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May 19, 2015

Sunday at the Welland Canal - Bill Bird
1-ThreeRivers-05-17-15-a-bb.jpg (137434 bytes)
  After departing Hamilton, Three Rivers enters Port Weller harbor and proceeds directly into Lock 1.
2-ThreeRivers-05-17-15-b-bb.jpg (186759 bytes) 3-St.Laurent-05-17-15-a-bb.jpg (182666 bytes)
Bahamas-registered passenger ship Saint Laurent tied at the north end of the sand dock at Port Weller.
4-CaptainHenryJackman-05-17-15-a-bb.jpg (114916 bytes)
Captain Henry Jackman at the Glendale Bridge
5-CaptainHenryJackman-05-17-15-b-bb.jpg (157270 bytes)
6-AtlanticHuron-05-17-15-a-bb.jpg (158655 bytes)
Atlantic Huron at Port Robinson. Note weather balloon in foreground
7-AtlanticHuroncontrolroomforunloading---05-17-15-a-bb.jpg (105867 bytes)
Atlantic Huron's control room for unloading on top of the boom.
8-AtlanticHuron-05-17-15-b-bb.jpg (167912 bytes)
headed to Thorold
9-AmericanFortitude-05-17-15-a-bb.jpg (138029 bytes) 10-LadyDoris-05-17-15-a-bb.jpg (151889 bytes)
11-LadyDoris-05-17-15-b-bb.jpg (167194 bytes) 12-AlgomaNavigator-05-17-15-a-bb.jpg (181764 bytes) 13-AlgomaNavigator-05-17-15-b-bb.jpg (142060 bytes)    

Montreal - Rene Beauchamp
Vega-Desgagnés-and-Mont-(Mtl-2015-05-18)-René-B-.jpg (218861 bytes)
In the distance are the bulkers Szczecin at the sugar dock in Montreal and Federal Seto upbound for Hamilton.
Vega-Desgagnés-and-Mont-(Mtl-2015-05-18)-René-B-1.jpg (275334 bytes)
 Vega Desgagnes laid up in Montreal and Mont, the former Algoma Montrealais.
Vega-Desgagnés-laid-up-(Mtl-2015-05-18)-René-B..jpg (258345 bytes) Mont-ex-Algoma-Montrealais-(Mtl-2015-05-18)-René-B..jpg (250668 bytes)
Algoma-Integrity-(Contrecoeur-2015-05-18)-René-B-(2.jpg (163931 bytes)
Algoma Integrity on her first trip on the St. Lawrence River. Previously named Gypsum Integrity and purchased by Algoma last month.
Algoma-Integrity-(Contrecoeur-2015-05-18)-René-B-(3.jpg (167025 bytes) Algoma-Integrity-(Contrecoeur-2015-05-18)-René-B-(.jpg (138718 bytes) Algoma-Integrity-(Contrecoeur-2015-05-18)-René-B-(1.jpg (151924 bytes)    

Algoma Spirit ran aground Saturday on Cornwall Island - Michael Gibbons
IMG_1461.jpg (37915 bytes)        

Welland Canal at Port Robinson and Port Colborne - J. Bowser
IMG_6317.jpg (146081 bytes) IMG_6344.jpg (127371 bytes) IMG_6360.jpg (118382 bytes) Lady-Doris.jpg (149715 bytes) Sea-Eagle-II.jpg (191402 bytes)
Petite-Forte.jpg (187729 bytes) Port-Colborne-Sat-may-16.jpg (119979 bytes) Seahound.jpg (304832 bytes) IMG_6298.jpg (256553 bytes)  

Detroit - Capt. Mike Nicholls
ALGORAILCRESSWELLb02051615mn.jpg (130774 bytes)
Algorail and Peter R Cresswell in the Rouge River.
ALGORAILb04051615mn.jpg (126659 bytes) GREATREPUBLICs0105.jpg (157153 bytes)
Great Republic with William Hoey ahead in the Wyandotte Channel.
Detroit-PoliceDiveBoatb01051415mn.jpg (240268 bytes)
Detroit Police Dive Boat #1.
CSLWELLANDs04051715mn.jpg (137799 bytes)
CSL Welland downbound off Sterling Fuel.
LEONARDMHURONSPIRITs05051715mn.jpg (153627 bytes)
Sharon M and Huron Spirit unloading at Nicholson's Detroit.
FRONTENACb02051715mn.jpg (146066 bytes)
Frontenac unloading at the Lafarge Dock in Windsor.

