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March 30, 2015

Icebreakers in the Seaway - Ron Beaupre
1-pierre-29-03-2015-rb.jpg (121843 bytes)
CCGS Pierre Radisson passing Canada Island below Mariatown.
2-pierre-29-03-2015-rb.jpg (148598 bytes)
Passing Mariatown.
3-pierre-29-03-2015-rb.jpg (295864 bytes)
The Radisson breaking her way into the lock at Iroquois.
5-martha-29-03-2015-rb.jpg (112739 bytes)
CCGS Martha L Black passing Canada Island and then Mariatown.
4-pierre-29-03-2015-rb.jpg (157280 bytes)
6-martha-29-03-2015-rb.jpg (156484 bytes)        

Recent Soo Traffic
- David Kaye
1-billmaier-3-28-15-dk.jpg (189089 bytes)
 Army Corps tug Billmaier helping with the ice.
2-mackinaw-3-28-15-dk.jpg (140143 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw and Alder spending some time at the West Pier.
3-samuelrisley-3-29-15-dk.jpg (126146 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Samuel Risley arrives to escort the Algoma Olympic
4-algomaolympic-3-29-15-dk.jpg (129781 bytes)
Algoma Olympic up bound out of the Poe lock.

St. Marys River
- Terri Shull Snook
munson3-28-15-tssc.jpg (88245 bytes)
John G Munson, first ship down bound, just entering the turn before the Rock Cut at Neebish Island Ferry Saturday.
munson3-28-15-tssb.jpg (56718 bytes) munson3-28-15-tss.jpg (89917 bytes)
munson3-28-15-tssd.jpg (126147 bytes)
mobilebay3-28-15-tssb.jpg (231554 bytes)
Mobile Bay breaking the St Mary's River Saturday morning. Getting close to breaking ice bridge over to Neebish Island and heading into the Rock Cut.
mobilebay3-28-15-tssc.jpg (208233 bytes)
Christmas trees used to mark snowmobile trail from Neebish Island to shore. John G. Munson in the back ground.
mobilebay3-28-15-tssd.jpg (67422 bytes) mobilebay3-28-15-tss.jpg (105105 bytes) katmaibay3-28-15-tss.jpg (105344 bytes)
Katmai Bay just above the Rock Cut Saturday.
katmaibay3-28-15-tssb.jpg (86913 bytes)
katmaibay3-28-15-tssc.jpg (96985 bytes) katmaibay3-28-15-tsse.jpg (218919 bytes) katmaibay3-28-15-tssf.jpg (142247 bytes)    

St. Marys River Traffic at Pointe Louise - Graham Grattan
1-alder-3-28-15-gg.jpg.jpg (109530 bytes) 2-alder-3-28-15-gg.jpg.jpg (127622 bytes) 3-alder-3-28-15-gg.jpg.jpg (156547 bytes) 4-alder-3-28-15-gg.jpg.jpg (146429 bytes) 5-mack-3-28-15-gg.jpg.jpg (130339 bytes)
6-mack-3-28-15-gg.jpg.jpg (132753 bytes) 7-risley-3-29-15-gg.jpg.jpg (109876 bytes) 8-risley-3-29-15-gg.jpg.jpg (119964 bytes) 9-aolym-3-29-15-gg.jpg.jpg (109121 bytes) 10-aolym-3-29-15-gg.jpg.jpg (199047 bytes)
11-aolym-3-29-15-gg.jpg.jpg (93432 bytes) 12-ptlou-3-29-15-gg.jpg.jpg (179526 bytes)      

Pierre Radisson on the Seaway
- Dave Berger
2015-icebreaker-raddisson-0041.jpg (42486 bytes)        

USCG Hollyhock escorting Philip R. Clarke upbound in the Detroit River Saturday - Ted Hanifan
IMG_2503.jpg (177445 bytes) IMG_2506.jpg (150269 bytes) IMG_2521.jpg (223375 bytes) IMG_2523.jpg (182686 bytes)
On her first trip out of winter lay-up bound for Two Harbors.
IMG_2528.jpg (180310 bytes)
IMG_2536.jpg (153014 bytes)        

Philip R. Clarke at Marine City Saturday - Don Detloff
1-clarke-28mar15-djd.jpg (96516 bytes)        

Removal of the former Canadian Miner
- Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
miner3-15.jpg (125192 bytes)        

Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley breaks out Goderich Harbor Friday -
Canadian Coast Guard
risley3-28-15-(1).jpg (101612 bytes) risley3-28-15-(22).jpg (83052 bytes) risley3-28-15-(21).jpg (67741 bytes) risley3-28-15-(20).jpg (64823 bytes) risley3-28-15-(19).jpg (60002 bytes)
risley3-28-15-(18).jpg (65851 bytes) risley3-28-15-(17).jpg (70917 bytes) risley3-28-15-(16).jpg (67199 bytes) risley3-28-15-(15).jpg (42451 bytes) risley3-28-15-(14).jpg (30946 bytes)
risley3-28-15-(13).jpg (64867 bytes) risley3-28-15-(12).jpg (74275 bytes) risley3-28-15-(11).jpg (92489 bytes) risley3-28-15-(10).jpg (94670 bytes) risley3-28-15-(9).jpg (98272 bytes)
risley3-28-15-(8).jpg (99381 bytes) risley3-28-15-(7).jpg (90133 bytes) risley3-28-15-(6).jpg (141181 bytes) risley3-28-15-(5).jpg (218413 bytes) risley3-28-15-(4).jpg (203453 bytes)
risley3-28-15-(3).jpg (186779 bytes) risley3-28-15-(2).jpg (112550 bytes)      

U.S. Coast Guard ice breaking
150322-G-ZZ999-004.jpg (316548 bytes)
USCG Mobile Bay conducts a side tow of the barge PML Ironmaster near the entrance to Mud Lake on the St. Marys River March 22.
150322-G-ZZ999-002.jpg (217632 bytes)
The barge was left hove to in the ice in January and, during ice flushing operations, broke free and was drifting down river only to be resecured by the Mobile Bay's crew. Photo by Lt. Cmdr. Cary Godwin
150307-G-ZZ999-002.jpg (82848 bytes)
Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay, survey ice conditions while the cutter is hove-to on Lake Erie March 7.
150307-G-ZZ999-003.jpg (102247 bytes)
The crew paused operations for the night due to high winds collapsing the tracks they were cutting for their escort. Photo by Chief Petty Officer Jason Gould

Historical Perspective - Great Lakes Tankers of Yesteryear - Jon Paul Michaels
1-imperialsarnia-3-29-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (58193 bytes)
Imperial Sarnia at the Soo
2-michigan-3-29-15-jpm-jpg.jpg (125202 bytes)
3-britamoil-3-29-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (169915 bytes)
4-comet-3-29-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (68947 bytes)
5-wharoldrea-3-29-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (148758 bytes)
W Harold Rea
6-imperialleduc-3-29-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (84162 bytes)
Imperial Leduc
7-amocoillinios-3-29-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (94910 bytes)
Amoco Illinois
8-mercury-3-29-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (138482 bytes)
9-lakeshell-3-29-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (119197 bytes)
10-leecliffehall-3-29-15-jpm.jpg.jpg (96440 bytes)
Leecliffe Hall


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