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April 20 - 23, 2015

4/23 - Mississagi aground in the St. Marys River - USCG
mississagi4-22-2-15 (4).jpg (113450 bytes)
Mississagi sits aground in the lower St. Marys River near De Tour Village, Mich. U.S. Coast Guard photo courtesy of Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City
mississagi4-22-2-15 (2).jpg (304898 bytes) mississagi42215.jpg (160827 bytes) mississagi4-22-2-15 (3).jpg (147572 bytes) mississagi4-22-2-15 (1).jpg (159380 bytes)

H Lee. White in Trenton at Detroit Edison Wednesday - Chris Byczek
1DM39457.jpg (183676 bytes) 1DM39449.jpg (131200 bytes)      

Welland canal Friday -  Jim Bowser
Federal-mayumi-lock-3.jpg (242064 bytes) Port-Colborne-April-171.jpg (144826 bytes) Port-colborne-April-17.jpg (164947 bytes)    

4/22 - Seaway
- Rene Beauchamp
Johanna-C-(Mtl-2015-04-21)-René-B-(2).jpg (155108 bytes)
Johanna C arriving in Montreal for Seaway inspection on Tuesday. Next destination is Duluth to unload windmills components.
Johanna-C-(Mtl-2015-04-21)-René-B-(1).jpg (200999 bytes)
To my knowledge, the first vessel with such a cargo so far this year. She is the second vessel of that name for Carisbrooke Shipping to go in the Lakes. The first one, much smaller, came in 2001.
Resko-(Mtl-2015-04-09)-RB.jpg (100390 bytes)
Resko shifting to another dock deadship on April 9 in Montreal.
Hivernage-(Mtl-2015-04-09)-RB.jpg (168095 bytes)
Two CSL bulkers wintering in Montreal on April 9, Atlantic Erie and Birchglen. As of Tuesday, they had not yet resume service.

St. Clair River at Port Huron Tuesday
- Don Detloff
1-pacific-21apr15-djd.jpg (133831 bytes)
Pacific Huron
2-radisson-=21apr15-djd.jpg (179924 bytes)
CCGS Pierre Radisson

Rouge River Monday- Ken Borg
IMG_1002-1.jpg (109672 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar after backing out of the AK Steel Slip in Dearborn and turning to go down the Rouge River on Monday.
IMG_1007-1.jpg (145246 bytes)
Manitowoc mill scale at the AK Steel Dearborn.

Rouge River - Capt. Mike Nicholls
1MANITOWOCb11042115mn.jpg (133527 bytes)
Manitowoc outbound Rouge River at Fort Street.
2BARKERKAYEEb19042115mn.jpg (88137 bytes)
Kaye E Barker outbound the Rouge River at Fort Street.

3BARKERKAYEEs23042115mn.jpg (108003 bytes)

4/21 - Juno aground in the Seaway Monday
1886976.jpg (509550 bytes) 1885315.jpg (201815 bytes) 1884433.jpg (359328 bytes)
Imagine what the people in the house at the bow must have thought. USCG photo
2015042095072100.jpg (82891 bytes)
Under the Thousand Island Bridge - Joe Argento
1884044.jpg (76712 bytes)
Onboard early Monday morning USCG


CWB Marquis passing Point Edward -
Marc Dease
1-cwb-4-17-14-a-md.jpg (85872 bytes) 2-cwb-4-17-15-b-md.jpg (97326 bytes) 3-cwb-4-17-15-c-md.jpg (133777 bytes) 4-cwb-4-17-15-d-md.jpg (109510 bytes) 5-cwb-4-17-15-e-md.jpg (78129 bytes)
6-cwb-4-17-15-e-md.jpg (126637 bytes) 7-ent-4-19-15-md.jpg (173175 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise looking brand new with her new paint job.
8-tbay-4-20-15-md.jpg (107634 bytes)
Thunder Bay making the turn at 1 & 2.
9-miss-4-20-15-md.jpg (157026 bytes)
Sporting a new coat of paint and looking spectacular the Mississagi about to depart the government dock in Sarnia.

Canadian Coast Guard Ship Pierre Radisson breaking ice on Lake Superior -
Brian Wagoner
IMGP6731.jpg (282198 bytes)        

4/20 - Recent Soo Traffic
- David Kaye
1-katmaibay-4-19-15-dk.jpg (194830 bytes)
USCG Katmai Bay in the MacArthur Lock.
2-thunderbay-4-19-15-dk.jpg (183120 bytes)
Thunder Bay downbound at the West Pier.
3-cslwelland-4-18-15-dk.jpg (229518 bytes)
CSL Welland in the Poe Lock.
4-jvanenk-4-18-15-dk.jpg (153976 bytes)
Joyce VanEnkevort downbound at the West Pier.
5-kom-4-18-15-dk.jpg (219233 bytes)
Kom downbound approaching the Poe lock with a little help from the Tug Missouri.
6-mackinaw-4-19-15-dk.jpg (213458 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw in the Poe Lock
7-manitoba-4-19-15-dk.jpg (83089 bytes)
Manitoba downbound in the upper river.