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-fountain-5-17-15-ts.jpg (110991 bytes)
Harbour Fountain at Port Fisher Fertilizer dock
2-fountian-5-17-15-ts.jpg (120730 bytes)
Stern view
3-lynn-5-17-15-ts.jpg (153793 bytes)
Kathy Lynn at Lafarge Cement in Essexville
4-lynn-5-17-15-ts.jpg (161560 bytes)
Another view

Seaway - Murray Blancher
1-Federal-Welland-17-05-15-mb.jpg (111169 bytes)
Federal Welland & Algoma Equinox on the hook in Wilson Hill Anchorage
2-Algoma-Equinox-17-05-15-mb.jpg (108885 bytes) 3-Federal-Maas-17-05-15-mb.jpg (80017 bytes)
Federal Maas & Barnacle on the hook in Prescott Anchorage
4-Barnacle-17-050150mb.jpg (102583 bytes)  

Cleveland - Rich Nicholls
4-Rainbow-5-17-15-rn.jpg (81163 bytes) 5-ISA-Illinois-5-17-15-rn.jpg (90830 bytes)      

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-steel-17may-djd.jpg (143296 bytes)
2-steel-17may15.jpg (118999 bytes) 3-herbert-17may15.jpg (99209 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson
4-herbert-17may15-djd.jpg (87975 bytes) 1-state-16may15-djd.jpg (118988 bytes)
State of Michigan at Algonac State Park
2-state-16may15-djd.jpg (113936 bytes)
State of Michigan passing
3-boothe-16may15-djd.jpg (62954 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr. and Lakes Contender at Algonac State Park

Recent Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-cuyahoga-5-16-15-dk.jpg (231736 bytes)
Cuyahoga upbound at the international Bridge.
2-uscg-5-18-15-dk.jpg (236552 bytes)
Coast Guard boats in the MacArthur Lock
3-aintegrity-5-18-15-dk.jpg (133470 bytes)
American Integrity waiting at the West Pier.
4-hcjackson-5-18-15-dk.jpg (153071 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson upbound at Mission Point.
5-wjmccarthy-5-18-15-dk.jpg (120331 bytes)
Walter J McCarthy upbound at Mission Point.
6-fweser-5-18-15-dk.jpg (254763 bytes)
Federal Weser upbound near Mission Point.
7-saginaw-5-18-15-dk.jpg (202927 bytes)
Saginaw downbound at Mission Point.
9-buffalo-5-18-15-dk.jpg (240702 bytes)
Buffalo upbound at the International Bridge.
8-adiscovery-5-18-15-dk.jpg (225262 bytes)
Algoma Discovery upbound at Mission Point.

CSL Welland upbound at the Soo - Brian Wagoner
IMGP6836.jpg (182337 bytes)        

Buffalo - Brian W.
Rebecca-Lynn-5-17-15-BRW-1.jpg (132368 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn - A-397 headed downbound on the Black Rock Canal in Buffalo with the intake crib in the hazy distance.
Rebecca-Lynn-5-17-15-BRW-5.jpg (216082 bytes)
The tug-barge combo are approaching the Peace Bridge with Canada in the distance across the Niagara River.
Rebecca-Lynn-5-17-15-BRW-9.jpg (195036 bytes)
Passing under the truss span of the Peace Bridge to the Noco Product Terminal in Tonawanda.
Rebecca-Lynn-5-17-15-BRW-10.jpg (171648 bytes)
They are clear of the bridge and in the reach headed for Ferry St. The International Rail Road bridge can be seen spanning the river in the distance.
Rebecca-Lynn-5-17-15-BRW-15.jpg (98104 bytes)
Plaque marking the builders of the 90-year old Peace Bridge. Bethlehem may have passed out of existence, but their work still stands strong over the mighty Niagara.
Rebecca-Lynn-5-17-15-BRW-17.jpg (288934 bytes)
 Lining up to pass through the open draw of the Ferry St. bridge. Next will be the CN RR Harbor Draw bridge & then the Black Rock US Lock.
image3.jpg (194564 bytes)
Rebuilt confluence of the Erie Canal, Main-Hamburg Canal, & Commercial Slip downtown.
image4.jpg (185711 bytes)
The waterways are complete, right down to the old tow path for the mules, but the build out of the adjacent property is still under development.
image11.jpg (143366 bytes)
This is the very spot that sparked our economic rise to prominence & caused Buffalo to grow up around it, becoming a city from what was once a wilderness outpost.
image12.jpg (13951 bytes)
The Spirit of Buffalo departed for an evening cruise & disappeared into the fog like a ghost ship.
image21.jpg (55676 bytes) image32.jpg (22364 bytes)      


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