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March 31  - April 2, 2015

4/2 - Whitefish Bay ice convoy - Canadian Coast Guard
whitefishbay4-1-15-ccg-(1).jpg (186108 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley breaking through heavy ice on Whitefish Bay.
whitefishbay4-1-15-ccg-(4).jpg (349047 bytes) whitefishbay4-1-15-ccg-(3).jpg (291923 bytes)
Algoma Olympic and Philip R. Clarke assisted by the Samuel Risley.
whitefishbay4-1-15-ccg-(2).jpg (791894 bytes)  

Pierre Radisson heading upbound to Lake Erie - Ian Baker
radisson3-31-15-(1).jpg (138181 bytes)
Below Lock 1. March 31.
radisson3-31-15-(2).jpg (104315 bytes)
Above Lock 1.
radisson3-31-15-(3).jpg (104431 bytes)    

Historical Perspectives - CN Ferries at Sarnia - Matt Jones
Margaret-Yorke-Sarnia-1.jpg (182073 bytes)
Crossing back to Sarnia in front of Mesabi Miner   
Margaret-Yorke-Sarnia2.jpg (122224 bytes)
Stern of Margaret Yorke clear of Mesabi Miner
Margaret-Yorke-Sarnia3.jpg (152590 bytes)
Margaret Yorke headed over to Port Huron waiting for Phyllis to back out
Margaret-Yorke-Sarnia4.jpg (105962 bytes)
Margaret arriving Port Huron, Phyllis going up above Wolverine who is turning in the river to head into the Beltin Dock

4/1 - Paul R. Tregurtha loads in Escanaba Tuesday
- Lee Rowe
prt-stmarychal3-31-15-lr-(2).jpg (82664 bytes) prt-stmarychal3-31-15-lr-(1).jpg (72830 bytes)
Arriving with the pilot house of the St. Marys Challenger.
prt-stmarychal3-31-15-lr-(3).jpg (152388 bytes)
The pilot house will be delivered to Toledo for a future museum display.

Recent Soo traffic - David Kaye
1-philiprclarke-3-30-15-dk.jpg (145752 bytes)
Philip R. Clark upbound out of the Poe Lock.
2-mackinaw-3-30-15-dk.jpg (132799 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw has been at the West Pier since Saturday evening.
3-algocanada-3-31-15-dk.jpg (82532 bytes)
Algocanada upbound at Mission Point.

Paul R. Tregurtha in Escanaba - Craig Knudson
photo16.jpg (124970 bytes)        

3/31 - Edwin H. Gott reaches Duluth
- Ed Labernik
1-ehgott-3-30-15-el.jpg (112346 bytes)
The Edwin H. Gott enters the Duluth Shipp Canal and passes the North Pier Light.
2-ehgott-3-30-15-el--.jpg (154279 bytes)
The Gott in the Duluth Ship Canal, about to pass under the Aerial Lift Bridge.
3-ehgott-3-30-15-el.jpg (123940 bytes)
Turns to port and heads for the Port Terminal.
5-ehgott-3-30-15-el.jpg (100794 bytes)
Gott's arrival Monday marked the first vessel to enter the port of Duluth from the Soo Locks.
6-ehgott-3-30-15-el.jpg (83989 bytes)
The Heritage Marine tug Nels J. leans into the portside bow of the Gott, guiding it into the Port terminal Dock.

Algoma Enterprise in the old Seaway Marine Dry Dock at Port Weller end of the Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Algoma-Enterprise-gets-fresh-paint.jpg (205864 bytes)
Nearing the end of winter drydocking at old Seaway Marine Dry Dock, included complete re-paint.
Algoma-Enterprise-gets-fresh-paint2.jpg (172883 bytes) Algoma-Enterprise-gets-fresh-paint1.jpg (130621 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise with her freshly painted hull - name on starboard side not complete at this time.

Roger Blough and Edwin H. Gott Sunday evening near 7 Mile Point on the Keweenaw Pennisula - Nancy Auer
P1010699.jpg (80223 bytes) blough-gott-3-15.jpg (45370 bytes) P1010702.jpg (65428 bytes)
Gott working around the Blough.

Samuel Risley breaking ice at Port of Goderich Thursday evening - Don Hosack
DSCN0783.jpg (106331 bytes) DSCN0792.jpg (230122 bytes) DSCN0795.jpg (133147 bytes) DSCN0796.jpg (130687 bytes)  

St. Marys River - Chris Sierzputowski
IMG_3001.jpg (144401 bytes)
Roger Blough
IMG_3009.jpg (157149 bytes)
Mobile Bay west of Sugar Island after following the Blough
IMG_3012.jpg (102146 bytes) IMG_3013.jpg (167341 bytes) IMG_3055.jpg (160686 bytes)
Algoma Olympic frozen at Lock approach
IMG_3063.jpg (95438 bytes)
USCG Alder working above lock approach.


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