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June 1, 2015

Mackinaw City to Whitefish Point - M. Young
DSC_4967.jpg (178611 bytes)
Mackinaw City.
DSC_4969.jpg (115341 bytes)
Former USCG Mackinaw.
DSC_4845.jpg (258414 bytes)
Old Mackinac Point Light.
DSC_4922.jpg (175724 bytes)
Algolake down at Mission Point in the Soo.
DSC_4927.jpg (120052 bytes)
DSC_4931.jpg (161925 bytes) DSC_4940.jpg (180418 bytes) DSC_4947.jpg (360096 bytes)
Tug Frederick upbound.
DSC_4965.jpg (452060 bytes)
Shot gun toting security at the locks.
White-Fish.jpg (147917 bytes)
Whitefish Point.
DSC_4908.jpg (239323 bytes) DSC_4903.jpg (57783 bytes) DSC_4910.jpg (231812 bytes)    

Badger departs Ludington, Michigan Saturday morning with BoatNerds aboard
- Marc Vander Meulen
Badger_Boatnerd_05302015a_mvm.jpg (127823 bytes) Badger_Boatnerd_05302015b_mvm.jpg (64562 bytes) Badger_Boatnerd_05302015d_mvm.jpg (128117 bytes) Badger_Boatnerd_05302015c_mvm.jpg (63466 bytes) Badger_Boatnerd_05302015e_mvm.jpg (88375 bytes)

Burns Harbor upbound near Drummond Island -
Logan Vasicek
DSCN0027.jpg (74401 bytes) DSCN0043.jpg (101347 bytes) DSCN0045.jpg (122996 bytes) DSCN0051.jpg (86392 bytes)
 Polsteam's Isa in the anchorage.

Seaway Mariatown
- Murray Blancher
1-Three-Rivers-31-05-15-mb.jpg (92840 bytes)
Three Rivers down
2-Three-Rivers-31-05-15-mb.jpg (85212 bytes) 4-Flevagracht-31-05-31-mb.jpg (115305 bytes)
Flevagracht down
3-Flevagracht-31-05-15-mb.jpg (109420 bytes) 5-Victorious&Norman-Mcloud-31-05-15-mb.jpg (150103 bytes)
Victorious & Norman Macleod down
7-Tecumseh-31-05-15-mb.jpg (124454 bytes)
Tecumseh down
6-Tecumseh-31-05-15-mb.jpg (152065 bytes) 9-Algoma-Guardian-31-05-15-mb.jpg (183820 bytes)
Algoma Guardian down
8-Algoma-Gauardian-31-05-15-mb.jpg (148814 bytes) 10-Algma-Mariner-31-05-15-mb.jpg (131211 bytes)
Algoma Mariner down

Port Colborne Saturday -
Jim Bowser 
IMG_7336.jpg (146050 bytes) IMG_7359.jpg (187953 bytes) IMG_7391.jpg (106844 bytes) IMG_7408.jpg (188184 bytes) IMG_7420.jpg (238133 bytes)

Buffalo - Brian W.
saginaw-buffalo5-30-15image21-(1).jpg (155736 bytes)
Heading up the Buffalo River, as you make the turn under Ohio St, the Saginaw commands your attention as she seems to fill up the entire channel off the ADM pier.
saginaw-buffalo5-30-15image21-(2).jpg (171482 bytes) saginaw-buffalo5-30-15image21-(3).jpg (187074 bytes) saginaw-buffalo5-30-15image21-(4).jpg (84362 bytes)
A whisp of steam betrays the ship's origin as a steam powered vessel, probably from the boiler system to run her deck winches or other machinery after her conversion to diesel.
saginaw-buffalo5-30-15image21-(5).jpg (157406 bytes)
Further upriver, at the old Union Furnace dock, the New York State Power Authority tugs are moored.
saginaw-buffalo5-30-15image21-(6).jpg (156533 bytes)
Inside the Union Furnace slip, Bidco's work boats & flexi-float barges take up space where ships once unloaded ore by traveling bridge crane on this same dock.
saginaw-buffalo5-30-15image21-(7).jpg (126690 bytes) image6-som5-15 (2).jpg (185335 bytes)
Recent State of Michigan visit
image6-som5-15 (1).jpg (159650 bytes) image6-som5-15 (3).jpg (231547 bytes)
image6-som5-15 (4).jpg (214596 bytes) image6-som5-15 (5).jpg (221831 bytes) image6-som5-15 (6).jpg (239522 bytes)
Former Buffalo Dry Dock property with the tugs Jacklyn & Westwind hauled out & up on the dock.

