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June 8, 2015

 Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-hlee-5-14-15-md.jpg (148071 bytes)
H. Lee. White making the turn downbound at 1 & 2.
2-tbay-5-20-15-md.jpg (137227 bytes)
A very light Thunder Bay downbound at 1 & 2.
3-ojib-5-25-15-a-md.jpg (130424 bytes)
Ojibway taking on a load at Sarnia under threatening skies.
4-ojib-5-25-15-b-md.jpg (149005 bytes) 5-gott-6-2-15-a-md.jpg (136318 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott making the turn downbound at 1 & 2.
6-gott-6-2-15-b-md.jpg (127073 bytes)
Wheelhouse close up, flying the flags.
7-mani-6-2-15-md.jpg (119597 bytes)
 Manitoba downbound at 1 & 2.
8-mine-6-3-15-md.jpg (152092 bytes)
Mesabi Miner downbound at 1 & 2.
9-mart-6-3-15-md.jpg (154966 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin meets the pilot boat Huron Belle at 1 & 2.
10-ojib-6-4-15-a-md.jpg (139550 bytes)
Ojibway takes on her second load of the year from Sarnia.
11-ojib-6-4-15-b-md.jpg (125797 bytes)
Wide view.

Seaway - Murray Blancher
1-Jana-Desgagnes-07-06-15-mb.jpg (158927 bytes)
Jana Desgagnes up at Prescott
2-Algoma-Guardian-07-06-15-mb.jpg (94414 bytes)
Algoma Guardian up at Mariatown
4-Ojibway-07-06-15-mb.jpg (99994 bytes)
Ojibway down at Mariatown
3-Lugano-07-06-15-mb.jpg (135278 bytes)
6-Capt.-Henry-Jackman-07-06-15.jpg (125466 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman loading at Port of Johnstown

Recent Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-latregurtha-6-5-15-dk.jpg (111264 bytes)
 Lee A Tregurtha downbound in the Lock Canal.
3-acourage-6-5-15-dk.jpg (141758 bytes)
American Courage leaving the MacArthur Lock.
4-buffalo-6-3-15-dk.jpg (148691 bytes)
Buffalo entering the MacArthur Lock.
5-buffalo-6-3-15-dk.jpg (129184 bytes)
 Buffalo and St Clair in the Locks.
6-buffalo-6-3-15-dk.jpg (242295 bytes)
Buffalo up bound into the sunset.
7-presqueisle-6-5-15-dk.jpg (79161 bytes) 8-presqueisle-6-5-15-dk.jpg (217683 bytes) 1-saginaw-6-2-15-dk.jpg (166767 bytes)
Saginaw downbound Mission Point.
2-mesabiminer-6-2-15-dk.jpg (227083 bytes)
Mesabi Miner downbound at the West Pier.
3-gadwall-6-2-15-dk.jpg (212278 bytes)
Gadwall at the West Pier
4-michipicoten-6-2-15-dk.jpg (161748 bytes)
Michipicten at the International Bridge.
5-rogerblough-6-2-15-dk.jpg (158059 bytes)
Roger Blough and Walter J McCarthy passing.
1-samlaud-6-1-15-dk.jpg (141070 bytes)
 Sam Laud in the MacArthur Lock.
2-hcjackson-6-1-15-dk.jpg (157027 bytes) Herbert C Jackson downbound passing the West Pier. 3-algomaspirit-6-1-15-dk.jpg (115960 bytes)
Algoma Spirit upbound passing Sherman Park.
4-burnsharbor-5-31-15-dk.jpg (170183 bytes)
Burns Harbor upbound at the West Pier.
5-jlvanenk-6-1-15-dk.jpg (188071 bytes)
Joyce L VanEnkevort downbound passing Sherman Park.
6-thunderbay-6-1-15-dk.jpg (291335 bytes) 7-thunderbay-6-1-15-dk.jpg (88510 bytes)
Thunder Bay Passing through the Poe Lock.
8-thunderbay-6-1-15-dk.jpg (128623 bytes)

Mississagi in Benton Harbor - Cindy Cosgrove
1-Mississagi-6-6-15-CC.jpg (100304 bytes)
Missisagi at the Central Dock in Benton Harbor Saturday.
2-Missisagi-6-6-15-CC.jpg (206068 bytes)
Discharging her load
3-Mississagi-6-6-15-CC.jpg (184332 bytes)
Bow view

Saginaw River- Todd Shorkey
1-algoway-6-5-15-ts.jpg (116478 bytes)
 Algoway inbound at Cheboyganing Creek. 
2-algoway-6-5-15-ts.jpg (119267 bytes)
Stern view making the turn

