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July 7, 2015

Seaway Mariatown - Murray Blancher
1-Kaministioua-04-0715-mb.jpg (116357 bytes)
2-CSL-St-Laurent-04-07-15-mb.jpg (124583 bytes)
CSL St Laurent
3-Kaministioua-Csl-St-Laurent-04-07-15-mb.jpg (154901 bytes)
Kaministiqua & CSL St Laurent
4-Federal-Yukina-04-07-15-mb.jpg (89758 bytes)
Federal Yukina At Dusk
5-Tim-S-Dool-04-07-15-mb.jpg (91216 bytes)
Tim S Dool
6-Clipper-Makiri-04-07-15-mb.jpg (108007 bytes)
Clipper Makiri
7-Clipper-Makiri-04-07-15-mb.jpg (107815 bytes) 8-Federal-Nakagawa-04-07-15-mb.jpg (120267 bytes)
Federal Nakagawa
9-Federal-Nakagawa-&-Clipper-Makiri-04-07-150mb.jpg (99646 bytes)
Federal Nkagawa & Clipper Makiri
10-Federal-Nakagawa-04-07-15-nb.jpg (118578 bytes)
Federal Nakagawa
1-CCGS-Corporal-Tearther-CV-28-06-15-mb.jpg (183191 bytes)
CCGS Corporal Teather CV
2-Algoma-Spirit-28-06-15-mb.jpg (62064 bytes)
Algoma Spirit
3-CCGS-Griffon-28-06-15-mb.jpg (130931 bytes)
CCGS Griffon
4-BBC-Olympus-28-06-15-mb.jpg (115623 bytes)
 BBC Olympus
5-Algosea-.jpg (129566 bytes)
6-Tim-S-Dool-28-06-15-mb.jpg (144099 bytes) 7-Michigan&Great-Lakes-28-06-15-mb.jpg (113840 bytes) 8-CWB-Marquis-28-06-15-mb.jpg (118849 bytes) 9-CWB-Marquis-28-06-15-mb.jpg (137316 bytes) 10-CWB-Marquis-28-06-15-mb.jpg (120140 bytes)

 Herbert C. Jackson downbound at Mission Point at the Soo on July 1 - Bob Buchanan
IMG_1989.jpg (55465 bytes) IMG_1992.jpg (48215 bytes) IMG_1994.jpg (51798 bytes) IMG_1995.jpg (62083 bytes) IMG_1997.jpg (71012 bytes)

Holland, Mich. - Bill Van Appledorn
101_2145---Copy---Copy-(2).jpg (84759 bytes)
Calumet unloading 17K tons at Verplanks Dock
101_2143.jpg (150563 bytes)      

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-stlaurent-01jul15-djd.jpg (88862 bytes)
CSL St. Laurent
2-stlaurent-01jul15-djd.jpg (97883 bytes) 3-courage-01jul15-djd.jpg (97611 bytes)
American Courage
1-white_28jun15-djd.jpg (128860 bytes)
H. Lee White
2-transport-28jun15-djd.jpg (133771 bytes)
Algoma Transport
3-oberstar-28jun15-djd.jpg (125646 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar
4-scotia-28jun15-djd.jpg (151611 bytes)
5-wood-28jun15-djd.jpg (122143 bytes)
6-lake-28jun15.jpg (118592 bytes)

Recent Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-jblock-7-5-15-dk.jpg (192051 bytes)
Joseph L. Block downbound at the West Pier
2-aspirit-7-2-15-dk.jpg (226510 bytes)
Algoma Spirit upbound at the International Bridge.
3-atransport-7-3-15-dk.jpg (109293 bytes)
Algoma Transport leaving the MacArthur Lock
4-marquis-7-6-15-dk.jpg (129105 bytes)
CWB Marquis downbound near Rotary Park.
5-saginaw-7-6-15-dk.jpg (168652 bytes)
Saginaw upbound at the West Pier.
1-ojibway-6-28-15-dk.jpg (135434 bytes)
Ojibway downbound at Mission Point.
2-clipperm-7-1-15-dk.jpg (140518 bytes)
Clipper Makiri downbound at the West Pier.
3-acentury-6-29-15-dk.jpg (170102 bytes)
American Century in the Poe Lock.
4-edesgagnes-6-29-15-dk.jpg (151935 bytes)
Esta Desgagnes Sault Ste Marie Ontario Port.
5-mesabiminer-6-30-15-dk.jpg (139106 bytes)
Mesabi Miner downbound Mission Point.
6-egott-7-1-15-dk.jpg (114687 bytes)
Edwin H, Gott passing Joyce Van Enkevort at the West Pier.
7-burndharbor-7-1-15-dk.jpg (95347 bytes)
Burns Harbor in the Poe Lock.
8-welland-7-1-15-dk.jpg (109758 bytes)
CSL Welland downbound at the West Pier.
9-jdleitch-6-28-15-dk.jpg (88543 bytes)
John D Leitch entering the west end of the Lock Canal.
10-jdleitch-6-28-15-dk.jpg (43548 bytes)
1-hhlvolga-6-26-15-dk.jpg (150601 bytes)
HHL Volga upbound at the International Bridge.
2-stewartcort-6-28-15-dk.jpg (167285 bytes)
Stewart J Cort upbound at Mission Point.
3-grepublic-6-28-15-dk.jpg (160061 bytes)
Great Republic leaving the MacArthur Lock.
4-jdleitch-6-28-1-dk.jpg (79363 bytes)
John D Leitch at the West Pier of the Lock Canal.
5-acentury-6-19-15-dk.jpg (100386 bytes)
American Century upbound at the West Pier.
6-mesabim-6-23-15-dk.jpg (67073 bytes)
Mesabi Miner downbound entering the Lock Canal.
7-rblough-6-25-15-dk.jpg (181532 bytes)
Roger Blough in the Poe Lock.
8-hjoberstar-6-25-15-dk.jpg (145628 bytes)
Hon James Oberstar in the Poe Lock.

