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July 27, 2015

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Timber-Navigator-(Nld)-upbnd-headed-for-L1.jpg (143153 bytes)
Timber Navigator inbound  Port Weller harbor
Timber-Navigator-(Nld)-and-tug-Omni-Richelieu-(2).jpg (149175 bytes)
with tug Omni Richelieu working vessel over to fitout berth st drydock to unload
new-tug-Mariya-Moran-upbnd-for-L3-in-rain-(2).jpg (59778 bytes)
New tug Mariya Moran - on maiden trip to Sturgeon Bay, WI. to pick up new barge Texas
new-tug-Mariya-Moran-upbnd-for-L3-in-rain-(7).jpg (165688 bytes) tug-Mariya-Moran-departs-L3-on-maiden-trip.jpg (133254 bytes)
New tug Mariya Moran - departs L3 upbnd
tug-Rebecca-Lynn-&-barge-A-397-depart-L3-dbnd.jpg (222257 bytes)
Tug Rebecca Lynn & barge A-397
Federal-Nakagawa-(Hkg)-upbnd-for-L2.jpg (155855 bytes)
Federal Nakagawa
Grande-Caribe-(Ame)-dbnd-headed-for-L1-(2).jpg (116111 bytes)
Grande Caribe - passenger vessel
Hanse-Gate-(Atg)-ex-CL-Hanse-Gate-headed-for-L1.jpg (134959 bytes)
Hanse Gate (Atg) ex CL Hanse Gate
Hanse-Gate-(Atg)-ex-CL-Hanse-Gate-headed-for-L1-(3).jpg (132545 bytes)
Floragracht-(Nld)-upbnd-for-L3.jpg (140284 bytes)
Pioneer-(Atg)-above-L7.jpg (118081 bytes)
Pioneer-(Atg)-dbnd-entering-L7-(2).jpg (155486 bytes) USCG-Mackinaw-dbnd-clear-of-L2.jpg (112958 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw

Federal Yukon at Burns Harbor - Frank Rawetzki
IMG_0321.jpg (156261 bytes)
Berthed at FMT, unloading steel from Europe

CWB Marquis at Port Colborne Saturday afternoon after leaving  Lock 8 downbound -  S. Bowser
IMG_9839-(2).jpg (168608 bytes) IMG_9847-(2).jpg (209244 bytes)      

St. Clair River - Pegg Thomas
Peter-R-Cresswell-Algonac-sunrise-7-25-15.jpg (35519 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell passing Algonac State Park at sunrise 7-25-15
Algosoo-rounds-the-bend-7-22-15.jpg (88004 bytes)
Algosoo rounds the bend in the St. Clair River south of Algonac State Park in the evening sun 7-22-15
Alpena-in-the-St-Clair-River-7-20-15.jpg (147097 bytes)
Alpena in the St. Clair River approaching Algonac State Park early morning 7-20-15

Detroit River - Chris Byczek
boats-006.jpg (202581 bytes) boats-021.jpg (244130 bytes) boats-026.jpg (194504 bytes)
Powering up to depart
boats-066.jpg (233352 bytes) boats-059.jpg (243013 bytes)
boats-075.jpg (82223 bytes) boats-0791.jpg (119787 bytes) boats-098.jpg (167728 bytes) boats-113.jpg (223820 bytes) boats-116.jpg (117407 bytes)
Smoke stack getting a paint job.

Captain John's scrapping at Port Colborne - John Agnew
IMS.jpg (150047 bytes)
Captain John's (Jadran) Taken July 20 at IMS.
Structure-2.jpg (260870 bytes)
Crews are quickly scrapping the Captain Johns Restaurant ex Jadran.
Structure.jpg (147335 bytes)
Not much left.

