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April 17 - 18, 2015

4/18 - MarBacan enters Oshawa, Ontario harbor - Lorraine Morrill
7016---Marbacan---Oshawa-4-17-15-lm.jpg (108841 bytes)
7018---M-R-Kane---Oshawa-4-17-15-lm.jpg (181620 bytes)
With assistance from tugs M.R. Kane on the bow.
7020---Omni-Richelieu---Oshawa-4-17-15-lm.jpg (140179 bytes)
Omni Richelieu on the stern.
7040---Marbacan---Oshawa-4-17-15-lm.jpg (128725 bytes)  

Recent Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-michipicoten-4-16-15-dk.jpg (115826 bytes)
Michipicoten and Samuel Risley passing near Sherman Park.
2-marquis-4-16-15-dk.jpg (212707 bytes)
CWB Marquis downbound at the International Bridge.
3-stlaurent-4-16-15-dk.jpg (209488 bytes)
CSL St Laurent downbound at the International bridge.
4-johnaird-4-16-15-dk.jpg (160503 bytes)
John B Aird upbound at the West Pier.
5-oakglen-4-17-15-dk.jpg (290544 bytes)
Oakglen in the Poe Lock.
6-kenboothe-14-16-15-dk.jpg (288238 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr. passing through the Soo Locks
7-kenboothe-4-16-15-dk.jpg (262109 bytes) 8-kenboothe-4-16-15-dk.jpg (166335 bytes)    

Welland Canal
- Paul Beesley
1-cuyah-4-15-15-pb.jpg (83137 bytes)
Cuyahoga clearing the bullnose above Lock 1.
2-cuyah-4-15-15-pb.jpg (94506 bytes)
On her way to Lock 2.
3-fedyuk-4-15-15-pb.jpg (117212 bytes)
Federal Yukon at Bridge 1.
4-fedyuk-4-15-15-pb.jpg (77212 bytes)
The canal is a wonderful place for reflections!
5-fedyuk-4-15-15-pb.jpg (109995 bytes)
Also on her way to Lock 2.
6-victor-4-15-15-pb.jpg (59513 bytes)
John J Carrick down bound below Lock 2.
7-victor-4-15-15-pb.jpg (98158 bytes)
Pushed by the Victorious, approaching Lock 1.
7-blue-4-16-15-pb.jpg (90871 bytes)
Bluewing just after clearing Lock 1.  Yes that is ice under her bow.
8-blue-4-16-15-pb.jpg (86274 bytes)
On her way toward Lock 8.
9-blue-4-16-15-pb.jpg (182655 bytes)
Interesting stern design.  Might imply some camber on the deck.
10-orla-4-16-15-pb.jpg (91696 bytes)
Orla, also above Lock 7.
11-orla-4-16-15-pb.jpg (100339 bytes)
On her way toward Lock 8.
12-trill-4-16-15-pb.jpg (158592 bytes)
When you visit the canal you may also see locomotives close at hand.
13-trill-4-16-15-pb.jpg (146314 bytes)
Trillium RR, short-line outfit with HQ in Port Colborne.

Canadian Olympic passing the Progress in 2009
Progress-&-Olympic.jpg (167580 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives - Boats from 1943 from the collection of James H Johnson 2nd Cook on Alex B Uhrig
Lake-Erie-1943.jpg (131338 bytes)
Unknown Wilson boat in Lake Erie ice field 1943
ships-on-lake-Erie-1943.jpg (27099 bytes)
Unknown vessels Lake Erie ice field 1943
ferry-breaking-ice-Lake-Erie-1943.jpg (25061 bytes)
Car ferry possibly breaking ice Lake Erie 1943
plane-over-Lake-Erie-1943.jpg (27173 bytes)
Unknown vessels in Lake Erie ice any boat nerds know what this plane might be doing here?
Alex-B-Uhrig-1943.jpg (83495 bytes)
Alex B. Uhrig plowing through ice 1943
1940's-unknown-ships.jpg (24623 bytes)
Chas S Hebard 2nd boat from left, can anybody ID the others?

