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April 3, 2015

Opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway on Thursday - Rene Beauchamp
IMG_2936.jpg (119742 bytes)
The CWB Marquis on her first trip since delivery from China.
IMG_2945.jpg (153288 bytes) IMG_2953.jpg (214757 bytes)
They followed a track in the ice broken by the icebreaker Martha L. Black from the Cote Ste. Catherine Lock to the Pointe Fortier anchorage on Lake St. Louis.
IMG_2947.jpg (150346 bytes) IMG_2956.jpg (163778 bytes)
Adfines Star, the first saltie of the year, did not need icebreaker assistance.

Welland Canal opening - Bill Bird
1-Crane-04-02-15-a-bb.jpg (421826 bytes)
 Crane on the southwest corner of the lock was used to help refabricate the west wall.
2-openingdayflags-a-bb.jpg (144953 bytes)
Company flags on display for the ceremony.
3-MirekGassowskipresFettesShipping04-02-15-a-bb.jpg (74257 bytes)
Keynote speakers include Mr. Mirek Gassowski, president of Fettes Shipping Inc.
4-MartyFallonCEOSt.Mary's-cement-0-02-15-a-bb.jpg (84265 bytes)
and Mr Marty Fallon, CEO St. Mary's Cement Corp.
5-CaptainVladimirIgnatovtopper-04-02-15-a-bb.jpg (104966 bytes)
Captain Vladimir Ignatov of tug Sea Eagle 2 accepts Top Hat from Kathleen Powell of the St. Catharines Museum with Chief Engineer Steve Hayter looking on.
6-BruceHodgson-04-02-15-a-bb.jpg (69166 bytes)
Bruce Hodgson, director of market development for the Seaway declares the waterway open for the 2015 season.
7-CaptainVladimirIgnatovtopper-04-02-15-b-bb.jpg (133936 bytes)
Captain Vladimir Ignatov and his topper with barge St. Marys Cement 2 in the background.
8-CaptainVladimirIgnatov&chiefSteveHayter04-02-15-a.jpg (123864 bytes)
Captain Ignatov joined by Chief Engineer Steve Hayter.
9-SeeEagle2St.MarysCement2-04-02-15-a-bb.jpg (161145 bytes)
 Tug and barge clear of Lock 3 on their way up the canal.
10-SeaEagle2StMarysCement2-04-02-15-b-bb.jpg (136332 bytes)
Taking a load of powdered cement to Cleveland.
11-iceaboveLock7-04-02-15-a-bb.jpg (208080 bytes)
Meanwhile above Lock 7 ice has drifted down from the level.
12Seagullsonice-04-02-15-a-bb.jpg (280471 bytes)
Seagulls don't seem to mind.
13-Griffon-04-02-15-a-bb.jpg (130142 bytes)
Icebreaker Griffon on hand to help out.
14-BaieComeau-04-02-15-a-bb.jpg (157673 bytes)
First downbound vessel was Baie Comeau. She wintered in Port Colborne but was turning around at Port Robinson to head upbound.
15-BaieComeau-04-02-15-b-bb.jpg (113276 bytes)
In only her second season and she's already had a new paint job. Will the trend continue?
16-BaieComeau-04-02-15-c-bb.jpg (117888 bytes)
Bound for Thunder Bay and grain when the ice permits.

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-PaulRTregurtha-4-2-15-bv.jpg (107176 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha unloading at CSX Torco
2-PaulRTregurtha-4-2-15-bv.jpg (92290 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger pilothouse sitting up forward
3-StMarysChallenger-4-2-15-bv.jpg (103065 bytes)
Close up
4-PaulRTregurtha-4-2-15-bv.jpg (287840 bytes)
Unloading onto the Live Pad
5-PaulRTregurtha-4-2-15-bv.jpg (177161 bytes)
Another view
6-PaulRTregurtha-4-2-15-bv.jpg (178744 bytes)
Another View
7-StMarysChallenger-4-2-15-bv.jpg (83949 bytes)
Pilothouse of the St. Marys Challenger
8-StMarysChallenger-4-2-15-bv.jpg (124419 bytes)
Another view
9-PaulRTregurtha-4-2-15-bv.jpg (197495 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha unloading
10-LewisJKuber-4-2-15-bv.jpg (107710 bytes)
Lewis J. Kuber in winter lay up
11-GreatRepublic-4-2-15-bv.jpg (153205 bytes)
Great Republic getting ready to move to load at Toledo Docks coal side
12-AmerValor-4-2-15-bv.jpg (108347 bytes)
American Valor in long term lay up