Port Colborne -  S. Bowser
CAPTAIN-JOHNS-WITH-APOLOGIES.jpg (289313 bytes) Captain-Johns.jpg (294056 bytes) the-algoma-progress.jpg (224629 bytes) CSL-SA-LAURENT-IN-PORT.jpg (139319 bytes) IMG_9767-(2).jpg (118682 bytes)
Rescue crews were scouring the Lake Erie shore in Crystal Beach Thursday night after a 21-year-old male was reported missing.
IMG_9783-(2).jpg (210407 bytes)
Niagara police, paramedics and Fort Erie firefighters were being assisted by an RCMP vessel.

Detroit - Capt. Mike Nicholls
ATLANTICHURONb54072415mn.jpg (149773 bytes)
Atlantic Huron at Sterling Fuel.
ATLANTICHURONs55072415mn.jpg (144055 bytes) 45626USCGCb23072315mn.jpg (262840 bytes)
U.S.C.G.C. 45626 off Detroit.
HURONMAIDb06072415mn.jpg (249703 bytes)
Huron Maid passing Rivard Plaza
HURONMAIDs07072415mn.jpg (245914 bytes)
DIAMONDJACKb36072315mn.jpg (226822 bytes)
Diamond Jack downbound below the Ambassador Bridge.
NAVEGANTEb04072415mn.jpg (202524 bytes)
Fish tug Navegante downbound off Windsor.
CSLSTLAURENTb09072415mn.jpg (174011 bytes)
CSL St. Laurent upbound off Belle Isle.
CSLSTLAURENTs12072415mn.jpg (150259 bytes) CGB12001BRISTOLBAYs08072315mn.jpg (271103 bytes)
U.S.C.G.C. CGB 12001 and Bristol Bay at Sector Detroit.
JETEXPRESSIVb47072415mn.jpg (177197 bytes)
Jet Express IV passing Detroit.
JETEXPRESSIVs262072315mn.jpg (175203 bytes) RANDOLPHCURTISs19072315mn.jpg (144765 bytes)
Curtis Randolph spraying water.
RANDOLPHCURTISs21072315mn.jpg (143922 bytes) FEDERALKATSURAb04072115mn.jpg (182585 bytes)
Federal Katsura at Nicholson's Detroit.
FEDERALKATSURAs0607211mn.jpg (170990 bytes) ISAb10072315mn.jpg (177129 bytes)
Isa at Nicholson's Detroit and upbound.
ISAs52072415mn.jpg (169389 bytes) PIERSONROBERTSb58072415mn.jpg (186210 bytes)
Robert S Pierson unloading at the Coco Dock in Windsor.
FEDERALMARGAREEb04072215mn.jpg (153218 bytes)
FEDERALMARGAREEs02072215mn.jpg (154175 bytes)
Federal Margaree at Nicholson's Detroit.
26123,USCGC05072115mn.jpg (325134 bytes)
U.S.C.G.C. 26123 at the Belle Isle Bridge.
DJI_0325.jpg (226284 bytes)
Diamond Queen passing the J.W. Westcott Co. Dock.
DJI_0331.jpg (232951 bytes) DJI_0346.jpg (216888 bytes)
MICHIPICOTENb02071915mn.jpg (162038 bytes)
Michipicoten unloading at Sterling Fuels Stone Dock, Windsor.
MICHIPICOTENs03071915mn.jpg (171680 bytes) DOOLTIMSb08071915mn.jpg (168571 bytes)
Tim S Dool downbound off Sterling Fuel.
DOOLTIMSs10071915mn.jpg (140147 bytes) SAINTLAURENTb09071815mn.jpg (172876 bytes)
SAINTLAURENTs15071815mn.jpg (169775 bytes) ALGOMAHANSAb36071815mn.jpg (136771 bytes)
Algoma Hansa at Mistersky's.
ALGOMAHANSAs29071815mn.jpg (158709 bytes) LAKESCONTENDERb18071815mn.jpg (137416 bytes)
Lakes Contender upbound in Whisky Gulch.
ALGOWAYs31071815mn.jpg (124923 bytes)
Algoway downbound off Mistersky's.
MISSISSAGIb20071815mn.jpg (151144 bytes)
Mississagi at Sterling Fuel.
MISSISSAGIb45071815mn.jpg (199910 bytes)
Mississagi upbound off Belle Isle.
MISSISSAGIs46071815mn.jpg (180756 bytes) INDIANAHARBORb02071615mn.jpg (154343 bytes)
Indiana Harbor upbound above the Ambassador Bridge.
PIERSONROBERTSb09071615mn.jpg (190444 bytes)
Robert S Pierson at Sterling Fuels.
ALGOLAKEb03071615mn.jpg (145083 bytes)
Algolake upbound above Belle Isle Coast Guard Station.
CSLSTLAURENTs17071615mn.jpg (197045 bytes)
Saint Laurent upbound off Belle Isle.
CSLSTLAURENTb13071615mn.jpg (136685 bytes)
CSL St Laurent downbound in Whiskey Gulch.
BARKERKAYEEs12071615mn.jpg (157078 bytes)
Kaye E Barker downbound below Sterling Fuels.
FLORIJNGRACHTB04071615mn.jpg (198298 bytes)
Florijngracht upbound at the Ambassador Bridge.
FLORIJNGRACHTs07071615mn.jpg (163464 bytes) CLARKEPHILIPRb15071715mn.jpg (136430 bytes)
Philip R Clarke upbound off Belle Isle.
SAINTLAURENTb19017115mn.jpg (247929 bytes)
Saint Laurent at the Port of Detroit
SAINTLAURENTs20071715mn.jpg (183778 bytes) MORANMARIYAb07071515mn.jpg (201465 bytes)
Mariya Moran upbound passing Belle Isle.
MORANMARIYAs10071515mn.jpg (182808 bytes)        

