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April 4 - 6, 2015

4/6 - Great Republic in Wyandotte Channel of The Detroit River - Kenneth Borg
IMG_0884-1.jpg (51975 bytes) IMG_0875-1.jpg (59432 bytes)      

Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen
Algoma-Enterprise-in-old-PWDD-dock.jpg (104129 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise afloat in north dock at old PWDD yard.
Algoma-Enterprise-upbnd-for-L2-after-re-paint-4.04.15-(2).jpg (79224 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise upbound in ballast for Lock 2 after repainting.
Algoma-Enterprise-afterhouse.jpg (112216 bytes)
Algoma-Enterprise-lining-up-for-L2-approach-upbnd-4.04.2105.jpg (81495 bytes)
upbound lining up for approach to Lock 2.
Algoma-Transport-upbnd-for-lock-2-(2).jpg (91447 bytes)
Algoma Transport upbound headed to Lock 2 in ballast.
Algoma-Transport-afterhouse.jpg (112630 bytes)
Algoma Transport afterhouse.
Algoma-Transport-upbnd-for-lock-2-(3).jpg (103415 bytes)
Algoma Transport upbound headed to lock 2.
Algoma-Enterprise-plimpsoll-line-markings.jpg (171686 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise - plimsoll line markings showing Lloyds Registry as classification Society and draft markings.
Robert-S.-Pierson-dbnd-clear-of-L2-4.05.2015.jpg (77697 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson downbound clear of Lock 2 in light drizzle.  

Welland Canal
- Paul Beesley
1-algent-4-04-15-pb.jpg (126766 bytes)
Nadro's tugs Vigilant 1 & Lac Manitoba prepare to haul the Algoma Enterprise out of the shipyard in Port Weller.
2-algent-4-04-15-pb.jpg (127986 bytes)
The Enterprise now has her bow against the west wall and is being pivoted by the tugs and the ship's bow thruster so she can be secured to the wall.
3-algent-4-04-15-pb.jpg (74516 bytes)
Close-up of the Vigilant 1.
4-algent-4-04-15-pb.jpg (147394 bytes)
A crew member is lowered to the dock to handle the ship's lines.
5-algent-4-04-15-pb.jpg (89945 bytes)
Ready to start the new season the Enterprise makes her way south.
6-algnav-4-04-15-pb.jpg (306621 bytes)
 Algoma Navigator slides the wall toward Lock 3.
7-algtra-4-04-15-pb.jpg (131476 bytes)
Algoma Transport above Lock 1.
8-algtra-4-04-15-pb.jpg (124709 bytes)
Transport on her way to Lock 2.
9-coop-4-04-15-pb.jpg (150283 bytes)
J. W. Cooper spent the winter laid up in Port Weller.  Here she is unbound toward Port Colborne for a new season.
10-coop-4-04-15-pb.jpg (223821 bytes)
Another view.

USCG Air Station Traverse City Icebreaking support
blough4-15.jpg (100562 bytes)
Roger Blough can be seen making her way through thinning ice in Lake Michigan southwest of Lansing Shoal, just northwest of Beaver Island Friday.
blough4-15b.jpg (105154 bytes) blough4-15c.jpg (88952 bytes) blough4-15d.jpg (87588 bytes)
UCGC Biscayne Bay underway west of the Straits of Mackinac, conducting ice track maintenance and vessel escorts.

4/5 - St. Marys River Saturday - Graham Grattan
1-pisle-4-4-15-gg.jpg.jpg (136665 bytes)
Presque Isle completing the turn at Johnsons Point.
2-jrbark-4-4-15-gg.jpg.jpg (66474 bytes)
USCG Katmai Bay assisting upbound James R. Barker on the Stribling Point turn.
3-jrbark-4-4-15-gg.jpg.jpg (73903 bytes) 4-katbay-4-4-15-gg.jpg.jpg (101280 bytes) 5-katbay-4-4-15-gg.jpg.jpg (86327 bytes)
6-katbay-4-4-15-gg.jpg.jpg (90726 bytes) 7-katbay-4-4-15-gg.jpg.jpg (78453 bytes) 8-jrbark-4-4-15-gg.jpg.jpg (68957 bytes)    

Algoma Transport upbound
- Skip Gillham
Algoma-Transport---Bel.-L.1---April-4-15-SG.jpg (119545 bytes)
One of three Algoma self-unloaders upbound in the Welland Canal on Saturday.

lgoma Enterprise leaves Port Weller Dry Dock - Russ Milland
150404AlgomaEnterprise2.jpg (114070 bytes)
Departed winter lay-up at Port Weller dry dock Saturday heading upbound in the Welland Canal. Shown here heading for Lock 2 proudly showing off her beautiful new coat of paint.

