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May 11, 2015

Welland Canal -  Barry Andersen
Bluebill-(Cyp)-upbnd-in-ballast-below-L2-reflection.jpg (151775 bytes)
Bluebill-(Cyp)-upbnd-headed-for-L2.jpg (136230 bytes) Manitoba-at-dusk-headed-to-L2.jpg (65941 bytes)
Federal-Kushiro-(Mhl)-dbnd-clear-of-L2.jpg (136280 bytes)
Federal Kushiro
Raba-(Lbr)-upbnd-headed-for-L3.jpg (125504 bytes)
Transhawk-(GIB)-upbnd-in-ballast-for-L2.jpg (132756 bytes)
tug-Champion-above-L2-with-tow.jpg (151612 bytes)
tug Champion
tugs-Seahound-and-Champion-with-barges-(2).jpg (115708 bytes)
tug Seahound assisting tug Champion with barges
tugs-Seahound-and-Champion-with-barges.jpg (136500 bytes)
barges Sampson II and Kokosing 2 headed for Oswego
048.jpg (118748 bytes)
Ojibway-forward-cabins.jpg (147232 bytes)
Ojibway forward cabins from aft
Ojibway-upbnd-headed-for-L2.jpg (124725 bytes) Wilson-T.-Cooper-headed-for-L1-(2).jpg (228889 bytes)
workboat Wilson T. Copper headed to her berth in Port Weller harbor
Wilson-T.-Cooper-headed-for-L1-(3).jpg (182265 bytes) CSL-St.-Laurent-dbnd-entering-L3.jpg (107227 bytes)
CSL St. Laurent
CSL-St.-Laurent-afterhouse.jpg (130817 bytes)
CSL St. Laurent afterhouse
Maria-Desgagnes-upbnd-headed-to-L2.jpg (117065 bytes)
Maria Desgagnes
Capt-Henry-Jackman-in-ballast-headed-for-L2.jpg (107521 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman

 Port Colborne Sunday - S. Bowser
May-10-2015-Port.jpg (155055 bytes) May-10-2015PORT-COLBORNE.jpg (141651 bytes) Whitefish-Bay-May-9-2015.jpg (164743 bytes) Sharon-M-1-May-09-2015.jpg (232941 bytes) Algoma-progress-May-09.jpg (156531 bytes)

Port Colborne Saturday - Robert Wagner
1-Resko-09-05-15-rw.jpg (124244 bytes)
Polsteams Resko approaching the bridge above Lock 8 in Port Colborne
2-Resko-09-05-15-rw.jpg (79037 bytes)
Resko bridge detail
3-Resko-09-05-15-rw.jpg (72598 bytes)
Resko crane detail
4-Resko-09-05-15-rw.jpg (228982 bytes)
Resko under the lift bridge lining up for Lock 8
5-Seahound-09-05-15-rw.jpg (239210 bytes)
Nadro Marine's Seahound
6-PeterCresswell-09-05-15-rw.jpg (73696 bytes)
Algoma Central's Peter Cresswell was tied off waiting to transit
7-PeterCresswell-09-05-05-rw.jpg (63051 bytes)
Stern view
8-Houston-09-05-05-rw.jpg (197387 bytes)
Houston just starting to exit Lock 8
9-Houston-09-05-15-rw.jpg (263976 bytes)
Houston Crane detail
10-Houston-09-05-15-rw.jpg (135926 bytes)
Houston has some serious lifting capacity
11-Houston-09-05-15-rw.jpg (263141 bytes)
Crane business end
12-Houston-09-05-15-rw.jpg (237520 bytes)
Houston fully exited and on her way to Lake Eire after the Lift Bridge goes up of course
13-IMS-09-15-15-rw.jpg (82711 bytes)
International Marine was working along with a rather powerful looking tug

Tug Lac Manitoba with the derrick boat HM-7 Sunday - Brian W.
Lac-Manitoba5-10-1511.jpg (72356 bytes)
Downbound on the Black Rock Canal at Porter Ave. in Buffalo after arriving from Port Colborne.
Lac-Manitoba5-10-1521.jpg (127525 bytes) Lac-Manitoba5-10-153.jpg (127499 bytes)    

Seaway - Murray Blancher
1-Saginaw-10-05-15-mb.jpg (126814 bytes)
Saginaw up at Brockville
2-Saginaw-10-05-15-mb.jpg (144325 bytes) 3-CSL-Welland-10-05-15-mb.jpg (97832 bytes)
CSL Welland up at Maitland

Recent Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-ccallaway-5-8-15-dk.jpg (157710 bytes)
Cason J Callaway upbound at Mission Point.
2-resko-5-7-15-dk.jpg (115796 bytes)
Resko downbound at the West Pier.
3-chjackman-5-6-15-dk.jpg (171557 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman entering the MacArthur Lock.
4-wfishbay-5-7-15-dk.jpg (109730 bytes)
Whitefish Bay in the Poe lock.
5-erieborg-5-7-15-dk.jpg (87709 bytes)
Erieborg in the MacArthur Lock.
6-jlkuber-5-8-15-dk.jpg (106493 bytes)
James L Kuber passing Rotary Park.
7-latregurtha-5-8-15-dk.jpg (151176 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha upbound near Mission Point.
8-ldoris-5-8-15-dk.jpg (157117 bytes)
Lady Doris downbound at Mission Point.
9-undaunted-5-8-15-dk.jpg (155754 bytes)
Undaunted/Pere Marquette 41 at the West Pier.
10-alpena-5-6-15-dk.jpg (205859 bytes)
Alpena at the International Bridge.