Wabi Sabi upbound Port Colborne July 17 - Nathan Attard
image11.jpg (78544 bytes)
Pilot boat along side

Rouge River - Chris Byczek
boatnerd-022.jpg (211787 bytes) boatnerd-031.jpg (247495 bytes) boatnerd-037.jpg (185177 bytes) boatnerd-056.jpg (300976 bytes)  

Soo - David Kaye
1-florijngracht-7-17-15-dk.jpg (177085 bytes)
 Florijngraht upbound at the International Bridge.
2-fsaguenay-7-17-15-dk.jpg (157717 bytes)
Federal Saguenay downbound at the West Pier.
3-ehgott-7-17-15-dk.jpg (36967 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott downbound approaching Mission Point.
4-jvanenkevort-7-17-dk.jpg (80669 bytes)
Joyce VanEnkevort passing Edwin H. Gott near Rotary Park.
5-jgmunson-7-17-15-dk.jpg (63639 bytes)
John G. Munson downbound at Mission point.
6-timdool-7-18-15-dk.jpg (104526 bytes)
Tim S. Dool downbound at the West Pier.
7-fstlaurent-7-18-15-dk.jpg (153759 bytes)
Federal St. Laurent upbound at the International Bridge.
8-iharbor-7-20-15-dk.jpg (264053 bytes)
Indiana Harbor at the International Bridge.
9-atransport-7-20-15-dk.jpg (141794 bytes)
Algoma Transport in the MacArthur Lock.
1-aharvester-7-16-15-dk.jpg (235890 bytes)
Algoma Harvester downbound at Mission Point.
2-hhlamur-7-16-15-k.jpg (165685 bytes)
 HHL Amur Soo Harbor
3-amariner-7-9-15-dk.jpg (213653 bytes)
American Mainer downbound at the International Bridge.
4-stewartcortt-7-15-15-dk.jpg (205890 bytes)
Stewart J Cort and Burns Harbor passing at the West Pier.
5-prtregurtha-7-15-dk.jpg (241029 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha downbound entering the Soo Lock Canal.
6-michipicten-7-16-15-dk.jpg (209430 bytes)
Michipicoten upbound at Mission point.
7-alpena-7-15-15-dk.jpg (70817 bytes)
Alpena leaving the MacArthur Lock.
8-alpena-7-15-dk.jpg (89716 bytes)      

