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April 9 - 10, 2015

4/10 - Owen Sound Thursday - Torben Hawksbridge
P1140904.jpg (97815 bytes)
Saginaw backing away from the Great Lakes Elevator to start a new season.
P1140915.jpg (117847 bytes)
Neah Bay refuelling in Owen Sound.
P1140914.jpg (109395 bytes)
Saginaw backing out into the bay, Algomarine and Neah Bay on the east wall.
P1140917.jpg (112159 bytes)
Algomarine preparing to depart, the Chi-Cheemaun still has a few weeks left before starting her season.
4/9 - Canadian Coast Guard Ship Pierre Radisson at the Soo - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photos by Michelle Briggs
150408-a-YU979-9087.jpg (117088 bytes)
A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers employee waits to receive the mooring lines as the Radisson eases into position in the Poe Lock.
150408-a-YU979-9105.jpg (81027 bytes)
Raised to the Lake Superior level the linehandler removes the mooring line from the button as the Radisson prepares to depart.
150408-a-YU979-9108.jpg (75943 bytes)
The Pierre Radisson typically works in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and St. Lawrence River during the winter and in the arctic during the summer. She is 322 feet long, 63 feet wide and boasts 15,000 horsepower to cut through ice over 3 feet thick at 6 knots.
150408-a-YU979-9113.jpg (227412 bytes)
The Pierre Radisson prepares to make its way past the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw above the locks.

Ice blockade above the Soo Tuesday - USCG
150407-G-ZZ999-001.jpg (32639 bytes)
The Canadian Coast Guard Cutter Samuel Risley continues ice breaking operations on eastern Lake Superior, creating tracks that will enable 18 vessels currently being staged to continue transiting to and from the lower Great Lakes
1862717.jpg (72311 bytes)
U.S. Coast Guard Cutters Mackinaw (foreground) and Alder continue ice breaking operations on eastern Lake Superior, creating tracks that will enable 18 vessels currently being staged to continue transiting to and from the lower Great Lakes, April 7, 2015. Ongoing ice breaking operations are part of the Spring Breakout phase of Operation Taconite.
150407-G-ZZ999-003.jpg (3251270 bytes)    

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen

Peter-R.-Cresswell-upbnd-clear-of-lock-1.jpg (88962 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell upbound headed for Lock 2
Peter-R.-Cresswell-upbnd-headed-towards-lock-2.jpg (94361 bytes)
Purha-(Fin)-upbnd-for-L2-on-first-trip-into-Lakes.jpg (78757 bytes)
Purha (Fin) upbound headed for Lock 2 on first trip into the Great Lakes
Purha-(Fin)-afterhouse.jpg (112865 bytes)
afterhouse - no shortage of deck lighting for night work
stack-Neste-Oil-on-Purha-(Fin).jpg (241112 bytes)
stack on Purha - Neste Oil
Purha-(Fin)-upbnd-for-L2-on-first-trip-into-Lakes-(5).jpg (95339 bytes) CWB-Marquis-upbound-headed-for-L2.jpg (58638 bytes)
CWB Marquis upbound headed for Lock 2 on her first trip up the Welland Canal in drizzle
stack-on-CWB-Marquis-(2).jpg (74287 bytes)
logo marking on stack
CWB-Marquis-upbound-headed-for-L21.jpg (92926 bytes) CWB-Marquis-upbnd-headed-for-L3-first-trip-(3).jpg (66489 bytes)
Marquis upbound headed for Lock 3 at dusk and in drizzle
Jarrett-M-dbnd-clear-of-L2.jpg (145672 bytes)
Jarrett M under Nadro Marine colors downbound clear of Lock 2

Seaway Wednesday - Roland Van Bulck

IMG_0071.jpg (129399 bytes)
CSL Welland above Cote Ste-Catherine Lock
IMG_0075.jpg (117108 bytes) IMG_0077.jpg (191447 bytes)
Amundsen meeting CSL Welland in South Shore Canal
IMG_0079.jpg (147502 bytes)
IMG_0081.jpg (167935 bytes)
IMG_0083.jpg (104560 bytes)
Amundsen stern view

Seaway traffic at Mariatown - Ron Beaupre
1-adfines-03-04-2015-rb.jpg (130475 bytes)
The first upbound freighter in the Seaway after opening was the Adfines Star.
2-tundra-03-04-2015-rb.jpg (138811 bytes)
Tundra was the second upbound freighter.
3-csl-08-04-2015-rb.jpg (165345 bytes)
CSL St Laurent on her maiden voyage to the Great Lakes passing Mariatown.
4-csl-08-04-2015-rb.jpg (148532 bytes)
Upbound at Mariatown.

