (370690 bytes)
The John G. Munson finally arrives in the Soo to be the first down bound boat of the 2015 shipping season.
5-ojibway-3-27-15-dk.jpg (103358 bytes)
Soo Marine Supply Ojibway with supplies for the John G. Munson.
6-johngmunson-3-27-15-dk.jpg (40846 bytes)
John G Munson down bound approaching Mission Point.

Alpena at Marine City Friday
- Don Detloff
1-alpena-27mar15-djd.jpg (110672 bytes)        

Opening day at the Soo - Mike Mishler
IMG_7926.jpg (187936 bytes) IMG_7943.jpg (72097 bytes) IMG_7982.jpg (137428 bytes) IMG_8001.jpg (71333 bytes) IMG_8057.jpg (62901 bytes)
IMG_8161.jpg (75454 bytes) IMG_8111.jpg (120847 bytes) IMG_8077.jpg (104528 bytes)    

Pilot house of the St. Mary’s Challenger loaded on the Paul R. Tregurtha at Bay Shipbuilding
Challenger-&-Tregurtha.jpg (123174 bytes)
The Tregurtha will carry the Challenger’s pilothouse from layup in Sturgeon Bay to load iron ore in Escanaba and will then proceed to unload at Toledo for future installation at the National Museum of the Great Lakes.


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