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April 24 - 26, 2015

4/26 - Mississagi refloated Saturday - USCG
1897370.jpg (90127 bytes)
Unloading part of her cargo into fleet mate Lewis J. Kuber
11182728_453891361444201_3986387931394504775_o.jpg (173850 bytes) 11187308_453891651444172_106529939739193298_o.jpg (233143 bytes) 11169794_453891348110869_2415144051671419503_n.jpg (113055 bytes)  

Soo -
David Kaye
1-algosoo-4-25-15-dk.jpg (206926 bytes)
Algosoo leaving the Poe Lock.
2-fmackinac-4-23-15-dk.jpg (88427 bytes)
Federal Mackinac upbound at the West Pier.
3-fkushiro-4-24-15-dk.jpg (229426 bytes)
Federal Kushiro at the International Bridge.
4-grepublic-4-25-15-dk.jpg (145952 bytes)
Great Republic in the MacArthur Lock.
5-anglainlady-4-25-15.jpg (144089 bytes)
Angain Lady in the Poe lock.
6-victory-4-24-15-dk.jpg (223775 bytes)
Victory/James L. Kuber parked at the West Pier.
1-orla-4-25-15-dk.jpg (185954 bytes)
Saturday the Orla became wedged in the ice while entering the MacArthur Lock and required help from the Tug Florida to get free.
2-orla-4-25-15-dk.jpg (170910 bytes) 3-orla-4-25-15-dk.jpg (167896 bytes) 4-orla-4-25-15-dk.jpg (167079 bytes)
5-orla-4-25-15-dk.jpg (207746 bytes) 6-orla-4-25-15-dk.jpg (164422 bytes) 7-burnsharbor-4-25-15-dk.jpg (218811 bytes)    

Welland Canal -
Bill Bird
01-Amstelborg-04-25-15-a-bb.jpg (306133 bytes)
Amstelborg at Thorold
02-AmstelborgAlgomaTransportResko-04-25-15-a-bb.jpg (204896 bytes)
Settling in behind Algoma Transport above Lock 7 as Resko prepares to leave the lock
03-AmstelborgAlgomaTransportResko-04-25-15-b-bb.jpg (235580 bytes)
 Amstelborg unable to make wall on first try and veers out to avoid hitting Algoma Transport
04-AmstelborgAlgomaTransportResko-04-25-15-c-bb.jpg (222640 bytes)
Eventually she is back in position and Resko moves out
05-Resko-04-25-15-a-bb.jpg (262805 bytes)
Resko at old Bridge 9
06-Resko-04-25-15-b-bb.jpg (270709 bytes)
07-JohnDLeitch-04-25-15-a-bb.jpg (320288 bytes)
John D Leitch at the Glendale bridge
08-JohnDLeitch-04-25-15-b-bb.jpg (240322 bytes)
Heading to lock 3
09-SlomanHerakles-04-25-15-a-bb.jpg (219625 bytes)
tanker Sloman Herakles at Port Robinson
10-SlomanHerakles-04-25-15-b-bb.jpg (293313 bytes)
11MarthaLBlack-0-25-15-a-bb.jpg (272208 bytes)
followed by ice breaker Martha L Black returning from Lake Superior and Whitefish Bay
12MarthaLBlack-04-25-15-b-bb.jpg (280027 bytes) 13-Salarium-0-25-15-a-bb.jpg (198744 bytes)
 An infrequent visit from Salarium
14-Salariumstack-04-25-15-bb.jpg (215281 bytes)
stack marking
15-Salarium-04-25-15-b-bb.jpg (309717 bytes)
 headed to Lock 3
16-AlgomaTransport-04-25-15-a-bb.jpg (112370 bytes)
Algoma Transport approaching Homer Bridge
17-AlgomaTransporthatches-04-25-15-bb.jpg (189659 bytes)
 some raised hatches allowing for more tonnage
18 stern view
18AlgomaTransport04-25-15-b-bb.jpg (121763 bytes) 19-Marabacan-04-25-15-a-bb.jpg (105487 bytes)
saltie Marabacan heading for Lock 3
20-Marabacanstack-04-25-15-a-bb.jpg (57815 bytes)
21-Marabacan-04-25-15-b-bb.jpg (111608 bytes)
bound for Thunder Bay

St. Clair River traffic Saturday -
Kevin Majewski
1.LadyD-4-25-15-KM.jpg (170262 bytes)
Lady Doris upbound above Algonac, Michigan.
2.LaDo-4-25-15-KM.jpg (210398 bytes)
Stern view.
3.ATBjt-4-25-15-KM.jpg (150435 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson Jr./Joseph H. Thompson upbound at Marysville, Michigan.
4.ATBvk-4-25-15-KM.jpg (174451 bytes)
Victory/James L. Kuber downbound at St. Clair, Michigan.
5.EBS-4-25-15-KM.jpg (135749 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer upbound at Marysville, Michigan.