Kathryn Spirit - Rene Beauchamp
Kathryn-Spirit-(Beauharnois-2015-05-20)-René-B-(1.jpg (118938 bytes)
Kathryn Spirit still languishing in May at Beauharnois alongside the barge Jean Raymond since August 26, 2011.
Kathryn-Spirit-(Beauharnois-2015-05-20)-René-B-(3.jpg (146799 bytes)
She was to be scrapped there but the city officials never gave the permission to start the work.
Kathryn-Spirit-(Beauharnois-2015-05-20)-René-B-(4.jpg (155459 bytes)    

Saginaw River
- Todd Shorkey
1-mariner-7-2-15-ts.jpg (79302 bytes)
American Mariner inbound at the Essexville Range Lights
2-mariner-7-2-15-ts.jpg (105250 bytes)
Another view
3-mariner-7-2-15-ts.jpg (116567 bytes)
Stern view at the Lake State Railway Bridge

Soo Gathering - Bill Bird
01Saginaw-06-25-15-a-bb.jpg (214052 bytes)
Saginaw by dawn's early light
02-FederalSatsuki-06-26-15-a-bb.jpg (260422 bytes)
Federal Satsuki
03-GLOstrander&Integrity-06-27-15-a-bb.jpg (310230 bytes)
GL Ostrander and barge Integrity departing the Mac lock
04-HonorableJamesLOberstar-06-26-15-a-bb.jpg (331857 bytes)
Hon James L Oberstar entering Poe
05-HonorableJamesLOberstar&Ojibway-06-26-15-a-bb.jpg (257078 bytes)
being serviced by supply boat Ojibway
06-HHLVolga-06-26-15-a-bb.jpg (309266 bytes)
HHL Volga loaded with windmill blades
07-HHLVolgaEdgarBSpeerCSLAssiniboine1-06-26-15-a-bb.jpg (301842 bytes)
HHL Volga headed to the Mac, Edgar B Speer departing Poe and CSL Assiniboine waiting.
08-RogerBlough-06-26-15-a-bb.jpg (212033 bytes)
Roger Blough as seen from Sugar Island.
09-RogerBlough-06-26-15-b-bb.jpg (248500 bytes)
stern shot from the ferry Sugar Islander 2
10-CasonJCallawayGreatRepublic-06-25-15-a-bb.jpg (147259 bytes)
Cason J Callaway meeting fleetmate Great Republic above Mission Point
11-JamesRBarkershooter-06-26-15-a-bb.jpg (355424 bytes)
James R Barker
12-KayeEBarker-06-26-15-a-bb.jpg (197713 bytes)
Kaye E Barker
13-Kaministiqua-06-26-15-a-bb.jpg (334859 bytes)
Kaministiqua easing into lock
14-HerbertCJackson-06-26-15-a-bb.jpg (322203 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson
15-StewartJCort-06-26-15-a-bb.jpg (171469 bytes)
Stewart J Cort
16-BurnsHarbor-06-27-15-a-bb.jpg (272963 bytes)
Burns Harbor taken from Soo Ontario with a hint of rainbow thanks to the water spout
17-GreatLakesTraderJoyceLVanEnkevort-06-26-15-a-bb.jpg (209711 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader and tug Joyce L VanEnkevort waiting for the lock at 10 p.m.

BoatNerd Soo Gathering Cruise - Mike Mishler
IMG_1561.jpg (270943 bytes) IMG_1576.jpg (249042 bytes) IMG_1582.jpg (210276 bytes) IMG_1590.jpg (160078 bytes) IMG_1601.jpg (93611 bytes)
IMG_1608.jpg (198400 bytes) IMG_1609.jpg (189002 bytes) IMG_1643.jpg (185385 bytes) IMG_1689.jpg (228641 bytes) IMG_1753.jpg (234111 bytes)
IMG_1775.jpg (198701 bytes) IMG_1816.jpg (195765 bytes) IMG_1892.jpg (240749 bytes) IMG_1901.jpg (293681 bytes) IMG_1923.jpg (196661 bytes)
IMG_1933.jpg (170453 bytes) IMG_1942.jpg (197393 bytes) IMG_1948.jpg (230433 bytes) IMG_1952.jpg (152005 bytes) IMG_1972.jpg (115884 bytes)
IMG_1985.jpg (141764 bytes) IMG_2005.jpg (145210 bytes)      