St. Clair River Traffic - John McCreery
1-Callaway-5-2-15-jm.jpg (93422 bytes)
Water levels are up as evidenced by the upbound Callaway loaded to the anchor pockets.
2-Callaway-5-2-15-jm.jpg (209021 bytes)
Outbound onto the lake
3-Jackson-5-2-15-jm.jpg (125311 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson downbound for the Rouge.
4-Jackson-5-2-15-jm.jpg (231800 bytes)
Blowing a lot of white exhaust
5-Oberstar-5-2-15-jm.jpg (99573 bytes)
Oberstar up at the Black River.
6-Oberstar-5-2-15-jm.jpg (176875 bytes)
With the new scrubber she, like the Jackson, blows a white exhaust.
7-Cuyahoga-5-3-15-jm.jpg (82994 bytes)
Cuyahoga downbound
8=Barkers-5-3-15-jm.jpg (92666 bytes)
The Barkers, Kaye E. and James R.
9-Three-Interlakers-5-3-15-jm.jpg (526311 bytes)
An Interlake day with the Kaye E Barker passing the Paul R. Tregurtha while the Jackson approaches upbound.
10-Barker-Jackson-5-3-15-jm.jpg (179660 bytes)
Jackson meeting the Kaye E. Barker just below Recors.
11-Jackson-5-3-15-jm.jpg (138617 bytes)
Jackson passing Recor.
12-JamesBarker-5-3-15-jm.jpg (180570 bytes)
Jackson passes the downbound Barker which will unload at the power plant.
13-Barker-Recors-5-3-15-jm.jpg (149530 bytes)
The Barker begins the turn at Recor Point for the coal dock.
14-Barker-Recors-5-3-15-jm.jpg (115444 bytes)
The loaded vessel slides around in a relatively narrow part of the river.
15-Barker-Recors-5-3-15-jm.jpg (131463 bytes)
The vessel completes the turn upstream of the Paul R.

Alpena on the St. Marys River -  Ed Shepherd
DSCN0246.jpg (108350 bytes)        

Detroit traffic - Capt. Mike Nicholls
GREATREPUBLICWHOEYs09050715mn.jpg (116879 bytes)
Great Republic with William Hoey ahead in the Wyandotte Channel.
HOEYWILLIAMb19050715mn.jpg (145747 bytes)
Tug William Hoey.
WHEELERRVb22050715mn.jpg (199478 bytes)
Army Corps of Engineers survey boat Wheeler in the Trenton Channel.
TRANSHAWKb29050715mn.jpg (135196 bytes)
TransHawk in Ojibway Anchorage.

Sarnia/Point Edward Friday - Monty Young
Flevoborg-5MK20113.jpg (195781 bytes)
Flevoborg-401.jpg (153521 bytes) Federal-Asahi-085.jpg (296228 bytes)
Federal Asahi Downbound
Resko379.jpg (200694 bytes)
Algomarine-100.jpg (194831 bytes)
Algomarine--101.jpg (297483 bytes) Norman-McLeod--Everlast---Algorail--408.jpg (191619 bytes)
Norman McLeod/Everlast

Saturday at Port Colborne - Bill Bird
1-AlgomaProgress-05-08-15-a-bb.jpg (110134 bytes)
Entire superstructure of Algoma Progress is now gone
2-SharonM1-05-09-15-bb.jpg (132389 bytes)
McKeil tug Sharon M 1 is immediately north of the Progress likely awaiting next job
3-Algosteel-05-09-15-a-bb.jpg (151021 bytes)
Algosteel easing into Lock 8
4-Algosteel-05-09-15-b-bb.jpg (541073 bytes)
clear of the lock headed to Hamilton
5-Algosteel-05-09-15-c-bb.jpg (158379 bytes)
6-Resko-05-09-15-a-bb.jpg (105847 bytes)
 Bahamas flagged Resko approaching Clarence Street Bridge
7-Reskomate-05-09-15-bb.jpg (56496 bytes)
mate on bow spotting ship
8-Resko-05-08-15-b-bb.jpg (844278 bytes)
headed to the lock
9-PeterRCresswell.05-09-15-bb.jpg (126925 bytes)
Immediately behind is Peter R Cresswell stopping at wharf 16 for stores
10-Houston-05-09-15-a-bb.jpg (153424 bytes)
Heavy lift ship Houston approaching Lock 8
11-Houston-05-09-15-b-bb.jpg (149972 bytes)        


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