Saginaw in Owen Sound - Jason Day

saginaw4-5-15.jpg (112621 bytes)
Her bow is in the turning notch, The old grain boats with no thrusters used that notch to turn around. It is in the notch for main engine break-in period following the main engine overhaul.

Whitefish Bay and Baie Comeau upbound Wednesday Blue Water Bridge - Matt Jones
IMG_0035.jpg (93324 bytes) IMG_0037.jpg (105598 bytes) IMG_0040.jpg (95939 bytes) IMG_0041.jpg (110140 bytes) IMG_0045.jpg (100250 bytes)
IMG_0046.jpg (103738 bytes)
IMG_0051.jpg (98732 bytes) IMG_0050.jpg (116567 bytes)
Baie Comeau Chief Engineer and fellow Boatnerd David Cooke working on deck.

CCGS Pierre Radisson - Don Detloff
1-Radisson-07apr15-djd.jpg (105668 bytes)        

Soo Traffic
- David Kaye
1-pradisson-4-8-15-dk.jpg (136430 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Pierre Radisson arrives in the Soo.
2-pradisson-4-8-15-dk.jpg (123930 bytes)
Pierre entering the Poe Lock.
3-pradisson-4-8-15-dk.jpg (102544 bytes)
Pierre Radisson in the Poe Lock.
4-defiance-4-8-15-dk.jpg (123468 bytes)
Defiance/Ashtabula up bound at the West Pier.
1-paultregurtha-4-7-15-dk.jpg (168957 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha up bound at Mission Point.
2-tecumseh-4-7-15-dk.jpg (147730 bytes)
 Tecumseh upbound at Misson Point.
3-rogerblouh-4-7-15-dk.jpg (213631 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound at Mission Point.
4-edwinhgott-4-7-15-dk.jpg (176565 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott upbound at Mission point.
5-edwinhgott-4-7-15-dk.jpg (202366 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott leaving the Poe Lock.
6-katmaibay-4-7-15-dk.jpg (129256 bytes)
Katmai Bay at Mission Point.
7-canadairc215-4-7-15-dk.jpg (38122 bytes)
Canadair CL-215
8-canadairc215-4-7-15-dk.jpg (39344 bytes) 9-canadair-4-7-15-dk.jpg (65511 bytes)    

CWB Marquis first trip through the Seaway - Joe Delaronde
IMG_20150402_154719.jpg (274293 bytes)
April 2 at Kahnawake, Quebec as she made her maiden voyage to the Lakes.
IMG_20150402_154650.jpg (206218 bytes)      

Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-mlb-4-06-15-pb.jpg (164338 bytes)
Martha L Black has been sent from the St Lawrence Seaway to Lake Erie to assist with icebreaking for commercial ships on the lake.  Early in the morning she left Lock 1 unbound.
2-mlb-4-06-15-pb.jpg (129490 bytes)
 The Black is a Class 1100, six of which were built in the mid 80s.
The CCGS Martha L Black is known for her versatility, that allows her to offer marine support to the regional programs. Her primary mission as a buoy tender is to lay, recover and service buoys using her heavy lifting boom, whose maximum lifting capacity is 17 tons. She also carries out fixed aids maintenance and reconstruction operations.

The vessel's AC/AC propulsion system with cycloconverter and special bow enable her to conduct icebreaking and ship escort operations in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and on the St. Lawrence and Saguenay Rivers, as well as in the St. Lawrence Seaway.