Cuyahoga under Bridge 21 in Port Colborne - Chris De Laat
canal-days-boat-2015.jpg (168372 bytes)        

St. Clair River - Mark Harris
American-Century---DB-Point-Edward---071815.jpg (122411 bytes)
American Century passes the 91st Port-Huron-Mackinac race at Port Huron.
Paul-R.-Tregurtha---UB-Marine-City---071115.jpg (94012 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha photo bomb's a wedding party's photos at Marine City.
Algosteel---Sarnia-Lay-up---071115.jpg (69822 bytes)
Algosteel - Sarnia Lay-up
Lee-A.-Tregurtha---UB-Point-Edward-2---062915.jpg (78157 bytes)
Fishermen oblivious to the passing Lee A. Tregurtha.

Mississagi in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain
Missi-7-19-15-BCM-01.jpg (92765 bytes) Missi-7-19-15-BCM-02.jpg (111178 bytes) Missi-7-19-15-BCM-03.jpg (152820 bytes) Missi-7-19-15-BCM-04.jpg (86568 bytes) Missi-7-19-15-BCM-05.jpg (124634 bytes)
Missi-7-19-15-BCM-06.jpg (110687 bytes)        

Tug Zeus and barge Robert F. Deegan off the Ludington piers - Sara Ferguson
zeus.jpg (16920 bytes) zeus-1.jpg (18045 bytes)      

Fishtugs at Port Stanley - Monty Young
Liddle-Lady-☼♦-526.jpg (312359 bytes) Brian-D-☼♣²-571.jpg (183467 bytes) Pelee-Clipper-☼♣²-382.jpg (169843 bytes) Carol-Ann-II-☼♣²-590.jpg (129678 bytes) Ethan-P-☼♣²-584--1.jpg (119168 bytes)
Lady-Salomé-☼♣²-576.jpg (181649 bytes) Lady-Salomé-☼♣²-577.jpg (201804 bytes)      