4/17 - St. Marys River Traffic - Graham Grattan
1-samris-4-15-15-gg.jpg.jpg (145151 bytes)
 CCGS Samuel Risley downbound Pointe Louise Wednesday evening.
2-samris-4-16-15-gg.jpg.jpg (112732 bytes)
Risley upbound Thursday morning.
3-cwbmar-4-16-15-gg.jpg.jpg (93595 bytes)
CWB Marquis downbound at Pointe Louise.
4-cwbmar-4-16-15-gg.jpg.jpg (85151 bytes)
The billboards 'scuffed-up' already.
5-neabay-4-16-15-gg.jpg.jpg (101797 bytes)
USCGC Neah Bay 'working the ice'.
6-neabay-4-16-15-gg.jpg.jpg (217903 bytes)
Turning to head back upbound.
7-neabay-4-16-15-gg.jpg.jpg (107097 bytes) 8-neabay-4-16-15-gg.jpg.jpg (135791 bytes)
Working so hard that she's 'scorched' the paint off the stack.
9-cslstl-4-16-15-gg.jpg.jpg (130170 bytes)
CSL St-Laurent downbound just past Cedar Point.
10-cslstl-4-16-15-gg.jpg.jpg (95070 bytes)
CSL St-Laurent downbound approaching Pointe Louise.
11-cslstl-4-16-15-gg.jpg.jpg (133591 bytes)
CSL St-Laurent headed down past Pointe Aux Pins.
12-mich-4-16-15-gg.jpg.jpg (86556 bytes)
Michipicoten upbound at Pointe Louise. The ice cover has many cracks.
13-latre-4-16-15-gg.jpg.jpg (94137 bytes)
 Lee A. Tregurtha downbound at Pointe Louise; note how her passing has pulled apart the ice into individual floes.

Seaway salties - Rene Beauchamp
Andesborg-(S-T-2015-04-16)-RB.jpg (165809 bytes)
Andesborg as seen from a ferry linking Sorel-Tracy to the Berthierville Islands.
Federal-Mattawa-(S-T-2015-04-16)-RB.jpg (119406 bytes)
Federal Mattawa docked at Sorel-Tracy on the Richelieu River.
Marbacan-(St.-Lambert-2015-04-16)-RB-(3).jpg (170826 bytes)
Arbacan, the first new saltie of the year in the Seaway below St. Lambert Lock on Thursday.
Marbacan-(St.-Lambert-2015-04-16)-RB-(2).jpg (158490 bytes)
Better known as Fritz which spent four months in the Great Lakes last year.
Marbacan-(St.-Lambert-2015-04-16)-RB-(1).jpg (163281 bytes)

Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Pierre Radisson icebreaking at Thunder Bay Wednesday
NGCC-Pierre-Radisson---Thunder-Bay-2015-(04).jpg (230890 bytes)
 Home-ported in Quebec City, the Radisson is now icebreaking for shipping into and out of Thunder Bay Ontario. Along with CCGS Samuel Risley and CCGS Martha L. Black, CCGS Pierre Radisson has been very busy this month creating the best possible routes through the wind-pressured blockade of ice off Whitefish Point, on eastern Lake Superior. Both the Canadian and United States icebreaking resources assigned to the Great Lakes are working full force to break the remaining ice and assist ships that need to move urgently required cargos.

Historical Perspectives - Photos taken in 1950's by James H Johnson, a Stewart for Wilson Transit Co.
1-JH-Hilman-Jr.jpg (64221 bytes)
J.H. Hilman Jr. at Great Northern Ore Docks Superior Wis.
2-Jh-Hilman-Jr.jpg (116560 bytes)
J.H. Himan Jr. location unknown.
3-JH-Hilman-Jr.jpg (65802 bytes)
J.H. Hilman Jr. under the hullets at the B+LE dock in Conneaut.
4-Frank-R-Denton.jpg (78603 bytes)
Frank R. Denton Great Lakes Coal Dock Superior Wis.
5-Edward-B-Green.jpg (56642 bytes)
Edward B. Green at Port Huron Mich.


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