Saginaw in Buffalo
20150529_161323.jpg (221384 bytes)
Crews clearing the Receiver bin at elevator
20150529_161057.jpg (132869 bytes) 20150529_161333.jpg (141153 bytes) 20150529_161108.jpg (184643 bytes)  

Montreal Port Friday - Adrian Platts
Kdoorman.jpg (111169 bytes)
Dutch Naval support vessel HNLMS Karel Doorman on her first visit to Montreal - she was only commissioned in late April. At 600ft in length with amphibious capabilities and helicopter launch, she's a rather impressive vessel.
DoormanPort.jpg (221971 bytes)
HNLMS Karel Doorman with Montreal in the background
Maasdam.jpg (195143 bytes)
Coincidentally the Holland America line cruise ship Maasdam was also in port for her second visit of the season on her regular Montreal/Quebec-Boston run

Rochelle Kaye and barge tied up at the Star dock on Mackinac Island on May 14 - Scott Ritsema
1-RochKay-5-14-15-sr.jpg (214614 bytes)        

Herbert C. Jackson Mirage on Lake Superior off Marquette - Shawn Malone
_N1A9947b.jpg (195021 bytes)
A layer of significantly warmer air can rest over colder dense air, forming an atmospheric duct which acts like a refracting lens, producing a series of both inverted and erect images.
GraniteIsland.jpg (135093 bytes) Click here to view video of the event    

Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen
Algolake-upbnd-for-L2-in-ballast-after-re-paint.jpg (112376 bytes)
Algolake upbnd in ballast headed for L2 showing off her recent painting
BBC-Thames-(Lbr)-dbnd-at-old-bridge-9-guard-gate-(2).jpg (108274 bytes)
BBC Thames (Lbr) - dnbnd at old guard gate in Thorold
BBC-Thames-(Lbr)-downbnd-entering-pond-above-L7.jpg (91884 bytes) Sunrose-E-(Ita)-dbnd-clear-of-L2-(2).jpg (112554 bytes)
Sunrose E  (Ita) dnbnd clear of L2
Sunrose-E-(Ita)-dbnd-clear-of-L2.jpg (112251 bytes)
USCG-Hollyhock-dbnd-below-L2.jpg (116151 bytes)
USCG Hollyhock dbnd blw L2 headed for buoy work in Lake Ontario
tug-Salvor-and-barge-Lambert.jpg (120279 bytes)
tug Salvor with barge Lambert Spirit meeting Federal Weser (Mhl) below L3
Federal-Weser-(Mhl)-dbnd-clear-of-L3-(3).jpg (122480 bytes)
Federal Weser (Mhl) dbnd clear of L3
Houston-(Ame)-outbnd-Port-Weller-harbour.jpg (101719 bytes)
Houston (Ame) outbound Port Weller harbour
Houston-(Ame)-outbnd-Port-Weller-harbour-(2).jpg (142542 bytes)
St.-Laurent-(Bhs)-moored-at-wharf2-(4).jpg (118713 bytes)
St. Laurent (Bhs) moored at wharf 2 while passengers sightsee around Niagara
St.-Laurent-(Bhs)-moored-at-wharf2.jpg (153745 bytes)
St. Laurent (Bhs) moored at wharf 2 waiting for passengers to return from tour
Onego-Rotterdam--(Atg)backing-into-dock.jpg (101608 bytes)
Onego Rotterdam (Atg) inbnd Port Weller below L1 - headed to former PWDD to unload windmill parts
Onego-Rotterdam--(Atg)-about-to-enter-L1-upbnd.jpg (151017 bytes) tug-Laprairie-pushes-on-stern-of-Onego-Rotterdam-(Atg).jpg (120652 bytes)
tug Laprairie pushes on stbrd quarter to line vessel up for dock
tug-Ocean-Golf-works-at-port.jpg (101997 bytes)
tug Ocean Golf stands by at port quarter if needed to line up vessel for dock entry
tug-Laprairie-standing-by-at-PWDD.jpg (131482 bytes)
tug Laprairie standing by to assist Onego Rotterdam (Atg) into former PWDD yard
Onego-Rotterdam-(Atg)-moors-in-dock-as-tugs-prepare-to-depart.jpg (119064 bytes)
tugs prepare to depart PWDD - their docking job completed successfully
Amelia-Desgagnes-clear-of-L2-dbnd-in-gusty-winds-(2).jpg (128417 bytes)
Amelia Desgagnes dbnd clear of L2
Cinnamon-(Cyp)-upbnd-headed-for-L4.jpg (119712 bytes)
Cinnamon (Cyp)( upbnd headed for L4
 CSL-St.-Laurent-enters-L3-as.jpg (134696 bytes)
CSL St. Laurent enters L3 dbnd as Cinnamon (Cyp) clears bridge 5 upbound

