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May 14, 2015

American Fortitude tow through Welland Canal Wednesday - Bill Bird
1-AmericanFortitudetow-05-13-15-a-bb.jpg (118929 bytes)
American Fortitude tow clear of Lock One
2-MollyM1-05-13-15-a-bb.jpg (118185 bytes) 3-AmericanFortitude-05-13-15-a-bb.jpg (102058 bytes) 4-JarrettM-5-13-15-a-bb.jpg (149669 bytes) 5-AmericanFortitude-05-13-15-b-bb.jpg (166466 bytes)
6-AmericanFortitudetow-05-15-13-b-bb.jpg (140594 bytes) 7-AmericanFortitudetow-05-13-15-c-bb.jpg (101981 bytes)
Tow headed to Lock Three
8-AmericanFortitudebow-05-13-15-a-bb.jpg (85095 bytes) 9-AmericanFortitudestern-05-13-15-a-bb.jpg (103515 bytes) 10-AmericanFortitudetow-05-13-15-d-bb.jpg (118409 bytes)

St. Catherines Wednesday evening - J Bowser
IMG_6000.jpg (128980 bytes) IMG_5970.jpg (112016 bytes) IMG_5944.jpg (121846 bytes) IMG_5972.jpg (144569 bytes) IMG_6045.jpg (316847 bytes)
IMG_6099.jpg (83373 bytes)        

Montreal - Rene Beauchamp
Saint-Laurent-(Longueuil-2015-05-13)-René-B-(3).jpg (174695 bytes)
Saint Laurent entering the Seaway on Wednesday morning off Longueuil near Montreal, destination Clayton, N.Y.
Saint-Laurent-(Longueuil-2015-05-13)-René-B-(2).jpg (201512 bytes) Mont-ex-Algoma-Montrealais-(Mtl-201505-13)-René-Bé.jpg (174147 bytes)
Mont, ex Algoma Montrealais in Montreal and awaiting tow to a shipbreaking yard for scrapping.
Desgagnés-tankers-laid-up-(Mtl-2015-05-13)-René-B.jpg (138529 bytes)
Laid up in Montreal, Vega Desgagnes and Thalassa Desgagnes.

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-algorail-5-13-15-ts.jpg (157922 bytes) 2-algorail-5-13-15-ts.jpg (169936 bytes) 3-algorail-5-13-15-ts.jpg (169875 bytes)    

The Hero-class CCGS Private Robertson VC arrives in Windsor Wednesday - Adrian Platts
DSC00186.jpg (313784 bytes)
This may be related to the visit by Canadian Prime-minister Stephen Harper to Windsor and the rumored joint naming of the new bridge with Rick Snyder

Recent Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-flevoborg-5-9-15-dk.jpg (182062 bytes)
Flevoborg upbound approaching the Locks.
2-algoway-5-9-15-dk.jpg (184307 bytes)
Algoway at the International Bridge.
3-transhawk-5-10-15-dk.jpg (143420 bytes)
TransHawk leaving the MacArthur Lock.
4-andesborg-5-10-15-dk.jpg (186143 bytes)
Andesborg downbound at the International Bridge.
5-joberstar-5-10-15-dk.jpg (213109 bytes)
Hon. James L Oberstar downbound out of the Locks.
6-jblock-5-13-15-dk.jpg (211927 bytes)
Joseph L. Block entering Poe Lock and Ojibway leaving MacArthur Lock.
7-leonardm-5-13-15-dk.jpg (166107 bytes)
Tug Leonard M headed for the Steel Plant.
8-frontenac-5-13-15-dk.jpg (199914 bytes)
Frontenac unloading at the Steel Plant.
9-cslwelland-5-13-15-dk.jpg (225670 bytes)
CSL Welland passing Burns Harbor at the West Pier.
10-edwingott-5-13-15-dk.jpg (154436 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott downbound out of the Locks.


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