St. Clair River
- Don Detloff
1-mccarthy-06jun15-djd.jpg (172064 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. at Port Huron Saturday
2-mccarthy-06jun15-djd.jpg (162534 bytes) 3-mccarthy-06jun15-djd.jpg (151198 bytes) 1-republic-07jun15-djd.jpg (132248 bytes)
Great Republic at Algonac State Park on Sunday.
2-oshima-07jun15-djd.jpg (144106 bytes)
Federal Oshima
1-ostrander-04jun15-djd.jpg (90729 bytes)
Tug G L Ostrander and Integrity Thursday.
2-niagara-04jun15-djd.jpg (83337 bytes)
CSL Niagara
3-cuyahoga-04jun15-djd.jpg (101531 bytes)

Mail deliveries aboard the J.W. Westcott II Saturday

Welland Canal -Paul Beesley
15-0602-Algoma-Harvester-01.jpg (100037 bytes)
Algoma Harvester below Lock 2.  Water flowing off the deck is to cool the steel so it does not expand in the hot sun.  This would cause the bow and stern to drop and the ship will become overdraft fore and aft.
15-0602-Algoma-Harvester-39.jpg (116469 bytes)
Harvester on the wall sliding toward Lock 1.
3-cedar-6-02-15-pb.jpg (148119 bytes)
 Cedarglen clears Lock 1 as the Algoma Navigator prepares to take then lock.
4-cedar-6-02-15-pb.jpg (99276 bytes)
Cedarglen on the way to Lock 2.
5-puff-6-03-15-pb.jpg (121327 bytes)
Puffin below Lock 2.
6-puff-6-03-15-pb.jpg (121715 bytes)
Puffin approaching Lock 1.
7-gad-6-04-15-pb.jpg (115107 bytes)
Gadwall above Lock 7 downbound.
8-gad-6-04-15-pb.jpg (110807 bytes)
Gadwall sliding into Lock 7.
9-wigeon-6-04-15-pb.jpg (122328 bytes)
Wigeon below Lock 2.
10-wigeon-6-04-15-pb.jpg (110067 bytes)
Wigeon approaches Lock 1.
11-asicli-6-05-15-pb.jpg (149707 bytes)
ASI Clipper enters Lock 2.
12-flori-6-05-15-pb.jpg (151153 bytes)
Florijngracht in Lock 2 fully raised.
13-salar-6-05-15-pb.jpg (158527 bytes)
 Salarium downbound below Lock 2.
14-stener-6-05-15-pb.jpg (146691 bytes)
Sterling Energy inbound Port Weller.
15-stener-6-05-15-pb.jpg (174165 bytes)
Sterling Energy alongside the Salarium to deliver fuel.
16-three-6-05-15-pb.jpg (121097 bytes)
Yacht Three Sons ready to take Lock 2 from ASI Clipper.

Detroit - Capt. Mike Nichllols
LAUDSAMb02060615mn.jpg (137935 bytes)
Sam Laud upbound off Detroit.
KAMINISTIQUAb02060715mn.jpg (107295 bytes)
Kaministiqua at Sterling Fuel.
ALGOMAHANSAb05060715mn.jpg (138060 bytes)
Algoma Hansa upbound off Windsor.
ALGOMAHANSAs07060715mn.jpg (124126 bytes) 5-Atlantic-Huron-07-06-15-mb.jpg (126889 bytes)
THUNDERBAYb03060715mn.jpg (153111 bytes)
Thunder Bay upbound off Detroit.
FRONTENACb02060515mn.jpg (127019 bytes)
Frontenac upbound off Windsor.
FRONTENACs03060515mn.jpg (115157 bytes) SANDERRVbb02060415mn.jpg (251422 bytes)
U.S.G.S. R/V Sander off Belle Isle.
HOLLYHOCKb06060215mn.jpg (110884 bytes)
U.S.C.G.C. Hollyhock upbound off Belle Isle.
HURONMAIDb08060215mn.jpg (236043 bytes)
Huron Maid upbound off Rivard Plaza.
GADWALLb05060315mn.jpg (162110 bytes)
Gadwall downbound at Windmill Point.
GADWALLs06060315mn.jpg (157228 bytes)    

Holland, Mich. June 6 - Bill Van Appledorn
101_2110.jpg (159078 bytes)
Undaunted / PM 41 being loaded at the Padnos terminal
101_2112.jpg (211605 bytes)
PM 41 bow

Welland Canal - Keith Wells
image12.jpg (81817 bytes)
Cedarglen June 2 approaching Homer Bridge.
image13.jpg (206832 bytes)
Ojibway approaching Lock 2.

St. Clair River traffic Wednesday - Kevin Majewski 
1.M-6-3-15-KM.jpg (118738 bytes)
Mesabi Miner bow on.
2.MM-6-3-15-KM.jpg (151675 bytes)
Downbound at St. Clair.
3.LMB-6-3-15-KM.jpg (216851 bytes)
The downbound Mesabi Miner squeezes by the upbound CSL Laurentien as the Bramble watches.
4.CSLL-6-3-15-KM.jpg (139452 bytes)
 CSL Laurentien upbound above the Seaway Terminal.
5.PJM-6-3-15-KM.jpg (128642 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin downbound at St. Clair.


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