Algoway unloading at the Sargent dock in Zilwaukee, Mich. - Gordy Garris
035.jpg (78849 bytes)
Algoway unloading salt at the Sargent dock in Zilwaukee.
321.jpg (90718 bytes) 038.jpg (90086 bytes)
052.jpg (72313 bytes) 087.jpg (66294 bytes)
094.jpg (87425 bytes) 113.jpg (70651 bytes) 258.jpg (89942 bytes) 292.jpg (74944 bytes) 304.jpg (154609 bytes)

Phoenix leaving Sorel-Tracy for Dubai on May 23 - Rene Beauchamp
Phoenix-(Sorel-Tracy-2015-05-23)-René-B-(1).jpg (138358 bytes)
Because of mechanical problems, she went only as far as Quebec City
Phoenix-(Sorel-Tracy-2015-05-23)-René-B-(2).jpg (162365 bytes)
As Phoenix Sun, she had been laid up at Sorel-Tracy since December 6, 2012.
Phoenix-(Sorel-Tracy-2015-05-23)-René-B-(3).jpg (197729 bytes) Phoenix-(Sorel-Tracy-2015-05-23)-René-B-(4).jpg (260846 bytes)
Renamed Phoenix on  Dec. 20, 2014 by new owners and reflagged to St. Kitts & Nevis, port of registry, Basseterre.
Phoenix-(Sorel-Tracy-2015-05-23)-René-B-(5).jpg (152731 bytes)
Phoenix-(Sorel-Tracy-2015-05-23)-René-B-(6).jpg (153188 bytes) Phoenix-(Sorel-Tracy-2015-05-23)-René-B-(7).jpg (147393 bytes) Phoenix-(Sorel-Tracy-2015-05-23)-René-B-(9).jpg (143030 bytes)    

New Mackinac Island Ferry Miss Margy on her way to Port Calcite on Wednesday - Jerry Heinzel
missmarg5-15.jpg (135095 bytes)
Shepler’s new $3.8 million, 85-foot “Miss Margy,” aboard a semi-trailer moving between Moran Iron Works in Onaway to Rogers City. The all-aluminum ferry was transported across 21 miles of backroads where utility wires were moved high enough to allow passage to Moran’s deep-water Port Calcite Collaborative.

Welland Canal - Ian Baker
img_3264.jpg (86391 bytes) img_3267.jpg (88358 bytes) img_3278.jpg (111245 bytes) img_3281.jpg (107822 bytes) img_3284.jpg (141814 bytes)
img_3291.jpg (135835 bytes) img_3299.jpg (122173 bytes) img_3304.jpg (154597 bytes)    

Port Huron - Jeff Thomas
1-Buffalo-5-25-15-jt.jpg (77964 bytes)
Buffalo passing Lighthouse Park at Port Huron
2-Frontenac-5-25-15-jt.jpg (96004 bytes) Frontenac approaching the Blue Water Bridge 3-Frontenac-5-25-15-jt.jpg (209375 bytes)
Frontenac passing upbound under the Blue Water Bridge
Ojibway loading in Sarnia  

Sydney, Cape Breton - Jason Day
IMG_0809.jpg (233893 bytes) IMG_0817.jpg (72556 bytes) IMG_0820.jpg (125065 bytes) IMG_0821.jpg (157026 bytes)  

Algorail loading coke at Zug Island in River Rouge May 23 - Ken Borg
IMG_1418.jpg (187894 bytes)        

