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Captain John's scrap tow
The Jadran's final voyage
May 28, 2015

Jadran's final voyage - Bill Bird
1-Jadran-05-28-15-a-bb.jpg (177257 bytes)
For 40 years Jadran, aka Captain John's has been sitting at the foot of Yonge Street in Toronto harbour. 
2-Jadrandraft-05-28-15-bb.jpg (123260 bytes)
draft mark
3-TugMollyM1-05-28-15-a-bb.jpg (155849 bytes)
Tug Molly M 1 will be lead tug on the tow
4-JohnLetnik&family-05-28-15-a-bb.jpg (210130 bytes)
John Letnik and family. Not a happy day for the former owner
5-Jadranpilot-05-28-15-a-bb.jpg (254476 bytes)
pilot boarding the ship  
6-Jadrantow-05-28-15-a-bb.jpg (225009 bytes)
Jadran being pulled from its berth as advertised about 10:30 a.m.
7-Jadrantow-05-28-15-b-bb.jpg (159041 bytes)
turning in the harbour.  That's Jarrett M on the stern.
8-Jadrawtow-05-28-15-c-bb.jpg (139454 bytes)
squared away Jadran heads towards the eastern gap
9-Jadrantow-5-28-15-d-bb.jpg (147116 bytes)
10-Jadran-05-28-15-b-bb.jpg (148829 bytes)
11Jadranbow-05-28-15-a-bb.jpg (109763 bytes)
bow shot
12-Jadranamidships-05-28-15-a-bb.jpg (124102 bytes)
amidships (184506 bytes)
the tow from stem to stern
14-Jadrantow-05-28-15-f-bb.jpg (205359 bytes)
heading to Lake Ontario

Jadran Tow -  Richard Dyson
1-Jadran-RD.jpg (169311 bytes)
Jadran basking in the morning sun.
2-MollyM1-RD.jpg (240441 bytes)
Molli MI is here to take the Jadran away.
3-MollyM1-RD.jpg (214303 bytes)
Molli MI slowly working her way into position.
4-MollyM1-RD.jpg (170188 bytes)
Getting in position to push the Jadran out of the slip.
5-MollyJad-RD.jpg (155168 bytes)
Pilot climbing to and from the Jadran.
6-Jadran-RD.jpg (171618 bytes)
The last of the lines are removed just prior to departure.
7-Jadran-RD.jpg (100417 bytes)
 Captain John waves goodbye.
8-Jadran-RD.jpg (159486 bytes)
The Jadran begins to move from the spot she has inhabited since 1975.
9-Jadran-RD.jpg (138534 bytes)
Almost clear of the slip.
10-Jadran-RD.jpg (146938 bytes)
And so the Jadran heads meekly to the scrapyard...

Jadran Tow -  Skip Gillham
Jadran---WC---May-28-15-(1).jpg (63714 bytes)
First glimpse at the piers.
Jadran---WC---May-28-15-(3).jpg (68689 bytes)
Jadran---WC---May-28-15-(7).jpg (137680 bytes)
approaching tie up wall
Jadran---WC---May-28-15-(9).jpg (159136 bytes)
about to moor below Lock 1

Jadran Tow up the Welland Canal - aka Meals on Keels
- Paul Beesley
1-jadran-5-28-15-pb.jpg (145318 bytes)
After completing the Seaway inspection below Lock 1 the tow has left the wharf and is proceeding toward the lock.
2-jadran-5-28-15-pb.jpg (93746 bytes)
On the lock chamber with neither tug visible.  It took some time to secure both tugs and the Jadran.
3-jadran-5-28-15-pb.jpg (138836 bytes)
Above Lock 1 with the Mollie M I leading the way and the Jarrett M as braking / steering tug.
4-jadran-5-28-15-pb.jpg (122617 bytes)
Another view.
5-jadran-5-28-15-pb.jpg (136921 bytes)
Mollie M I with the tow line taut.  Both anchors have been removed and the tow line is fed up to the focsle deck through the Hawse pipes.
6-jadran-5-28-15-pb.jpg (188654 bytes)
Slowly approaching her doom.
7-jadran-5-28-15-pb.jpg (160144 bytes)
The tow showing the Jarrett M more clearly.
8-jadran-5-28-15-pb.jpg (164032 bytes)
Approaching the QEW and Homer bridges.
9-jadran-5-28-15-pb.jpg (231946 bytes)
Clear of the Homer bridge.
10-jadran-5-28-15-pb.jpg (148673 bytes)
The tow approaches the open Lock 3.  You can't see it but the viewing platform was full of spectators for this passage.

Jadran Tow
-  Barry Andersen
tug-Molly-M-I-guides-weather-worn-Jadran-towards-wharf-2.jpg (117228 bytes)
Molly M I with weather worn tow inbnd Port Weller harbour
Jadran-reaches-W-2-for-a-brief-inspection.jpg (157085 bytes) 
stopping at wharf 2 for inspection
Jadran-tow-upbnd-clear-of-L1.jpg (142545 bytes)
tow upbound headed for lock 2
Jadran-tow-resists-entering-L2.jpg (184514 bytes)
offering a little resistance entering L2
Jadran-tow-with-Jarrett-M-on-the-stern-headed-for-L3.jpg (187428 bytes)
upbound passing under skyway
Jadran-tow-upbnd-under-the-skyway-headed-to-L3.jpg (154590 bytes) Jadran-tow-with-Molly-M-I-on-bow-securing-in-L3.jpg (239497 bytes)
entering lock 3
Jadran-still-shows-off-her-sleek-design.jpg (160524 bytes)
tow shows off her classy lines from her Adriatic cruising days
never-too-late-to-have-a-meal-on-Captain-John's-Restaurant.jpg (105759 bytes)
never too late for that last meal aboard Captain John's Restaurant
Captain John's - Jim Bowser
AWAITING-ENTRANCE.jpg (281599 bytes) PASSING-PORT-WHELLER.jpg (173886 bytes) DOING-WHAT-WE-ALL-WHERE.jpg (245536 bytes)    

Captain John's  Molly M 1  & Jarret M
- Ian Baker
capt.jpg (158778 bytes)        

Captain John's  Molly M 1  & Jarret M
- Ian Baker
img_3310.jpg (139572 bytes) img_3312.jpg (171116 bytes) img_3313.jpg (155082 bytes) img_3318.jpg (157119 bytes) img_3319.jpg (155322 bytes)
img_3320.jpg (185273 bytes) img_3323.jpg (206636 bytes) img_3308.jpg (193013 bytes)    

Video of the tow -
Erie Media


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