St. Marys River at Pointe Louise - Graham Grattan
1-alder-4-2-15-gg.jpg.jpg (93445 bytes)
USCG Alder escorting downbound
2-alder-4-2-15-gg.jpg.jpg (88757 bytes) 3-alder-4-2-15-gg.jpg.jpg (74746 bytes) 4-alder-4-2-15-gg.jpg.jpg (100236 bytes) 5-gott-4-2-15-gg.jpg.jpg (55805 bytes)
The season's first and second ships upbound at the Soo Locks are also the first and second ships downbound
6-gott-4-2-15-gg.jpg.jpg (96952 bytes) 7-blou-4-2-15-gg.jpg.jpg (53457 bytes) 8-blou-4-2-15-gg.jpg.jpg (95339 bytes)    

Welland Canal - Jim Bowser
IMG_5438.jpg (189504 bytes)
Opening day and the Baie Comeauat Port Robinson.
Baie-C-upbound-at-Port.jpg (171632 bytes) Martin-towed-to-park-behind.jpg (155301 bytes)
Martin was towed behind the Whitefish Bay.
Sea-Hound.jpg (134945 bytes) Progress-on-the-Progress.jpg (120056 bytes)
Deck seems cleared on the Algoma Progress.

Welland Canal Photos, March 31 & April 1 - Paul Beesley
1-algprog-3-31-15-pb.jpg (134199 bytes)
Algoma Progress at IMS waiting to be cut up.  Her self-unloading boom is already gone.
2-wood-3-31-15-pb.jpg (117142 bytes)
Algowood swings her boom out as part of her preparations for the new season.
3-bc-3-31-15-pb.jpg (214544 bytes)
Baie Comeau laid up above Lock 8. 
4-bc-3-31-15-pb.jpg (197223 bytes)
Another view.
5-csl-3-31-15-pb.jpg (256408 bytes)
Two more CSLers laid up in Port Colborne.  Rt Hon Paul J Martin & Whitefish Bay.
6-csl-3-31-15-pb.jpg (100127 bytes)
Port Colborne Layup view.
7-ims.jpg (164907 bytes)
Also at IMS for scrapping:  Omni St Laurent and CCGS Verendrye.
8-pr-3-31-15-pb.jpg (215248 bytes)
CCGS Pierre Radisson unbound above Lock 2 on the 31st.  On her way to Lake Erie to assist shipping.
9-algent-4-04-15-pb.jpg (141324 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise afloat with the gate open at the dry dock in Port Weller.
10-algent-4-04-15-pb.jpg (167717 bytes)
View from beyond the fence.  Yes, that is Algoma Blue on her hull.

Kewaunee, Wis. Harbor -  Mark and Sue Dillenburg
IMG_39231.jpg (152538 bytes)
Fish tug Oliver Smith
IMG_39241.jpg (150244 bytes)
Former COE/ now museum Tug Ludington (D-Day Participant at Normandy)
IMG_39251.jpg (126355 bytes)
COE tugs and crane barge returned to Kewaunee after finding and removing large rock from Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal
IMG_39261.jpg (176596 bytes) IMG_39271.jpg (124794 bytes)
IMG_39281.jpg (99288 bytes) IMG_39291.jpg (158636 bytes)      

Edger Speer departs Bayship and Sturgeon Bay again - Mark Dillenburg
IMG_3967.jpg (139039 bytes)
This time via Green Bay and not the canal to the lake.
IMG_3966.jpg (109107 bytes)      

Joseph L. block loading in Escanaba - Craig Knudson
IMG_20150402_095214_454.jpg (58640 bytes)        

Pierre Raddison and Griffon in Port Colborne Wednesday - Nathan Attard
radissonimage12.jpg (136623 bytes) griffonimage21.jpg (116831 bytes)      

Icebreaking on Whitefish Bay March 27
- USCG Air Station Traverse City -
John Russell
aldermunsonuscg3-27-15.jpg (264672 bytes) aldermunsonuscg3-27-15b.jpg (240688 bytes) mackinawgottuscg3-27-15d.jpg (360987 bytes) mackinawgottuscg3-27-15e.jpg (524742 bytes) mackinawgottuscg3-27-15c.jpg (358352 bytes)
mackinawgottuscg3-27-15f.jpg (272108 bytes) mackinawgottuscg3-27-15.jpg (332965 bytes) mackinawgottuscg3-27-15b.jpg (211738 bytes) mackinawgottuscg3-27-15h.jpg (202908 bytes)  


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