Detroit - Capt. Mike Nicholls

ALGOMAGUARDIANb01070515mn.jpg (121871 bytes)
Algoma Discovery upbound off Windsor.
FEDERALMACKINACb04070515mn.jpg (152575 bytes)
Federal Mackinac anchored at Belle Isle Anchorage.
MACKINAWb13070515mn.jpg (206867 bytes)
U.S.C.G.C. Mackinaw at Port of Detroit Dock.
MACKINAWtenderb14070515mn.jpg (235436 bytes)
U.S.C.G.C. Mackinaw's tender.
MANATEEb06070515mn.jpg (271119 bytes)
Yacht Manatee upbound off Detroit.
KAMINISTIQUAb18070515mn.jpg (122349 bytes)
Kaministiqua at Sterling Fuel.
OBERSTARJAMESLHONb19071515mn.jpg (154439 bytes)
Hon James L Obertstar downbound off Windsor.
C22844ONb02070315mn.jpg (276770 bytes)
Windsor Police boat.
JACKMANHENRYCAPTb08070315mn.jpg (127958 bytes)
Capt Henry Jackman at Sterling Fuel.
PRESQUEISLEs06070315mn.jpg (136158 bytes)
Presque Isle downbound preparing to turn to Zug Island.
CSLNIAGARAb04070315mn.JPG (2775512 bytes)
CSL Niagara at Sterling Fuel.
BBCOLYMPUSb04070415mn.JPG (2840769 bytes)
BBC Olympus at Nicholson's Detroit.
BBCOLYMPUSs02070415mn1.JPG (2601103 bytes) SAGINAWb08070415mn.JPG (2705388 bytes)
Saginaw downbound at the Ambassador Bridge.
SAGINAWs09070415mn.jpg (142673 bytes)
MACKINAWUSCGCb12070415mn.jpg (147898 bytes)
U.S.C.G.C. Mackinaw at Port Detroit.
MACKINAWUSCGCs11070415mn.JPG (2976296 bytes) FEDERALMACKINACs16070415mn.JPG (2610196 bytes)
Federal Mackinac in the Belle Isle Anchorage.
GENESISVICTORYGM6506b13062715mn.jpg (153820 bytes)
Tug Genesis Victory and barge GM 6506 downbound off Windsor.
GENESISVICTORYb16062715mn.jpg (147027 bytes)
GM6506GENESISVICTORYs27062715mn.jpg (154682 bytes) GM6506b41062715mn.jpg (135303 bytes)
At Nicholson's Detroit
GENESISVICTORYb39062715mn.jpg (120719 bytes) GENESISVICTORYs34062715mn.jpg (134743 bytes) MCLEODNORMANEVERLASTb31062715mn.jpg (106794 bytes)
Tug Everlast and barge Norman Mc Leod at Sterling Fuel in Windsor.
 AMERICANMARINERb28062715mn.jpg (112122 bytes)
American Mariner upbound at Belle Isle Coast Guard.
AMERICANMARINERs29062715mn.jpg (123413 bytes) ALGOMAENTERPRISEb04070215mn.jpg (122869 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise upbound off Detroit.
ALGOMAENTERPRISEs05070215mn.jpg (128820 bytes) AIRDJOHNBb30062715mn.jpg (147230 bytes)
John B Aird upbound above the Ambassador Bridge.
CSLWELLANDb09070215mn.jpg (126616 bytes)
CSL Welland downbound off Detroit.
WHITEFISHBAYs12070215mn.jpg (122750 bytes)
Whitefish Bay upbound above Belle Isle Coast Guard.
CLIPPERMAKIRIb07070215mn.jpg (122047 bytes)
Clipper Makiri downbound off Nicholson's Detroit.
CLIPPERMAKIRIs08070215mn.jpg (114807 bytes) HURONSPIRIRLEONARDMs02070215mn.jpg (125836 bytes)
Tug Leonard W and barge Huron Spirit upbound off Belle Isle.
LEONARDMs01070215mn.jpg (136353 bytes) PIERSONROBERTSb15070215mn.jpg (146743 bytes)
Robert S Pierson unloading at Lafarge, Windsor.

Mackinaw docking at Detroit on July 4 - Ken Borg
IMG_2813.jpg (153200 bytes)        

Nina & Pinta in Ashtabula - Al Endelmann
DSC_0012-1.jpg (90063 bytes) DSC_0002-1.jpg (89973 bytes) DSC_0001-1.jpg (82233 bytes)    

Headstart Construction work boat tied up on the south shore of Kempenfelt Bay in Barrie - Eric May
Headstart-workboat-at-Barrie-June-29-2015.jpg (214501 bytes)        

Historical Perspective - the Reserve, Middletown and Columbia Star - Bart House
afttoForepart.jpg (72101 bytes) Picture-019.jpg (63819 bytes) Picture-068.jpg (57773 bytes) Galley.jpg (63231 bytes) Picture-046.jpg (63288 bytes)
Cheifsoffice.jpg (102512 bytes) Picture-069.jpg (65216 bytes) mainengine.jpg (73171 bytes)    


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