Sturgeon Bay and the Soo - Daniel Lindner
1-Anderson-7-10-15-dl.jpg (182462 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson docked next to the graving dock She is laid up for the season due to a lack of cargoes.
2-Anderson-7-10-15-dl.jpg (146444 bytes)
View of the Anderson and the graving dock.
3-Barge-7-10-15-dl.jpg (184334 bytes)
Bay Shipbuilding's new construction, sister to the barge Texas, is almost ready for launch. The final bow piece is being lowered into position. The barge has not been named yet.
5-Invincible-7-10-15-dl.jpg (177144 bytes)
 Tug Invincible, owned by Lower Lakes Towing, is also laid up for the season. The barge she was formerly paired with, McKee Sons, is laid up in Muskegon.
4-Invincible-7-10-15-dl.jpg (134298 bytes)
Profile view of Invincible.
6-Michigan-7-10-15-dl.jpg (138005 bytes)
Great Lakes Maritime Academy's training ship State of Michigan in one of Bayship's floating dry docks.
7-MoranTexas-7-10-15-dl.jpg (157233 bytes)
Bay Shipbuilding's new constructions, tug Leigh Ann Moran and barge Texas. Mariya Moran, sister to the Leigh Ann and built in 2015 in Florida, will be paired with the barge Texas. Leigh Ann Moran will be paired with the barge in the graving dock.
8-Texas-7-10-15-dl.jpg (143991 bytes)
Close up of the barge Texas. Her tug Mariya Moran is due to arrive in Sturgeon Bay this week to pick up the barge.
9-Texas-7-10-15-dl.jpg (161519 bytes)
Stern view of the Texas.
10-Texas-7-10-15-dl.jpg (150637 bytes)
Close up of the notch of Texas, showing the connection systems.
11-LeighAnn-7-10-15-dl.jpg (163170 bytes)
Close up of the Leigh Ann Moran.
12-LeighAnn-7-10-15-dl.jpg (120041 bytes)
Stern view of Leigh Ann Moran. Note the construction materials on the pilothouse and deck as crews complete work on the tug.
1-Blough-6-26-15-dl.jpg (526914 bytes)
Panoramic view of Roger Blough upbound in the Poe Lock.
2-Oberstar-6-26-15-dl.jpg (183112 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar downbound in the Poe Lock as spectators line the temporary fence.
3-Oberstar-6-26-15-dl.jpg (151001 bytes)
Close up of the Oberstar as she enters the lock.
4-Tregurtha-6-26-15-dl.jpg (151065 bytes)
 Lee A. Tregurtha upbound in the Poe Lock.
5-Jackson-6-26-15-dl.jpg (450121 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson upbound in the MacArthur Lock.
6-Assiniboine-6-26-15-dl.jpg (194526 bytes)
Now onboard the Le Voyageur for the Boatnerd cruise, the CSL Assiniboine passes upbound below the locks.
7-Assiniboine-6-26-15-dl.jpg (191303 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine docks on the lower pier of the Poe Lock to wait for the lock.
8-Volga-6-26-15-dl.jpg (204770 bytes)
HHL Volga upbound below the locks.
9-Volga-6-26-15-dl.jpg (259516 bytes)
Profile view of the HHL Volga, upbound with wind turbine blades for Duluth.
10-Passing-6-26-15-dl.jpg (176593 bytes)
Passing of three: HHL Volga approaches the MacArthur Lock, Edgar B. Speer exits the Poe Lock, and CSL Assiniboine waits for the Poe.
11-Speer-6-26-15-dl.jpg (206153 bytes)
The evening sunlight glints of the stern of the Edgar B. Speer as she exits the Poe Lock.
12-BurnsHarbor-6-27-15-dl.jpg (121179 bytes)
Burns Harbor upbound below the locks on Saturday morning.
13-Transport-6-27-15-dl.jpg (138124 bytes)
Algoma Transport downbound in the MacArthur Lock.
14-Transport-6-27-15-dl.jpg (117281 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha was downbound in the Poe Lock at the same time, here both ships are exiting the locks.
15-Transport-6-27-15-dl.jpg (114800 bytes)
Algoma Transport clears the MacArthur Lock, passing Paul R. Tregurtha.
16-Tregurtha-6-27-15-dl.jpg (203680 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha exits the Poe Lock, passing the waiting Burns Harbor.
17-Tregurtha-6-27-15-dl.jpg (133380 bytes)
 Paul R. Tregurtha exits the lock approach.
18-StClair-6-27-15-dl.jpg (150467 bytes)
St. Clair upbound at the West Pier above the locks.
19-Florida-6-27-15-dl.jpg (147906 bytes)
 G-tug Florida on drydock at MCM Marine below the locks. She, along with 14 other tugs from Great Lakes Towing, are undergoing a major overhaul.
20-Spirit-6-27-15-dl.jpg (222093 bytes)
American Spirit upbound in the Poe Lock at sunset.
21-Mariner-6-28-15-dl.jpg (129922 bytes)
 Algoma Mariner upbound below the Soo Locks.
22-Buffalo-6-28-15-dl.jpg (153639 bytes)
Buffalo exits the MacArthur Lock downbound.
23-Harvester-6-28-15-dl.jpg (184226 bytes)
Algoma Harvester exits the Poe Lock downbound.
24-Harvester-6-28-15-dl.jpg (122735 bytes)
Algoma Harvester downbound.

Chicago Dry Dock - Ed Robinson
1-JMarshall-7-14-15-mh.jpg (117315 bytes)
John Marshall (formerly the Catherine Turecamo) undergoing safety inspection at TPG Chicago Dry Dock.
2-JMarshall-7-14-15-mh.jpg (111828 bytes)      

CWB Marquis Christening Video -  Capt.  Seann  O'Donoughue



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