- Bob Vincent
1-GreatRepublic-4-4-15-bv.jpg (125993 bytes)
Great Republic loading under CSX #4 machine
2-GreatRepublic-4-4-15-bv.jpg (113132 bytes) 3-CSXDumper-4-4-15-bv.jpg (86729 bytes)
CSX Dumper
4-CSXPigHole-4-4-15-bv1.jpg (127580 bytes)
Pig Hole
5-CSXFieldPusher-4-4-15-bv.jpg (105872 bytes)
Field Pusher going back for more cargo

Soo Traffic
- David Kaye
1-jamesbarker-4-4-15-dk.jpg (176125 bytes)
James R Barker upbound for the Soo Lock Canal.
2-jamesbarker-4-4-15-dk.jpg (241459 bytes)
At the International Bridge.
3-presque-Isle-4-4-15-dk.jpg (178863 bytes)
Presque Isle upbound at the International bridge.
4-presqueisle-4-4-15-dk.jpg (71226 bytes)
Sailing in to the sunset.


4/4 - Recent Soo Traffic
- David Kaye
1-edwinhgott-4-2-15-dk.jpg (232329 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott downbound at the West Pier of the Lock Canal.
2-rogerblough-4-2-15-dk.jpg (322027 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound for the Poe Lock.
3-alder-4-2-15-dk.jpg (123162 bytes)
USCG Alder At the West Pier.
4-mackinaw-4-2-15-dk.jpg (81217 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw.
5-mackinaw-4-2-15-dk.jpg (158056 bytes)
6-burnsharbor-4-3-15-dk.jpg (146316 bytes)
Burns Harbor up bound at Mission Point.

CCGS Samuel Risley arrives in Thunder Bay Thursday - Justin Eloranta
1-tadoussac-4-2-2015.jpg (157855 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac as she sat for winter lay-up
2-algosoo-4-2-2015.jpg (162039 bytes)
Algosoo about complete winter work
3-risley-4-2-2015.jpg (101039 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Samuel Risley busy breaking ice in Thunder Bay
4-risley-4-2-2015.jpg (193338 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley docking at sunset

CWB Marquis at the Cote Ste-Catherine Lock Thursday - Roland Van Bulck
IMG_0053.jpg (166159 bytes)
CWB Marquis approaching CSC Lock
IMG_0058.jpg (189986 bytes)
lining up
IMG_0060.jpg (183973 bytes)
Squeezing in the lock
IMG_0050.jpg (165295 bytes)
Martha L. Black waiting above Cote St-Catherine Lock for CWB Marquis
IMG_0047.jpg (238558 bytes)
IMG_0044.jpg (144740 bytes)        

Welland Canal Thursday - Paul Beesley
15-0402-CCGS-Griffon-05.jpg (283516 bytes)
CCGS Griffon crooked in Lock 2.  It's happened to me several times!  There was strong SSW winds and this would blow the stern over before a stern line could be secured.  Doesn't happen to most lakers because they nearly fill the lock so the stern can't go very far.
15-0402-CCGS-Griffon-23.jpg (268602 bytes)
Griffon's workboat at the buoy above Lock 1.  During their canal transit the Griffon checked all the canal buoys for damage, position, markings, and placed lanterns on those that are lit during the season.  It's quicker to do it with a small workboat and safer because some of the buoys are on the edge of the channel and the wind would blow the ship onto the bank.
15-0402-CCGS-Griffon-47.jpg (234945 bytes)
Crane is ready to recover the work boat.
15-0402-Sign-1.jpg (369883 bytes)
Just to the left of where it says "Lock 1 - Upper Wall" is a long section of water.  This has been there for ages.
15-0402-Lock-1-upper-wall-5.jpg (130032 bytes)
 In this photo you can see that it has been filled in, and the wall has been completely rebuilt.


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