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April 30 - May 2, 2015

5/2 - Soo Traffic - David Kaye
 1-ltregurtha-4-29-15-dk.jpg (165709 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha down bound at the International Bridge.
2-kaministiqua-4-30-15-dk.jpg (270873 bytes)
Kaministiqua in the Poe Lock.
3-presqueisle-5-1-15-dk.jpg (192023 bytes)
Presque Isle leaving the Poe Lock.
4-aintegrity-5-1-15-dk.jpg (158031 bytes)
American Integrity up bound at the West Pier.
5-buffalo-4-30-15-dk.jpg (157024 bytes)
Buffalo in the MacArthur Lock.
6-buffalo-4-30-15-dk.jpg (154785 bytes)        

Port Stanley Friday - Monty Young
Port-Stanley-Harbour063.jpg (376880 bytes)
Nancy A Siddall and Eau Clipper
Eau-Clipper-349.jpg (333017 bytes)
Eau Clipper
GW-Jackson-351.jpg (371991 bytes)
GW Jackson - Montreal Canadians fan
LR-Jackson-062.jpg (207278 bytes)
LR Jackson

Algonova unloading in Sydney, Cape Breton - Jason Day
algonovaphoto-31.jpg (256506 bytes) algonovaphoto-21.jpg (94287 bytes) algonovaphoto-11.jpg (101885 bytes)    

5/1 - Kaye E. Barker in Rouge River at Fort St. - Ken Borg
IMG_1079-1.jpg (91113 bytes)
At the site of the new Fort  St. Bridge in Detroit, MI on Wednesday as work continues of forming the counterweight.
IMG_1085-1.jpg (155569 bytes)      

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
DSCF2832-copy.jpg (248588 bytes)
Olive L. Moore up at the Kuber's bow in the Bay Aggregates slip

4/30 - Toledo
- Bob Vincent
1-Manistee-4-29-15-bv.jpg (136800 bytes)
Manistee in Toledo Ship Yard
2-AlgomaOlympic-4-29-15-bv.jpg (148175 bytes)
Algoma Olympic loading at CSX #4 machine
3-AlgomaOlympic-4-29-15-bv.jpg (148106 bytes)
Another view
4-AlgomaOlympic-4-29-15-bv.jpg (99968 bytes)
Another view

CCGS Martha L. Black as viewed from CCGS Griffon on the St. Lawrence River - Canadian Coast Guard
Canadian-Coast-Guard-ships-passing-in-American-Locks.jpg (166000 bytes)        

Great Republic in Manistee Wednesday - Brian Ferguson
GR2.jpg (27656 bytes)
GR1.jpg (15108 bytes) Grepublic.jpg (22938 bytes)
Arrived at the piers about 11 a.m., tied up at the power plant shortly after. 

American Fortitude (Courtney Burton) in Oswego Wednesday - Dave Wobser
P1110657.jpg (38054 bytes)        

Recent Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-algocanada-4-28-15-dk.jpg (192166 bytes)
Algocanada at the Soo Ontario port.
2-apollon-4-28-15-dk.jpg (201840 bytes)
Apollon waiting at the East Pier.
3-wjmccarthyjr-4-28-15-dk.jpg (147815 bytes)
Walter J McCarthy downbound at Rotary Park.
4-irma-4-28-15-dk.jpg (232620 bytes)
Irma downbound at the International Bridge.
5-grepublic-4-28-15-dk.jpg (172896 bytes)
Great Republic downbound at the West Pier.
6-johannac-4-28-15-dk.jpg (239576 bytes)
Johanna C upbound at the International Bridge.
7-fmayumi-4-28-15-dk.jpg (159501 bytes)
Federal Mayumi downbound in the upper river.
8-sjcort-4-29-15-dk.jpg (150226 bytes)
Stewart J Cort upbound at the West Pier.
9-cuyahoga-4-29-15-dk.jpg (103846 bytes)
Cuyahoga upbound out of the Locks


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