The Martha L Black was overhauled a few years ago to ensure that she can effectively carry out scientific missions in the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence. As well, she is regularly assigned to search and rescue operations because of her manoeuvrability.

The vessel is also assigned to pollution response operations and fishing monitoring activities. She is equipped with a helicopter deck. Although the Martha L Black is based in Qu?ec, she can be deployed anywhere like all other Coast Guard vessels.  -  Canadian Coast Guard web site
3-mlb-4-06-15-pb.jpg (150105 bytes)
 In this photo you get a good idea of how her lifting gear is rigged. 
Type:  Light icebreaker - Major buoy tender
Length:  83 m
Breadth:  16,2 m
Draft:  6 m
Full charge displacement:  5 028,8 tonnes
Power:  5 250 kW
Maximum speed:  15,1 knots
Cruising speed:  13 knots
Core crew:  25
Builder:  Versatile Pacific Shipyards Inc, B.C.
4-mlb-4-06-15-pb.jpg (171574 bytes)
Closer look at the various blocks at the front of the wheelhouse.  It's an interesting puzzle to take apart and re-rig!
5-mlb-4-06-15-pb.jpg (154548 bytes)
Lifeboat and SP Barge.  SP, Self-propelled.  These are usually 28 feet long but for the Great Lakes ships they were 26 feet long.  They are built to carry out buoy work in water too shallow for the ship, have azimuthal drive, two winches run by a power take-off on the diesel engine and have large tanks and associated pumps for delivering fuel to shore sites.
6-mlb-4-06-15-pb.jpg (149160 bytes)
In the pond between Locks 6 & 7.
7-mlb-4-06-15-pb.jpg (370907 bytes)
Raising in Lock 7.  These 1100-class ships are good icebreakers and excellent sea-boats.
8-mlb-4-06-15-pb.jpg (120918 bytes)
 The ship was named for Martha Louise Black, n? Munger, naturalist (b at Chicago, Ill 24 Feb 1866; d at Whitehorse, YT 1 Nov 1957). Despite her ladylike veneer, she was remarkably tough. In 1898 she abandoned Chicago society to join the Klondie Gold Rush. Fascinated by the North, Martha Black returned in 1901 to open a milling business and support her 3 sons by her first marriage. In 1904 she married George Black and instantly became a loyal Canadian Conservative.

When George Black was appointed commissioner of the Yukon (1912-18), Martha reigned as first lady. She followed Black to England during WWI; there she received an OBE for her aid to Yukon servicemen and became a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society for her work with Yukon flora. When George Black was unable to defend his Commons seat in 1935, Martha ran instead. At 70, she campaigned the vast Yukon constituency - often on foot - to become the second woman ever elected to the Canadian Parliament. Martha Black had style and spirit; northerners appreciated these qualities and made her a legend.  -  The Canadian Encyclopedia
9-mlb-4-06-15-pb.jpg (280984 bytes)
A good way to rig your fenders.
10-mlb-4-06-15-pb.jpg (167299 bytes)
 little kick astern on the starboard propellor to keep the stern away from the wall.  These ships are powered by three large diesels and a cyclo-converter.  To see what that is visit this site:
1-rsp-4-05-15-pb.jpg (109243 bytes)
As of April 7th there have not been many transits of the Welland Canal due mainly to ice conditions.  Robert S Pierson shown here below Lock 2 is only the 2nd down bounder I believe.
2-rsp-4-05-15-pb.jpg (127319 bytes) 3-prc-4-06-15-pb.jpg (147216 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell inches out of Lock 1.
4-prc-4-06-15-pb.jpg (115870 bytes)
Hard working ship.
5-prc-4-06-15-pb.jpg (129280 bytes)
6-flora-4-07-15-pb.jpg (222688 bytes)
Floragracht, first saltie of the season, above Lock 2.  Before she arrived there were at least two salties into Lake Ontario that did not need to transit the canal.
7-flora-4-07-15-pb.jpg (257312 bytes)
One of the many designs of bulbous bow.
8-flora-4-07-15-pb.jpg (133669 bytes)
Approaching the High Bridge. 


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