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June 10, 2015

Detroit River - Capt. Mike Nicholls
JOANVbargeb01060815mn.jpg (237388 bytes)
Tug Joan V and barge upbound off Windsor.
JOANVb05060815mn.jpg (257569 bytes) JOANVs06060815mn.jpg (272970 bytes) ALGOLAKEb09060815mn.jpg (138717 bytes)
Algolake upbound at Belle Isle Coast Guard Station.
CSLNIAGARAs08060915mn.jpg (129112 bytes)
CSL Niagara downbound below the Ambassador Bridge.
ROBERTSONPVTVCb12060915mn.jpg (149267 bytes)
C.C.G.S. PVT Robertson VC upbound at the Ambassador Bridge.

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-zeus-6-9-15-ts.jpg (129065 bytes)
 Zeus - Robert F. Deegan at the Port Fisher Dock
2-zeus-6-9-15-ts.jpg (153979 bytes)
Stern view
3-zeus-6-9-15-ts.jpg (127800 bytes)
Tug and barge

Port Colborne Tuesday - Jim Bowser
Kirkehlmen-inbound-to.jpg (150482 bytes) IMG_7702.jpg (82355 bytes) fishing-boats.jpg (170508 bytes) whistler-cears-Clarence-.jpg (132183 bytes) pilot-boat-returns-after.jpg (199532 bytes)

Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-aenterprise-6-8-15-dk.jpg (206562 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise upbound Mission Point.
2-jrbarker-6-9-15-dk.jpg (63345 bytes)
 James R Barker at the International Bridge.
3-jamesoberstar-6-9-15-dk.jpg (122201 bytes)
James L Oberstar downbound at Mission Point.
4-undaunted-6-9-15-dk.jpg (178807 bytes)
Tug Undaunted at Mission Point.
5-isa-6-9-15-dk.jpg (152267 bytes)
Isa downbound at the West Pier.
6-fkivalina-6-9-15-dk.jpg (180227 bytes)
Federal Kivalina downbound at the International Bridge.
7-crisppoint-6-6-15-dk.jpg (309850 bytes)
Crisp Point Lighthouse about 20 miles west of Whitefish Point.

Mont, former Algoma Montrealais scrap tow ready to depart - Rene Beauchamp
Mont-(Mtl-2015-06-09)-René-B-(2).jpg (82270 bytes)
According to the coast guard, Mont, ex Algoma Montrealais is to leave Montreal for Turkey on Wednesday under tow of Diavlos Pride.
Mont-(Mtl-2015-06-09)-René-B-(1).jpg (101589 bytes) Diavlos-Pride-et-Mont-(Mtl-2015-06-09)-René-B..jpg (107028 bytes)
The assisting tug is reported to be Ecosse owned by Nadro Marine Services. As of Tuesday, Ecosse was at Sorel-Tracy.

Cuyahoga unloading salt in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain
Cuyah-6-5-15-BCM-01.jpg (109116 bytes) Cuyah-6-5-15-BCM-02.jpg (118454 bytes) Cuyah-6-5-15-BCM-03.jpg (85423 bytes) Cuyah-6-5-15-BCM-04.jpg (139901 bytes) Cuyah-6-5-15-BCM-05.jpg (169937 bytes)

The Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin and Whitefish Bay at Port Weller - Mark Harris 
Rt.-Hon.-Paul-J.-Martin---UB,-Port-Weller---060615.jpg (34733 bytes)
10 minutes apart arriving off the Port Weller piers, near Lock 1, Welland Canal, on June 6.
Whitefish-Bay-&-Rt.-Hon.-Paul-J.jpg (46470 bytes)
They had come across Lake Ontario from Toronto.
Whitefish-Bay-&-Rt.-Hon.-Paul-J1.jpg (44582 bytes) Whitefish-Bay---UB,-Port-Weller---060615.jpg (68648 bytes)
Both boats are also popular with the seagulls.
Whitefish-Bay-&-Rt.-Hon.-Paul-J2.jpg (83755 bytes)
Rt.-Hon.-Paul-J.-Martin---UB,-Port-Weller-2---060615.jpg (71511 bytes)        

Holland, Mich. June 6 - Bill Van Appledorn
101_2115.jpg (77610 bytes)
Manistee passing through the Lake Macatawa narrows in the fog

John G. Munson in Erie - Brian W.
munson6-7-15-bw11.jpg (194900 bytes)
Munson is seen in the Presque Isle Bay Entrance Channel on her way into Erie, PA. She blew a nice salute for all the crowd at the public pier as the ship came by.
munson6-7-15-bw2.jpg (150791 bytes)
The ship looked sharp in the morning sun with nice paint and lettering.
munson6-7-15-bw3.jpg (142087 bytes)
It was hard to squeeze all 767-feet of the Munson into the camera lens as she just got bigger and bigger the closer she came.
munson6-7-15-bw4.jpg (139612 bytes)
Through the piers and into the bay, she shows off her classic lake freighter lines.
munson6-7-15-bw6.jpg (154346 bytes)
Slowing to a crawl, they approach the East Slip, swinging in to start the line up for the stone pier.
munson6-7-15-bw5.jpg (113463 bytes)
The Deckhands are now being lowered to the Old Ore Dock in the Bosun's Chair where the ship will unload a cargo of stone.  


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