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April 27 - 29, 2015

4/29 - Saginaw River Vessel Passage - Todd Shorkey
1-olmoore-4-28-15-ts.jpg (143940 bytes)
Moore-Kuber inbound at Lafayette Bridge
2-olmoore-4-28-15-ts.jpg (181824 bytes)
Stern view
3-integrity-4-28-15-ts.jpg (162154 bytes)
Ostrander-Integrity at Lafarge Cement in Essexville
4-integrity-4-28-15-ts.jpg (171219 bytes)
Another view

Port Huron traffic Sunday - Jeff Thomas
1-Algosoo---4-26-15-jt.jpg (129204 bytes)
Algosoo downbound on Lake Huron
2--Algosoo---4-26-15-jt.jpg (154145 bytes)
Algosoo passing under the Blue Water Bridge
3-HCJackson---4-26-15-jt.jpg (137408 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson upbound at Port Huron
4-Spruceglen-4-26-15-jt.jpg (147220 bytes)
Spruceglen downbound at Port Huron

New Salties - Rene Beauchamp
Fagelgracht-(Mtl-2015-04-28)-Rene-B-(2).jpg (116980 bytes)
Two views of Fagelgracht upbound in Montreal on Tuesday, destination Valleyfield in the St. Lawrence Seaway on her first trip.
Fagelgracht-(Mtl-2015-04-28)-Rene-B-(1).jpg (121247 bytes) Johanna-C-(Beauharnois-2015-04-25)-Rene-B..jpg (141770 bytes)
Johanna C at Beauharnois on Saturday.

New barges launched at Calcite
IMG_5854.jpg (151520 bytes)
Moran Iron Works launched two ocean going deck barges last week for Durocher Marine Saturday. Kokosing IV and Kokosing III were launched last week in Rogers City.
IMG_0337-min.jpg (470109 bytes)
On Saturday the barges were taken by Durocher Marines tug General to Cheboygan, Michigan to ready them for their first project which is taking place in Oswego, New York.

4/28 - Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Algoma-Progress-at-IMS-yard-cutting-underway.jpg (93581 bytes)
Algoma Progress shots at IMS yard as she is being quickly scrapped, view of vessel from end of West Street
Algoma-Progress-being-cut-up.jpg (130855 bytes)
bridge deck with most window glass removed
Algoma-Progress-pilot-house-stack-and-upper-deck.jpg (181050 bytes)
bridge deck with portion of deck bulkheads in the background with a stack
Algoma-Transfer-pilot-house-at-IMS-yard.jpg (178759 bytes)
wheelhouse from Algoma Transfer
Johanna-C-(GBr)-raised-in-L4-W-upbound'.jpg (158829 bytes)
Johanna C. raised in Lock 4 west, upbound
Johanna-C-(GBr)-deckload-of-windmill-blades.jpg (119438 bytes)
closeup of windmill blades loaded on deck
Johanna-C-(GBr)-upbnd-in-draw-of-old-guard-gate.jpg (126207 bytes)
upbound at the old guard gate or bridge 9
Johanna-C-(GBr)-upbnd-headed-for-bridge-10.jpg (101041 bytes) stack-on-the-Johanna-C..jpg (197583 bytes)
stack with Carisbrooke markings

Recent Soo Traffic
- David Kaye
1-biscaynebay-4-26-15-dk.jpg (194033 bytes)
USCG Biscayne Bay in the MacArthur Lock.
2-undaunted-4-26-15-dk.jpg (174089 bytes)
Tug Undaunted in the MacArthur Lock.
3-ladydoris-4-26-15-dk.jpg (199479 bytes)
Lady Doris upbound at the International Bridge.
4-edwingott-4-26-15-dk.jpg (150153 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott downbound in the upper river.
5-redhead-4-26-15-dk.jpg (231538 bytes)
Redhead in the Poe Lock.
 6-neahbay-4-27-15-dk.jpg (309159 bytes)
USCG Neah Bay in the MacArthur Lock.
7-hollyhock-4-27-15-dk.jpg (168063 bytes)
USCG Hollyhock in the MacArthur Lock.
8-algolake-4-27-15-dk.jpg (137140 bytes)
Algolake downbound for the Poe Lock.

