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April 15 - 16, 2015

4/16 - Recent Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-laurentien-4-15-15-dk.jpg (263727 bytes)
CSL Laurentien leaving the Poe Lock.
2-leetregurthe-4-15-15-dk.jpg (117417 bytes)
Lee Tregurtha at the East Pier of the Locks.
3-aspirit-4-14-15-dk.jpg (172916 bytes)
 Algoma Spirit upbound at Mission point.
4-cjackson-4-15-15-dk.jpg (243822 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson passing Rotary Park.
5-anglianlady-4-14-15-dk.jpg (104908 bytes)
Tug Anglian Lady in the lock Canal.
6-wjmccarthy-4-15-15-dk.jpg (236288 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy upbound at Rotary Park.
7-reliance-4-15-15-dk.jpg (116756 bytes)
Tug Reliance upbound out of the Poe Lock.
8-sharonmi-4-15-15-dk.jpg (164051 bytes)
Tug and barge Sharon MI/Huron Spirit passing Rotary Park.

Milwaukee inner harbor
- Jaso St. Amatelaks
271.jpg (119553 bytes)        

Saginaw River Vessel Passage
- Todd Shorkey
1-integrity-4-15-15-ts.jpg (210981 bytes)
The G.L. Ostrander - Integrity called on the Lafarge Cement dock in Essexville, Wednesday morning.  After unloading, the pair are expected to be outbound early Thursday morning.

Recent Welland Canal
- Paul Beesley
1-algspi-4-10-pb.jpg (104595 bytes)
Algoma Guardian waiting to leave Lock 7.
2-algspi-4-10-pb.jpg (112229 bytes)
View of the Guardian from the road south of the lock.
3-cslwel-4-10-pb.jpg (90281 bytes)
CSL Welland above Lock 7.
4-cslwel-4-10-pb.jpg (81642 bytes)
Stern of the CSL Welland.
5-jandes-4-10-pb.jpg (72872 bytes)
ana Desgagnes unbound above Lock 1.
6-jandes-4-10-pb.jpg (84059 bytes)
On the way to Lock 2.
7-oak-4-12-pb.jpg (75263 bytes)
Oakglen, formerly Federal Danube, with the former name visible.
8-oak-4-12-pb.jpg (69289 bytes)
Oakglen above Lock 2.
9-oak-4-12-pb.jpg (86142 bytes)
 Approaching the High Bridge and the Homer Bridge.
10-alggua-4-13-pb.jpg (80566 bytes)
Algoma Guardian above Lock 1.
11-bsp-4-13-pb.jpg (55085 bytes)
Baie St Paul also above Lock 1.
12-bsp-4-13-pb.jpg (71675 bytes)
On her way to Lock 2.
13-cedar-4-13-pb.jpg (79123 bytes)
Cedarglen, not quite as spiffy as she looked after her paint job sat year.  Notice the truncated starboard bridge wing.
14-cedar-4-13-pb.jpg (81842 bytes)
It was cut short for a visit to Marquette to facilitate the ship fitting at the dock.
15-manit-4-14-pb.jpg (258827 bytes)
Manitoba, with Voyageur Marine blue showing through
16-manit-4-14-pb.jpg (71449 bytes)
Another view of the Manitoba above Lock 1.
17-manit-4-14-pb.jpg (68706 bytes)
On her way to Lock 2.

4/15 - New Salties
- René Beauchamp
Marbacan-(S-T-2015-04-14)-RB.jpg (95923 bytes)
Marbacan, ex Fritz, unloading steel products at Sorel-Tracy at section 19 on Tuesday. Her next destination is Oshawa. When she will leave for the Seaway later on this week.
Andesborg-(S-T-2015-04-14)-RB.jpg (70563 bytes)
Andesborg, anchored off Sorel-Tracy,  will replace her at the dock. She too will go in the Seaway. They might be the first new salties of the year.

CCGS Martha L. Black at Marine City Tuesday - Don Detloff
1-black-14apr15-djd.jpg (91059 bytes)        

Hon. James L. Oberstar new stack - William Beutell
DSC_0540.jpg (78754 bytes)
New stack added this winter part of an exhaust gas scrubber system.

Milwaukee Tuesday - Shawn Conrad
1-Algomarine-4-14-15-SC.jpg (135834 bytes)
Algomarine backs her way in to South Slip 1 with a load of salt.
2-Algomarine-4-14-15-SC.jpg (161094 bytes)
Algomarine begins unloading.
3-Floragracht-4-14-15-SC.jpg (149642 bytes)
Milwaukee's first salty of the year arrived earlier today at the heavy lift dock awaiting its cargo of Caterpillar mining equipment.

Sunday in Port Colborne - Jim Bowser
Progress-and-Martha.jpg (209176 bytes) returning-the-pilot.jpg (331319 bytes) Pacific-Huron--clears.jpg (143765 bytes) Sharon-M-I-at-the-mill.jpg (116601 bytes) Seahound-clear-lock-ice.jpg (241169 bytes)
Seahound-and-pilot-boat.jpg (205238 bytes)        

Ice coverage on Tuesday - NASA
ice4-14-15.jpg (363787 bytes)        


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