St. Clair River at Algonac State Park on Sunday - Don Detloff
1-jackson-19apr15-djd.jpg (116415 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson
2-dorothy-19apr15-djd.jpg (132312 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder

Saturday at Port Huron -  M. Young
DSC_4630.jpg (180151 bytes) DSC_4636.jpg (128581 bytes) DSC_4637.jpg (178004 bytes) DSC_4645.jpg (133621 bytes) DSC_4660.jpg (165249 bytes)
DSC_4688.jpg (141565 bytes) DSC_4696.jpg (168968 bytes) DSC_4703.jpg (114189 bytes) DSC_4586.jpg (85165 bytes)  

Algomarine in Buffalo - Brian Wroblewski
1-Algomarine-4-19-15-BRW.jpg (110976 bytes)
Algomarine headed for the Buffalo Fairway Buoy as the gathering gloom of an incoming rain storm follows behind her.
2--Algomarine-4-19-15-BRW.jpg (160957 bytes)
Algomarine has come to a stop in the Buffalo Outer Harbor Southern Channel. The end of the Cargil Pool pier is to the left.
3--Algomarine-4-19-15-BRW.jpg (116605 bytes)
The ship is now winding as the abandoned Bethlehem Steel Coke Ovens offer a dismal backdrop.
7-Algomarine-4-19-15-BRW.jpg (101567 bytes)
She's swinging on her thrusters now and the Steel Winds turbines can be seen out toward the lake.
5-Algomarine-4-19-15-BRW.jpg (124859 bytes)
Done with her maneuver, the Algomarine is backing into the Lackawanna Canal as the sky grows darker, perfect timing to reach safe harbor as an evening storm rolls in off Lake Erie.

Welland Canal Saturday - Bill Bird
01-CSLLaurentien-04-18-15-a-bb.jpg (141833 bytes)
Sporting her new paint job from Sturgeon Bay, CSL Laurentien arrives at Thorold.
02-CSLLaurentienname-04-18-15-a-bb.jpg (79763 bytes)
In her gangway you can see CSL on the netting.
03-CSLLaurentien-04-18-15-b-bb.jpg (162791 bytes)
heading for Lock 7
04-CWBMarquis-04-18-15-a-bb.jpg (106129 bytes)
At Port Colborne CWB Marquis is tied south of Bridge 21 to load machinery, lubricants and supplies.
05-CWBMarquislunchtime-04-18-15-a-bb-.jpg (168610 bytes)
chicken fingers on the menu for lunch
06-CWBMarquisdiningroom-04-18-15-bb.jpg (101080 bytes)
dining room
07-CWBMarquisengineroom-04-18-15-bb.jpg (226862 bytes)
Engine room. With 9100 hp her top speed is about 14.7 knots
08-CWBMarquisaftlifeboat1a.jpg (200803 bytes)
overlooking the stern with life boat. Algoma Progress in the background at scrapyard.
09-CWBCaptain'soffice-04-18-15-bb.jpg (102845 bytes)
captain's office
10-CWBMarquisowner'sroom-05-18-15-bb.jpg (80497 bytes)
owner's room (also for guests)
11-CWBMarquisowner'sbedding-04-18-15-bb.jpg (138187 bytes)
bedding even has Algoma logo
12-CWBMarquispilothouse-04-18-15-bb.jpg (126621 bytes)
pilot house is huge with large windows
13-CWBMarquiswheelsman'sstand-04-18-15-bb.jpg (266697 bytes)
wheelsman's stand
14-CWBMarquisviewfrompilothouse-04-18-15-bb.jpg (242613 bytes) 15-CWBMarquisCaptainSeannO'Donoghue-04-18-15-bb.jpg (112635 bytes)
our thanks to Captain Seann O'Donoghue and Algoma Central Corporation for the tour.
CWBMarquisbiulder'splate-04-18-15-bb.jpg (75495 bytes)
Builders plate in Chinese and English
16-CWBMarquis04-18-15-b-bb.jpg (75503 bytes)
Everything loaded on board and CWB Marquis (pronounced mar KEE) is underway.
17-CWBMarquisCWBlogo-0-18-15-bb.jpg (108229 bytes)
Canadian Wheat Board logo (owners of the ship)
18-CWBMarquissuperstructure-04-18-15-bb.jpg (136474 bytes)
19-CWBMarquis-04-18-15-c-bb.jpg (102080 bytes)
clear of Lock 8 she's headed for Trois Rivieres.
20-CSL-St-Laurent-04-18-15-a-b-bb.jpg (132422 bytes)
Later in the afternoon CSL St-Laurent enters Port Colborne harbour.
21-CSL-St-Laurentsuperstructure-04-18-15-bb.jpg (103838 bytes)
22-CSL-St-Laurent-04-18-15-a-bb.jpg (97319 bytes)
another view
23-CSL-StLaurent-04-18-15-c-bb.jpg (228959 bytes)
under Bridge 21
24CSL-St-Laurent-04-18-15-d-bb.jpg (131973 bytes)
on her way to Montreal

Alpena -  Ben & Chanda McClain
Cuyah-4-18-15-BCM-01.jpg (214609 bytes)
Cuyahoga in Alpena
Cuyah-4-18-15-BCM-02.jpg (210141 bytes) Cuyah-4-18-15-BCM-03.jpg (193216 bytes) Cuyah-4-18-15-BCM-04.jpg (216557 bytes) SBaird-4-18-15-BCM-05.jpg (170972 bytes)
Spencer F. Baird
LewJK-4-16-15-BCM-01.jpg (152642 bytes)
Tug Olive L Moore and barge Lewis J Kuber unloading stone.
LewJK-4-16-15-BCM-02.jpg (143876 bytes) LewJK-4-16-15-BCM-03.jpg (182181 bytes) LewJK-4-16-15-BCM-04.jpg (120281 bytes) LewJK-4-17-15-BCM-05.jpg (72317 bytes)

Sandusky Bay - Matthew Felix
20150417_174415.jpg (127129 bytes)
H. Lee White
20150417_191424.jpg (147741 bytes)
John D. Leitch


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