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May 15 - 16, 2015

5/16 - American Fortitude scrap tow in the Welland Canal - Marc Dease
1-fort-5-13-15-a-md.jpg (147917 bytes)
Arriving below Lock 1 for inspection.
2-fort-5-13-15-b-md.jpg (110743 bytes)
This once proud queen of the lakes reduced to a blackened out name and blistering paint.
3-fort-5-13-15-c-md.jpg (133244 bytes)
Weathered stack.

4-fort-5-13-15-d-md1.jpg (172541 bytes)
Almost secured in Lock 1.
5-fort-5-13-15-e-md.jpg (168511 bytes)
Raising in the lock.
6-fort-5-13-15-f-md.jpg (123320 bytes)
Tug Molly M1 leading.
7-fort-5-13-15-g-md.jpg (102553 bytes) 8-fort-5-13-15-h-md.jpg (108312 bytes) 9-fort-5-13-15-i-md.jpg (152602 bytes)  

Port Colborne Thursday - Skip Gillham
American-Fortitude---Pt.-Col.-May-14-15-SG.jpg (129499 bytes)
American Fortitude tied on the east side of the outer harbor.
Molly-M.-I---Seahound---Pt.-Col.-May-14-15-(SG).jpg (145435 bytes)
Tugs Molly M. I and Seahound on the west side
Jarrett-M.---Pt.Col.-May-14-15.jpg (224388 bytes)
Jarrett M. tied up astern of American Fortitude
Charlie-E.---May-14-15---Pt.-Col.-SG.jpg (151898 bytes)
Tug Charlie E. alongside

5/15 - Cap de la Madeleine Qc (Trois Rivieres) - Michel St-Denis
01-AlgomaMariner20150512msd.jpg (56246 bytes)
Algoma Mariner
04-OOCL-Montreal20150512msd.jpg (56355 bytes)
OOCL Montreal
03-MSC-Diego20150512msd.jpg (47481 bytes)
MSC Diego
02-AlgomaDiscovery20150512msd.jpg (37189 bytes)
Algoma Discovery
05-Iryda20150513msd.jpg (73013 bytes)
06-Baie-St-Paul20150514msd.jpg (73753 bytes)
Baie St.Paul
07-Baie-St-Paul20150514msd.jpg (71705 bytes) 08-Maersk-Pembroke20150514msd.jpg (63117 bytes)
Maersk Pembroke
09-Maersk-Pembroke20150514msd.jpg (60237 bytes)  

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Harbour-Clear-(Bhs)-upbnd-headed-for-L2.jpg (103946 bytes)
Harbour Clear
Harbour-Clear-(Bhs)-upbnd-for-L2.jpg (112585 bytes) Lugano-(Che-upbnd-head-for-L3.jpg (109127 bytes)
Lugano-(Che)-with-its-uncommon-low-profile-superstructure.jpg (116260 bytes) Lugano-(Che)-upbnd-headed-for-L3.jpg (128749 bytes)
American-Fortitude-tow-headed-for-L3.jpg (111584 bytes)
American Fortitude tow
American-Fortitude-tow-headed-for-L2-upbnd-(2).jpg (98942 bytes) American-Fortitude-tow-headed-upbound-to-L3.jpg (110300 bytes)
approaching the skyway
 American-Fortitude-tow-upbnd-passes-under-skyway.jpg (100056 bytes)
American Fortitude close-up as vessel passes beneath the skyway
American-Fortitude-forward-cabins-(2).jpg (128543 bytes)
forward cabins
American-Fortitude-rudder.jpg (149639 bytes)
rudder has not turned for a number of years
tug-Jarrett-M-with-American-Fortitude-tow.jpg (223884 bytes)
tug Jarrett M on stern of American Fortitude tow
tug-Molly-MI-with-American-Fortitude-tow.jpg (208512 bytes)
 tug Molly M I is lead tug on American Fortitude tow
Algomarine-upbnd-headed-for-L2-at-dusk.jpg (99175 bytes)


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