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August 12, 2015

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-niagara-08aug15-djd.jpg (242010 bytes)
Brig Niagara at Algonac
2-niagara-08aug15-djd.jpg (128433 bytes) 3-niagara-08aug15-djd.jpg (119109 bytes) 1-stclair-02aug15-djd.jpg (161187 bytes)
St. Clair
2-caribou-02aug15-djd.jpg (329599 bytes)
CCGS Caribou Isle
3-aird-02aug15-djd.jpg (162222 bytes)
John B. Aird
4-laud-02aug15-djd.jpg (181790 bytes)
Sam Laud

Seaway Iroquois Lock
- Murray Blancher
6-The-tow-in-Iroquois-Lock-09-08-15-mb.jpg (212939 bytes)
Radium Yellow Knife & Tow
1-Radiumyellowknife-09-08-15-mb.jpg (309925 bytes) 3-Maxime-D-09-08-15-mb.jpg (360567 bytes) 4-LE-Phil-D-09-08-15-mb.jpg (332223 bytes) 5-Ocean-Uannaq-Nigiq-09-08-15-mb.jpg (313624 bytes)
2-I-V-No-8-09-08-15-mb.jpg (297106 bytes)        

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-away-7-20-15-md.jpg (180314 bytes)
Algoway departing Imperial Oil upbound at the Black River entrance.
2-stlaur-7-20-15-md.jpg (204445 bytes)
The small passenger vessel St. Laurent downbound at buoys 1 & 2.
3-keb-7-21-15-md.jpg (153589 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker upbound at the Black River entrance.
4-pearl-7-21-15-md.jpg (278802 bytes)
Pearl Mist upbound below the Bluewater Bridges.
5-hcj-7-21-15-md.jpg (150982 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson downbound above buoys 1 & 2.
6-prt-7-23-md.jpg (155795 bytes)
 Paul R. Tregurtha glides by several fishing boats out into Lake Huron.
7-cent-7-24-15-md.jpg (152861 bytes)
American Century downbound at the Black River entrance.
8-alpena-7-26-15-md.jpg (116583 bytes)
Alpena downbound at buoys 1 & 2.
9-sag-7-26-15-md.jpg (142946 bytes)
Saginaw downbound at buoys 1 & 2.
10-miss-7-29-15-md.jpg (217752 bytes)
Mississagi arriving with a load of stone for the City Dock in Sarnia.
11-roger-7-29-15-md.jpg (102241 bytes)
Roger Blough heads into Lake Huron on a beautiful summer night.
12-lat-7-30-15-md.jpg (147250 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha downbound at buoys 1 & 2.
13-lat-7-31-15-md.jpg (95289 bytes)
Another stunning sunset on Lake Huron as the Lee A. Tregurtha passes Fort Gratiot Lighthouse.
14-keb-7-31-15-md.jpg (191795 bytes)
Having met fleet mate Lee A. Tregurtha above the buoys the Kaye E. Barker passes downbound.
15-mich-8-5-15-a-md.jpg (179332 bytes)
 Michipicoten waiting to load at the elevator in Sarnia.
16-fort-8-5-15-md.jpg (196522 bytes)
The salt water vessel Fortune awaiting a load at the government dock in Sarnia.
17-cent-8-6-15-md.jpg (117028 bytes)
American Century making the turn downbound at 1 & 2.
18-white-8-6-15-md.jpg (123020 bytes)
Whitefish Bay making the turn downbound at 1 & 2 ahead of fleet mate CSL Welland.

Tug Candace Elice and barge arriving Holland channel - Paul Dalman and Bill Van Appledorn
1-Elise-8-7-15-pd.jpg (223238 bytes)
The tug Candace Elise arrived Holland MI August  7 2015 pushing barge BMS 50005 containing four 180-ton heat recovery steam generators (HRSG).   Paul Dalman
101_2166.jpg (133052 bytes)
Originating in South Korea, the shipment traveled the Mississippi and Illinois rivers to Chicago and then across Lake Michigan. Bill Van Appledorn
101_2162.jpg (126073 bytes)
  The units will be installed in a new municipal gas-fueled power plant that will replace the present coal-fired James DeYoung power plant.

