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April 13, 2015

CSL Welland and boat traffic from Saturday on the Detroit River - Mike Mishler
IMG_8351.jpg (154719 bytes)
IMG_8372.jpg (109850 bytes) IMG_8403.jpg (188480 bytes) IMG_8431.jpg (172688 bytes) IMG_8442.jpg (195871 bytes)
IMG_8457.jpg (173597 bytes)
IMG_8488.jpg (165080 bytes)      

Soo - David Kaye
1-michipicoten-4-12-15-dk.jpg (186293 bytes)
Michipicoten in the Poe Lock.
2-herbertjack-4-12-15-dk.jpg (169327 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson downbound out of the Poe Lock.
3-tundra-4-12-15-dk.jpg (196287 bytes)
Tundra in the Poe Lock.
4-cslstlaurent-4-12-15-dk.jpg (153049 bytes)
CSL St Laurent waiting to make her first passage through the Soo Locks.
5-aharvester-4-12-15-dk.jpg (211863 bytes)
Algoma Harvester upbound at the Bridge.
6-acentury-4-12-15-dk.jpg (205146 bytes)
American Century upbound at the Bridge.
1-cwbmarquis-4-11-15-dk.jpg (106301 bytes)
CWB Marquis arrives at the Soo Locks for the first time.
2-cwbmarquis-4-11-15-dk.jpg (242880 bytes)
Entering the Poe Lock.
3-cwbmarquis-4-11-15-dk.jpg (174912 bytes) 4-cwbmarquis-4-11-15-dk.jpg (140873 bytes)
5-cwbmarquis-4-11-15-dk.jpg (240004 bytes)
Marquis upbound out of the Poe Lock.
6-kayeebarker-4-9-15-dk.jpg (205023 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker downbound out of the Poe Lock.
8-algowood-4-11-15-dk.jpg (200267 bytes)
Algowood upbound at the international Bridge.
7-victory-4-9-15-dk.jpg (140137 bytes)
Victory/James L. Kuber upbound at the West Pier.

Soo - Judie Rajnovich
020hcj.jpg (205194 bytes)
As the sun rose Sunday morning,  the Herbert C. Jackson was having a long wait off Pointe Aux Pins in the St. Mary’s River. Downbound passage through the Soo locks was very slow
due to a backlog of vessels and possible ice conditions
010cwbm.jpg (100048 bytes)
On Saturday afternoon the CWB Marquis was upbound for the first time from the Soo Locks on the St. Mary’s River

Detroit - Ken Borg
IMG_0923-1.jpg (139293 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and barge Pathfinder unloading stone at  Superior Materials on the old channel of the Rouge River Saturday.
IMG_0927-1.jpg (71965 bytes)
CSL Welland on her first trip ever to the upper lakes Saturday.

Huron and Sandusky, Ohio - Capt. Mike Nicholls
1BOLANDJOHNJb11041015mn.jpg (103659 bytes)
John J Boland at Huron.
2GOODTIMEIb26041015mn.jpg (113708 bytes)
Goodtime I at Sandusky.
3GOODTIMEIs25041015mn.jpg (137460 bytes)    

Welland Canal - Paul Beesley
1-cwbmar-4-08-15-pb.jpg (52948 bytes)
 CWB Marquis above Lock 1.
2-cwbmar-4-08-15-pb.jpg (53673 bytes) 3-cwbmar-4-08-15-pb.jpg (76900 bytes)
CWB Marquis, registered in Winnipeg, on  her way to Lock 2.
4-jarr-4-08-15-pb.jpg (93360 bytes)
Jarrett M downbound.
5-kom-4-08-15-pb.jpg (80728 bytes)
Kom above Lock 1.
6-kom-4-08-15-pb.jpg (81228 bytes)
Kom upbound toward Lock 2.
7-purha-4-08-15-pb.jpg (81220 bytes)
Purha passes the idle shipyard in Port Weller.
8-purha-4-08-15-pb.jpg (147980 bytes)
Bunker Station, just west of Bunker Hill!
9-purha-4-08-15-pb.jpg (98684 bytes)
Purha, registered in Finland.
10-algdis-4-09-15-pb.jpg (70416 bytes)
Algoma Discovery in the rain above Lock 1.
11-spruce-4-09-15-pb.jpg (57593 bytes)
Spruceglen above Lock 1.
12-spruce-4-09-15-pb.jpg (77144 bytes)
Another view.
13-tb-4-09-15-pb.jpg (87640 bytes)
Thunder Bay clears Lock 4 east.
14-tb-4-09-15-pb.jpg (76794 bytes)
Passing the GM plant.
15-tb-4-09-15-pb.jpg (81736 bytes)
Thunder Bay under Bridge 5.


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