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May 12, 2015

5 /13 -  The new passenger vessel Saint Laurent arrived in Montréal Tuesday on its first trip - Rene´ Beauchamp
Saint-Laurent-(Mtl-2015-05-12)-R1.jpg (225462 bytes)
She was expected to leave for Clayton, N.Y., Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. 
Saint-Laurent-(Mtl-2015-05-12)-René-B-(7).jpg (197755 bytes) Saint-Laurent-(Mtl-2015-05-12)-R2.jpg (188448 bytes) Saint-Laurent-(Mtl-2015-05-12)-R5.jpg (187912 bytes) Saint-Laurent-(Mtl-2015-05-12)-R7.jpg (177291 bytes)

Detroit Traffic Tuesday - Capt. Mike Nicholls
THOMPSONJOSEPHHb02051215mn.jpg (149862 bytes)
Joseph H Thompson upbound off Detroit.
THOMPSONJOSEPHHs03051215mn.jpg (138412 bytes) FANTONIJULIANRCMPb04051215mn.jpg (181012 bytes)
RCMP Julian Fantino upbound.
CSLWELLANDb08051215mn.jpg (161822 bytes)
CSL Welland upbound passing Detroit.
CSLWELLANDs12051215mn.jpg (154562 bytes)
FRASERBORGb14051215mn.jpg (167258 bytes)
Fraserborg upbound.
ALGOWOODb15051215mn.jpg (117541 bytes)
Algowood upbound.
JACKMANHENRYCAPTb02051115mn.jpg (147775 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman upbound at Detroit.
JACKMANHENRYCAPTs03051115mn.jpg (148919 bytes) ALGOSTEELb04051115mn.jpg (134993 bytes)
Algosteel upbound at Detroit

Oakglen downbound at Sainte-Catherine, Québec - Roland Van Bulck
IMG_0117.jpg (217286 bytes)
Sliding the wall
IMG_0119.jpg (187464 bytes)
Lining up for the lock
IMG_0122.jpg (205182 bytes)
Entering the lock

5 /12 - American Fortitude towed from Oswego Monday - L. Fuller
fortitude5-11-15-jarrettm.jpg (176181 bytes) fortitude5-11-15.jpg (208176 bytes) fortitude5-11-15-mollym1.jpg (141968 bytes) fortitude5-11-15s.jpg (127459 bytes) fortitude5-11-15c.jpg (164115 bytes)

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-hlwhite-5-15-15-ts.jpg (89408 bytes)
Inbound on a foggy Saginaw River
2-hlwhite-5-11-15-ts.jpg (110803 bytes)
Stern view
3-hlwhite-5-11-15-ts.jpg (122122 bytes)
Making the Burroughs North dock in Essexville

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Umgeni-(Sgp)-upbnd-in-ballast-clear-of-L1.jpg (112477 bytes)
Umgeni headed for Lock 2 in ballast
stack-on-Umgeni-(Sgp).jpg (267329 bytes)
 stack on Umgeni - her first trip into the Seaway
Umgeni-(Sgp)-upbnd-nearing-wall-below-L2.jpg (102180 bytes) Cuyahoga-dbnd-just-coming-clear-of-L2.jpg (115308 bytes)
Federal-Saguenay-(Bds)-dbnd-clear-of-L4-(3).jpg (191349 bytes)
Federal Saguenay
tug-Seahound-with-barges-Kokosing-IV-and-III.jpg (233455 bytes)
Tug Seahound with new barges Kokosing IV and III
tug-Champion-dbnd-clear-of-L7-with-barges-Kokosing-IV-and-III.jpg (183492 bytes)
Tug Champion with new barges Kokosing IV and III
tug-Sharon-M-I-dbnd-clear-of-L7-reflection.jpg (156547 bytes)
Light tug Sharon M I downbound
Johanna-C-(GBR)-dbnd-cear-of-L2.jpg (106701 bytes)
Johanna C.

Sunrose E entering the Seaway on Saturday morning and heading for Thorold -  Rene Beauchamp
Sunrose-E-(St-Lambert-2015-05-09)-René-B-(2).jpg (165160 bytes) Sunrose-E-(Longueuil-2015-05-09)-René-B..jpg (171145 bytes) Sunrose-E-(St-Lambert-2015-05-09)-René-B-(1).jpg (141416 bytes)    

Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City conducts training with Great Lakes Maritime Academy - USCG
1926827.jpg (107871 bytes) 150511-G-ZZ999-001.jpg (100247 bytes)
A crew from Air Station Traverse City conducts hoist training with Academy cadets aboard the State of Michigan in Grand Traverse Bay Monday. The training allows the helicopter crew to simulate hoisting from larger commercial vessels while preparing the cadets for real-life scenarios. (U.S Coast Guard photo courtesy of Air Station Traverse City)


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