Sorel Qc. - Michel St-Denis
01-Duga_OceanJupiter20150806msd.jpg (145491 bytes)
02-Pilote2000-20150806msd.jpg (205994 bytes)
Pilote 2000
03-OceanJupiter20150806msd.jpg (173173 bytes)
Ocean Jupiter
04-Marbacan20150806msd.jpg (162955 bytes)
05-Catherine-Legardeur20150806msd.jpg (120373 bytes)
Catherine Legardeur

Federal Yukina passing Ymuiden
- Peter Beentjes
XOhPCQ.jpg (61757 bytes)
Destination Cleveland, Ohio.
CqZATv.jpg (49135 bytes)      

John J. Boland in lay-up at Huron, Ohio
- L. Young
boland.jpg (134536 bytes)        

- Luke Johnson
20150805_175414-1.jpg (182469 bytes)
The Aiden William passes under the 8th St drawbridge. It would pick up a couple barges of boulders and head download the lake towards Chicago.
20150803_152855.jpg (106996 bytes)
A coast guard response boat passes the USS Cobia.

Sam Laud in Tawas
- Logan Vasicek
DSCN1087.jpg (153970 bytes) DSCN1127.jpg (137465 bytes) DSCN1139.jpg (189813 bytes) DSCN1141.jpg (173809 bytes)  

Joseph L. Block loading taconite in Escanaba on August 4
- Craig Knudson
photo15.jpg (275693 bytes)

MacArthur Lock drained for repairs
- David Kaye
1-maclock-8-4-15-dk.jpg (162801 bytes) 2-maclock-4-15-dk.jpg (178371 bytes) 3-maclock-8-4-15-dk.jpg (219631 bytes) 4-maclock-8-4-15-dk.jpg (93505 bytes) 5-maclock-8-4-15-dk.jpg (119690 bytes)
6-maclock-8-4-15-dk.jpg (121823 bytes)        

St. Clair River
- Jeff Thomas
1-Calumet---7-20-15-jt.jpg (193773 bytes)
Calumet upbound under the Blue Water Bridge
2-Mississagi---7-21-15-jt.jpg (107781 bytes)
Mississagi upbound at Port Huron
3-Michipicoten---7-21-15-jt.jpg (150456 bytes)
Michipicoten upbound at Port Huron
4-Herbert-C.-Jackson---7-22-15---jt.jpg (185027 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson upbound at the Blue Water Bridge
5-Algoway---7-23-15---jt.jpg (159785 bytes)
Algoway upbound heading into Lake Huron
6-Mesabi-Miner---7-23-15---jt.jpg (192942 bytes)
Mesabi Miner downbound at Algonac State Park

Port Colborne Canal Days
- J. Bowser
SAINT-LAURENT-LOCK-8LOOKING.jpg (251597 bytes)
Saint Laurent n Lock 8
EMPIRE-SANDYPORT.jpg (93539 bytes)
Empire Sandy

Federal Maas upbound on the Western Schelde River in the Netherlands
- Chris Rombouts
Fed-Maas-Schelde-2-8-2015-cr1.jpg (148418 bytes) Fed-Maas-Schelde-2-8-2015-cr2.jpg (151353 bytes) Fed-Maas-Schelde-2-8-2015-cr3.jpg (185745 bytes)    

Atlantic Huron near Cote Sainte-Catherine
- Roland Van Bulck
IMG_0203.jpg (182424 bytes)
Bow view
IMG_0206.jpg (179128 bytes)
Stern view
IMG_0210.jpg (215719 bytes)
Tied -up above the Lock

Canal days Port Colborne
- Nathan Attard
jackmanimage11.jpg (122211 bytes)
Captain gave a double captains salute with tall ships answering back as well as other small boats.
jackmanimage21.jpg (98245 bytes)      