Cuyahoga Loading coke from Zug Island in River Rouge Monday
- Kenneth Borg
P4270636.jpg (135245 bytes)        

Welland Canal
- Paul Beesley
1-feddan-4-26-15-pb.jpg (123211 bytes)
Federal Danube just clear of Lock 2 with the Victorious waiting to take the lock.
2-feddan-4-26-15-pb.jpg (133453 bytes)
Federal Danube well clear of the lock.
3-johc-4-26-15-pb.jpg (114344 bytes)
Johanna C, registered in the UK, above Lock 1.
4-johc-4-26-15-pb.jpg (280070 bytes)
Notice how wire strops are used to secured the hook so it doesn't flail about in a seaway. 
       Also, the starboard running light is far forward.  This requires an exemption from the regs
       as running lights are mandated to be at the aft end of the ship.  Not unusual with
       such a variety of ship construction these days.
5-dool-4-26-15-pb.jpg (120524 bytes)
Tim S Dool below Lock 2.

4/27 - Point Edward/Sarnia Friday
- Monty Young
Algoma-Hansa-☼♣²-027.jpg (164078 bytes)
Algoma Hansa
Algoma-Hansa-030.jpg (162741 bytes) Algosar-026.jpg (235653 bytes)
Norman-McCloud---Everlast--033.jpg (256517 bytes)
Everlast--037.jpg (228355 bytes)
Norman McLeod/Everlast
Lime-Island038.jpg (249785 bytes)
Lime Island
Lime-Island-042.jpg (224727 bytes)      

Recent Welland Canal Traffic - Paul Beesley
1-algtran-4-25-15-pb.jpg (101648 bytes)
Algoma Transport in the shade of the QEW bridge.
2-amstel-4-25-15-pb.jpg (105398 bytes)
Amstelborg below Lock 3.
3-asiclip-4-25-15-pb.jpg (103249 bytes)
ASI Clipper above Lock 7.
4-mlb-4-25-15-pb.jpg (95383 bytes)
CCGS Martha L Black below Lock 3.
5-mlb-4-25-15-pb.jpg (151461 bytes)
The Messerschmitt-Blkow-Blohm Bo 105 helicopter. As Flight Deck Officer you get to enjoy true wind chill when the pilot puts on pitch to lift off the deck, especially in mid-winter in ice-covered waters!
6-jlb-4-25-15-pb.jpg (81427 bytes)
John D Leitch below Lock 2.  In the section between Lock 1 & 2 are nesting geese only a few feet from the walking path.  When the road opens next week many people will be attacked as the geese try to protect their nest, just like the gander attacked me on this day!
7-marb-4-25-15-pb.jpg (81995 bytes) 
Marbacan above Lock 1.
8-sal-4-25-15-pb.jpg (73671 bytes)
Salarium taken off her salt duties in the Gulf of St Lawrence for a trip to the Lakes.
9-slohar-4-25-15-pb.jpg (103124 bytes)
Sloman Herakles below Lock 1.  Busy day in the canal.
10-app-4-24-15-pb.jpg (79663 bytes)
Appollon above Lock 1.
11-lim-4-24-15-pb.jpg (161906 bytes)
CCGS Limnos carries out wagger/bottom sampling in the canal above Lock 1.
12-engriv-4-24-15-pb.jpg (111289 bytes)
A couple of oldies.  English River and Emilie Desgagnes in the background.
13-harfir-4-24-15-pb.jpg (81528 bytes)
Harbour First above Lock 1.
14-laddor-4-24-15-pb.jpg (98695 bytes)
Lady Doris clears Lock 1 as the Algoma Equinox waits her turn to enter the Lock.
15-prc-4-24-15-pb.jpg (90060 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell slides the wall toward Lock 2.  To see a video of this please visit


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