- Murray Blancher
1-Salvor-&-Lambert-Spirit-23-05-15-mb.jpg (144996 bytes)
Salvor & Lambert Spirit up at Loyalist park
2-Salvor-23-05-15-mb.jpg (159764 bytes) 3-Salvor-&-Lambert-Spirit-23-05-15-mb.jpg (143079 bytes) 4-Manitoba-23-05-15-mb.jpg (165321 bytes)
Manitoba down at Iroquois
5-Manitoba-23-05-15-mb.jpg (141568 bytes)
Manitoba down at Mariatown

Detroit - Captain Mike Nicholls
PATHFINDERb05052915mn.jpg (118154 bytes)
Pathfinder, Dorothy Ann upbound off Windsor.
CLINTONFRIENDSHIPb21052915mn.jpg (223424 bytes)
Clinton Friendship (ex. Gibralter), Belle Isle Ferry, at Port Detroit.
CLINTONFRIENDSHIPs17052915mn.jpg (234224 bytes) CAPTAINPAULIIb07052915mn.jpg (129071 bytes)
Captain Paul II
CAPTAINPAULIIs09052915mn.jpg (135907 bytes)
CAPTAINPAULIIb02052715mn.jpg (184401 bytes)
Captain Paul II off Chene Park.
CAPTAINPAULIIs04052715mn05.jpg (238245 bytes) SALARIUMs18052715mn.jpg (132142 bytes)
Salarium upbound above Ambassador Bridge.
EDENBORGb07052715mn.jpg (189909 bytes)
Edenborg upbound off Detroit.
EDENBORGs09052715mn.jpg (119722 bytes)
PUFFINb03052315mn.jpg (165273 bytes)
Puffin in the Belle Isle Anchorage.
PUFFINs05052315mn.jpg (142454 bytes) LighthouseWindmilPt07052315mn.jpg (127188 bytes)
Windmill Point lighthouse.
KIMBERLYANNEb10052315mn.jpg (173190 bytes)
Tug Kimberly Anne upbound at Belle Isle Coast Guard Station.
KIMBERLYANNEs11052315mn.jpg (148007 bytes)
INFINITYb14052315mn.jpg (135470 bytes)
Infinity upbound off Windsor.
INFINITYs15052315mn.jpg (186307 bytes) EVERLASTMCLEODs21052315mn.jpg (162913 bytes)
Tug Everlast and barge Norman Mc Leod unloading at Mistersky's.
DOROTHYANNPATHFINDERs23052315mn.jpg (145580 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder at Nicholson's Detroit.
LAKEWHITEFISHRVb02052215mn.jpg (157676 bytes)
R/V Lake Whitefish off the eastern end of Belle Isle.
CAPTDAVEb08052215mn.jpg (171894 bytes)
Tug Capt Dave downbound above the Ambassador Bridge.
ALGOMAHANSAb10052215mn.jpg (149233 bytes)
Algoma Hansa upbound off Windsor.
BARKERKAYESEb02052115mn.jpg (147859 bytes)
Kaye E Barker inbound the Rouge approaching Jefferson Ave.
HARBOURFOUNTAINb04052115mn.jpg (133373 bytes)
Harbour Fountain downbound off Zug Island.
HARBOURFOUNTAINs05052115mn.jpg (130771 bytes)
STORMONTb09052115mn.jpg (141769 bytes)
Tug Stormont off Zug Island.
DIAMONDJACKb12052115mn.jpg (148384 bytes)
Diamond Jack off Zug Island.
DIAMONDJACKs15052115mn.jpg (166273 bytes) CLARKEPHOEYs16052115mn.jpg (152358 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke and Patricia Hoey off the Rouge Short Cut.


Detroit River - Adrian Platts
DSC001901.jpg (140338 bytes) DSC001931.jpg (172020 bytes) DSC00205.jpg (69005 bytes) DSC00204.jpg (73057 bytes) DSC00208.jpg (57570 bytes)