Work Boats and Fish Tugs
- Tom Hynes
1-LandingCraft7-13-15th.jpg (233763 bytes)
Un-named landing craft in Cheboygan
2-RCAnderson7-15-15th.jpg (133356 bytes)
Gill netter R.C. Anderson at Hammond Bay
3-Ladler8-1-15th.jpg (134733 bytes)
Crane barge Ladler in La Plaisance Creek south of Monroe
4-Tenacious8-1-15th.jpg (207608 bytes)
Tug Tenacious in Monroe Harbor
5-Jimmie-D8-1-15th.jpg (188817 bytes)
Fish tug Jimmie-D in the Raisin River, Monroe
6-MonroeFishTug8-1-15th.jpg (200750 bytes)
Un-named fish tug in the Raisin River, Monroe.  Both tugs appear to be state registered.
7-NetTruck8-1-15th.jpg (226008 bytes)
Net truck in Monroe.

Soo Sun Sets On Alpena
- Mark Harris
Alpena---DB,-Soo-Locks-3---071515.jpg (110536 bytes) Alpena---DB,-Soo-Locks-4---071515.jpg (85415 bytes) Alpena---DB,-Soo-Locks-7---071515.jpg (89170 bytes) Alpena---DB,-Soo-Locks-8---071515.jpg (39369 bytes)  

Welland Canal
- Barry Andersen
Algoma-Guardian-with-tug-Vigilant-I-standing-by.jpg (169342 bytes)
Algoma Guardian - going into dry dock for 5-yr inspection with help from Jarrett M and Vigilant I
Algoma-Guardian-backs-into-old.jpg (100308 bytes) barge-Texas-with-tug-Mariya-Moran.jpg (124389 bytes)
Barge Texas with tug Mariya Moran on maiden trip
tug-Mariya-Moran-with-barge-Texas-clear-of-L1-(5).jpg (172530 bytes) tug-Mariya-Moran-and-barge-Texas-with-pilot-boat-alongside-tug.jpg (174825 bytes)
Tug Mariya Moran with pilot boat alongside in Port Weller harbour
tug-Mariya-Moran-with-barge-Texas-clear-of-L1-(6).jpg (147409 bytes)
tug Mariya Moran and barge Texas below lock 1 Port Weller harbour
tug-Mariya-Moran-with-new-barge.jpg (125727 bytes)
tug Mariya Moran and barge Texas pass through bridge 4 on maiden delivery voyage
tug-Mariya-Moran-in-the-notch-of-barge-Texas.jpg (105603 bytes)
Tug Mariya Moran in the notch of new barge Texas
maiden-trip-for-barge-Texas-with-tug-Mariya-Moran-in-the-notch1.jpg (92006 bytes)  barge-Texas-and-tug-Mariya-Moran.jpg (178931 bytes)

American-Fortitude-at-IMS-Yard.jpg (125284 bytes)
American Fortitude remains untouched at IMS yard with Jadran hull alongside

 IMS-yard-with-remains-of-Jadran.jpg (153568 bytes)
IMS Yard with upper decks of Jadran and Algoma Progress on the dock
Federal-Katsura-(Pan)-tied-at-wharf-16.jpg (94326 bytes)
Federal Katsura (Pan) tiedup at wharf 16
Nordana-Sky-clear-of-L8-on-first-trip.jpg (114440 bytes)
Nordana Sky (Can) with Desgagnes flag flying passes Robin Hood mill downbound
Nordana-Sky-dbnd-nears-Rameys-Bend.jpg (158279 bytes)
Manitoba-dbnd-clear-of-lock-21.jpg (133171 bytes)
Manitoba - downbound clear of Lock 2
Intrepid-Canada-(Mhl)-dnbnd-above-L1.jpg (113356 bytes)
Intrepid Canada (Mhl) downbound above 1
Intrepid-Canada-(Mhl)-dbnd-above.jpg (131308 bytes) Elbeborg-(Nld)-inbnd-Port-Weller-harbour.jpg (189807 bytes)
Elbeborg (Nld) - sliding wall upbound below Lock