Welland Canal -
Barry Andersen
Amstelborg-(Nld)-dbnd-just-clear-of-L2.jpg (105622 bytes)
Marbacan-(Por)-upbnd-for-L2-ex-Fritz-2013.jpg (91258 bytes)
Marbacan ex Fritz-13
Marbacan-(Por)-upbnd-headed-for-L2-ex-Fritz-2013.jpg (116557 bytes) Sloman-Herakles-(Atg)-dbnd-clear-of-L2.jpg (104447 bytes)
Sloman Herakles
Sloman-Herakles-(Atg)-dbnd-clear-of-L2-(2).jpg (100223 bytes)

stack-on-Sloman-Herakles-(Atg).jpg (107900 bytes)
stack on Sloman Herakles
stack-on-Marbacan-IMO-number-but-no-name.jpg (68903 bytes)
stack on Marbacan with nameboard - no name applied yet but IMO number shows
Florijngracht-(Nld)-upbnd-headed-toward-L2-(2).jpg (149067 bytes)
Florijngracht upbound headed for Lock 2 
Federal-Yukon-(Hkg)-upbnd-headed-for-L2.jpg (130475 bytes)
Federal Yukon
Federal-Yukon-(Hkg)-upbnd-headed-for-L2-(2).jpg (126071 bytes)
CWB-Marquis-on-first-dbnd-trip-above-L7.jpg (82908 bytes)
CWB Marquis
Amelia-Desgagnes-upbnd-under-skyway-headed-for-L3.jpg (171303 bytes)
Amelia Desgagnes
Apollon-(Grk)-ex-Spring-Laker-06-upbnd-headed-for-L1.jpg (118060 bytes)
Harbour-First-(Por)-upbnd-headed-for-L2.jpg (123137 bytes)
Harbour First
Harbour-First-(Por)-headed-for-L2.jpg (110154 bytes)
Redhead-(Hkg)-upbnd-headed-for-lock-2.jpg (106811 bytes)
Kaministiqua-upbound-for-L2.jpg (93949 bytes)

Lower Lakes Towing’s new vessel forebody
image003.jpg (92508 bytes)
Drawing showing how the new forebody will be joined with the existing stern section making new Manitoulin.

CCGS Martha L. Black at Port Huron -
Don Detloff
1-black-24apr15-djd.jpg (199095 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives - Adam E. Cornelius design article -
Marc Vander Meulen
AEC_cover.jpg (277805 bytes) AEC_01.jpg (348535 bytes) AEC_02.jpg (289156 bytes) AEC_03.jpg (314872 bytes) AEC_05.jpg (540106 bytes)
AEC_06.jpg (536310 bytes) AEC_07.jpg (516926 bytes) AEC_08.jpg (530495 bytes) AEC_09.jpg (336380 bytes) AEC_10.jpg (133976 bytes)
AEC_11.jpg (340329 bytes)        

4/24 - Detroit
- Chris Byczek
1DM39462.jpg (246947 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell Detroit river
1DM39470.jpg (176908 bytes) 1DM39469.jpg (158110 bytes) 1DM39471.jpg (231990 bytes) 1DM39477.jpg (305934 bytes)
Algoway  Zug Island

Recent Soo traffic - David Kaye
1-pradisson-4-20-15-dk.jpg (148141 bytes)
Pierre Radisson downbound at the West Pier for the Poe Lock.
2-saginaw-4-23-15-dk.jpg (172459 bytes)
Saginaw passing through the Soo.
3-saginaw-4-23-15-dk.jpg (149075 bytes) 4-saginaw-4-23-15-dk.jpg (246364 bytes) 5-kenboothe-4-23-15-dk.jpg (100425 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr. upbound near Mission Point.
6-alpena-4-23-15-dk.jpg (194356 bytes)
Alpena upbound at the International Bridge.
7-irma-4-23-15-dk.jpg (106684 bytes)
Irma approaching the Poe lock with a little help from the Tug Missouri.
8-mblack-4-23-15-dk.jpg (198646 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ice Breaker Martha L. Black in the MacArthur Lock.
9-mblack-4-23-15-dk.jpg (184112 bytes) 10-mblack-4-23-15-dk.jpg (136573 bytes)

Algoway at Zug Island - Steve Conner
Dino.jpg (200364 bytes)        

Soo - Craig Knudson
IMG_20150423_172229_997.jpg (149650 bytes)        


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