Welland Canal
- Bill Bird
1-FederalMattawa-05-23-15-a-bb.jpg (153524 bytes)
Federal Mattawa clear of the flight locks
2-FederalMattawacrew05-23-15-a-bb.jpg (194781 bytes)
crew preparing for starboard side tie-up
3-FederalMattawa-05-23-15-b-bb.jpg (174705 bytes) 4-Olza-05-23-15-a-bb.jpg (152596 bytes)
Olza at Thorold
5-Olza-05-23-15-b-bb.jpg (177543 bytes)
6-OlzaLarsholmen-05-23-15-a-bb.jpg (102371 bytes)
meeting tanker Larsholmen above Lock 7-area know as "The Pond."
7-Larsholmen-05-23-15-a-bb.jpg (147938 bytes)
Larsholmen at old Bridge 10
8-Larsholmen-05-23-15-b-bb.jpg (149758 bytes) 9-FederalMattawaCSLWelland-05-23-15-a-bb.jpg (151463 bytes)
Federal Mattawa on the wall above Lock One with CSL Welland exiting.
10-CSLWelland05-23-15-a-bb.jpg (86894 bytes)
headed to Lock 2
11-CSLWelland-05-23-15-b-bb.jpg (135884 bytes) 12-ThalassaDesgagnes-05-23-15-a-bb.jpg (143376 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes on her way to Lock One
13-ThalassaDesgagnes-05-23-15-b-bb.jpg (122821 bytes)    

South Chicago/Calumet River - Christine Douglas
1-Massachusetts-5-14-15-cbd.jpg (217926 bytes)
Great Lakes Tug Massachusetts pulling Lady Doris through 92nd Street Bridge outbound to Lake Michigan May 14.
2-Colorado-ThunderBay-5-18-15-cbd.jpg (195540 bytes)
Great Lakes Tug Colorado pulling Thunder Bay stern-first through 92nd Street Bridge outbound to Lake Michigan on May 18.
3-Lady-Doris-Massachusetts-5-14-15-cbd.jpg (101868 bytes)
Lady Doris and Tug Massachusetts just passed through 95th Street Bridge and heading towards the 92nd Street Bridge outbound to the lake on May 14.
4-Alpena-5-17-15-cbd.jpg (266032 bytes)
Alpena passing through the NS5 (Norfolk-Southern RR Bridge) and approaching the 95th Street Bridge outbound to Saginaw Bay May 17.
5-Bluewing-5-7-15-cbd.jpg (178603 bytes)
Bluewing (saltie) passing through the NS5 railroad bridge approaching 95th Street Bridge 9:30 p.m. heading outbound to Montreal May 7.
6-Colorado-Fraserborg-5-15-15-cbd.jpg (120503 bytes)
Tug Colorado at Iroquois Landing near mouth of the Calumet River heading towards the Fraserborg (background) on May 15.

Welland Canal - Ian Baker
img_3218.jpg (126477 bytes) img_3223.jpg (117159 bytes) img_3226.jpg (95183 bytes) img_3232.jpg (188088 bytes) img_3235.jpg (159215 bytes)
img_3238.jpg (128911 bytes) img_3243.jpg (174124 bytes) img_3248.jpg (168117 bytes) img_3253.jpg (171401 bytes)  

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-leonard-5-25-15-ts.jpg (119967 bytes)
Leonard M. - Huron Spirit inbound nearing the Essexville Range Lights
2-leonard-5-25-15-ts.jpg (124907 bytes)
Another view
3-leonard-5-25-15-ts.jpg (123020 bytes)
Stern view
1-mississagi-5-24-15-ts.jpg (131858 bytes)
Mississagi outbound at Cass Avenue
2-mississagi-5-24-15-ts.jpg (134677 bytes)
Stern view

Soo - David Kaye
1-SJCort-5-22-15-dk.jpg (234439 bytes)
Stewart J Cort in the Poe Lock
2-HCJackson-5-22-15-dk.jpg (233535 bytes)
Hebert C Jackson in the MacArthur Lock.
3-HCJackson-5-22-15-dk.jpg (124694 bytes) 4-cwbmarquis-5-22-15-dk.jpg (516942 bytes)
CWB Marquis upbound at the West Pier.
5-BBCThames-5-22-15-dk.jpg (223386 bytes)
BBC Thames at the International Bridge.
6-CSLNiagara-5-23-15-dk.jpg (193783 bytes)
CSL Niagara passing the American Century in the Soo Lock Canal.

Historical Perspective A & J Mercury - Al Howard
A-J-Mercury-1963--ah-a.jpg (108563 bytes)
A & J Mercury in 1963 from the old Train trestle at Bridge 8, long since gone.
A-J-Mercury-1963--ah-b.jpg (142641 bytes)      


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