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June 15, 2015

Seaway Mariatown & Iroquois - Murray Blancher
1-Isa-14-06-15-mb.jpg (131827 bytes)
Isa in fog
2-Florijngracht-14-06-15-mb.jpg (108927 bytes)
Florijngracht in fog
3-Norman-McLeod&-Everlast-14-06-15-mb.jpg (99931 bytes)
Norman McLeod & Everlast
4-John-D-Leitch-14-06-15-mb.jpg (134383 bytes)
 John D Leitch
5-Vigilant-1-14-06-15-mb.jpg (209540 bytes)
Vigilant 1
6-Claude-A-Desgagnes-14-06-15-mb.jpg (114059 bytes)
Claude A Desgagnes
7-Virginiaborg-14-06-15-mb.jpg (99634 bytes)
8-Sloman-Herakles-14-06-15-mb.jpg (143995 bytes)
Sloman Herakles
9-Algocanada-14-06-15-mb.jpg (155425 bytes)
10-Federal-Mackinac-14-06-15-mb.jpg (135037 bytes)
Federal Mackinac Exiting Iroquois

CCGS Private Robertson V.C. at Algonac State Park on a foggy Sunday morning - Don Detloff
1-robertson-14jun15-djd.jpg (62264 bytes)        

Toledo Saturday - M. Young
DSC_5004.jpg (123303 bytes)
American Mariner at the Anderson dock
DSC_5008.jpg (146611 bytes) DSC_5009.jpg (172261 bytes)
Spencer across the river.
DSC_5011.jpg (179562 bytes)  

Upper Canada - Rich Nicholls
1-Upper-Canada-06-13-15-rn.jpg (284717 bytes) 2-Upper-Canada-06-13-15-rn.jpg (245608 bytes)      

Former Montrealais scrap tow - Rene Beauchamp
Diavlos-Pride-(Varennes-2015-06-10)-René-B-(2).jpg (185066 bytes)
In the Varennes area near Montreal Wednesday. The tow had left Montreal at 7H40 bound for Aliaga, Turkey.
Mont-tow-(Varennes-2015-06-10)-René-B-(2).jpg (119944 bytes) Diavlos-Pride-(Varennes-2015-06-10)-René-B-(1).jpg (173570 bytes) Ecosse-(Varennes-2015-06-10)-René-B.jpg (199072 bytes) Mont-tow-(Varennes-2015-06-10)-René-B-(3).jpg (149353 bytes)
Mont-tow-(Varennes-2015-06-10)-René-B-(1).jpg (175864 bytes) Mont-tow-(Verchères-2015-06-10)-René-B-(2).jpg (93633 bytes)
Off Vercheres where it met the container ship MSC Sandra heading for Montreal.
Mont-tow-(Verchères-2015-06-10)-René-B-(3).jpg (127235 bytes) Mont-tow-(Verchères-2015-06-10)-René-B-(1).jpg (147403 bytes) Mont-tow-(Sorel-Tracy-2015-06-10)-René-B-(2).jpg (151118 bytes)
At Sorel-Tracy
Mont-tow-(Sorel-Tracy-2015-06-10)-René-B-(3).jpg (112236 bytes) Mont-tow-(Sorel-Tracy-2015-06-10)-René-B-(1).jpg (125038 bytes) Mont-tow-(Sorel-Tracy-2015-06-10)-René-B-(4).jpg (114853 bytes)
The tow encountered another tow, a Groupe Ocean dredging equipment, barely visible between the leading tug and Mont.

Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-stewartcot-6-10-15-dk.jpg (94598 bytes)
Stewart J Cort downbound at the West Pier.
2-atransport-6-10-5-15-dk.jpg (140202 bytes)
Algoma Transport upbound at the International Bridge.
3-aenterprise-6-11-15-dk.jpg (193048 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise passing through the MacArthur Lock.
4-aenterprise-6-11-15-dk.jpg (185618 bytes) 5-aenterprise-6-11-15-dk.jpg (149313 bytes)
6-aenterprise.6-11-15-dk.jpg (146724 bytes) 7-kaministiqua-6-11-15-dk.jpg (88977 bytes)
Kaministiqua upbound at the East Pier.
8-samlaud-6-11-15-dk.jpg (102606 bytes)
Sam Laud passing through the MacArthur Lock.
9-samlaud-6-11-15-dk.jpg (147678 bytes) 10-whistler-6-11-15-dk.jpg (189501 bytes)
Whistler at the International Bridge.
11-statemichigan-6-11-15-dk.jpg (138802 bytes)
State of Michigan at the International Bridge.

- Capt. Mike Nicholls
VIDACb06061115mn.jpg (169970 bytes)
Tug Vida C downbound off Windsor.
VIDACs03061115mn.jpg (171161 bytes) GM6505GENESISVICTORYb10061115mn.jpg (130208 bytes)
Barge GM 6505 and tug Genesis Victory upbound at the Ambassador Bridge.
GENESISVICTORYb13061115mn.jpg (125565 bytes) GM6505GENESISVICTORYs19061115mn.jpg (119969 bytes)
HURONMAIDs1061115mn8.jpg (210334 bytes)
Huron Maid off Westcott's.
AMERICANCENTURYb23061115mn.jpg (87972 bytes)
American Century at Nicholson's Detroit.
AMERICANCENTURYs24061115mn.jpg (119254 bytes) CAPEDUNDASb04061215mn.jpg (220285 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Cape Dundas upbound off Windsor.
CAPEDUNDASs05061215mn.jpg (262569 bytes)
KUBERJAMESLs01061215mn.jpg (137599 bytes)
Barge James L Kuber and tug Victory upbound off Belle Isle.
ANDRIESARAHb13061215mn.jpg (208669 bytes)
Tug Sarah Andrie upbound off Detroit.
ANDRIESARAHs19061215mn.jpg (165392 bytes) ALGOMARINEb22061215mn.jpg (155644 bytes)
Algomarine unloading at the Coco dock in Windsor.
JETEXPRESSIVb02061315mn.jpg (153136 bytes)
Jet Express IV downbound passing Windsor.
JETEXPRESSIVs03061315mn.jpg (147613 bytes) ALPENAb18061315mn.jpg (142202 bytes)
Alpena at Mistersky's.
ALPENAs08061315mn.jpg (165049 bytes) 25510uscgcb19061315mn.jpg (221879 bytes)
U.S.C.G.C. 25510 downbound past Windsor.


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