Recent Soo Traffic
- David Kaye
1-algomarine-8-1-15-dk.jpg (226914 bytes)
Algomarine and Isa passing at the West Pier.
2-ebspeer-8-7-15-dk.jpg (105320 bytes)
Edgar B Speer upbound at the West Pier.
3-mminer-8-10-15-dk.jpg (77946 bytes)
Mesabi Miner upbound at Mission Point.
4-mminer-8-10-15-dk.jpg (158225 bytes) 5-ltregurtha-8-1-15-dk.jpg (183995 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha upbound at Mission Point.
6-isa-8-1-15-dk.jpg (182046 bytes)
Isa downbound at Mission Point.
7-ehgott-8-10-15-dk.jpg (170964 bytes)
Edwin H Gott downbound at Mission Point.
8-rblough-8-6-15-dk.jpg (239315 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound in the Lock Canal.
9-ptregurtha-8-9-15-dk.jpg (183482 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha downbound south of Rotary Park.
1-kenbooth-7-22-15-dk.jpg (205963 bytes)
Ken Booth Sr.
2-iharbor-7-23-15-dk.jpg (134854 bytes)
Indiana Harbor
3-florij-7-25-15-dk.jpg (367175 bytes)
4-fortune-7-27-15-dk.jpg (262228 bytes)

- Kate White
1-calumet-7-26-15-kw.jpg (209114 bytes)
Calumet unloading at the River Dock.
2-calumet-7-26-15-kw.jpg (279257 bytes) (93687 bytes)
Saginaw making a rare trip up the river, unloading at Cleveland building supply. It was taken July 27  from the University Inn parking lot.

Great Republic outbound Manistee
- Sara Ferguson
Republic.jpg (37720 bytes)        

St. Clair River freighter traffic and power boat race 
- Mike Mishler
IMG_3190.jpg (225908 bytes) IMG_3202.jpg (152393 bytes) IMG_3204.jpg (157977 bytes) IMG_3209.jpg (209920 bytes) IMG_3249.jpg (315451 bytes)
IMG_3257.jpg (248288 bytes) IMG_3361.jpg (220092 bytes) IMG_3455.jpg (244450 bytes) IMG_3500.jpg (218635 bytes) IMG_3675.jpg (258829 bytes)
IMG_3679.jpg (256793 bytes) IMG_3781.jpg (170585 bytes) IMG_3832.jpg (215178 bytes) IMG_3881.jpg (297781 bytes) IMG_38841.jpg (256933 bytes)
IMG_3931.jpg (223716 bytes) IMG_3950.jpg (258128 bytes) IMG_4051.jpg (147309 bytes) news.jpg (44515 bytes) IMG_3143.jpg (150418 bytes)
IMG_3390.jpg (207478 bytes) IMG_3665.jpg (177683 bytes) IMG_3335.jpg (205089 bytes)    

James R. Barker at the Soo
- Craig Knudson
IMG_20150625_165537_820.jpg (172585 bytes)        

St. Clair River traffic
- Kevin Majewski
1.EXE-7-27-15-KM.jpg (229445 bytes)
Exeborg at Port Huron.
2.Exeb-7-27-15-KM.jpg (201099 bytes)
 Downbound below the Bean Dock.
3.HJLO-7-27-15-KM.jpg (222603 bytes)
 Hon. James L. Oberstar downbound, passing the laid-up Algosteel hiding in the weeds in the North Slip.
4.AlEq-7-27-15-KM.jpg (179406 bytes)
Algoma Equinox upbound above Marysville.
5.AlHa-7-27-15-KM.jpg (33607 bytes)
Algoma Hansa moored at Froomfield Ontario.

Detroit and Put-In-Bay - Capt. Mike Nicholls
BEATRIXb04072815mn.jpg (216677 bytes) ALPENAb02072615mn.jpg (167543 bytes) ALPENAs04072615mn.jpg (163950 bytes) FORTUNEb06072615mn.jpg (122905 bytes) FORTUNEs08072615mn.jpg (145720 bytes)
ALGOMAHARVESTERb01080315mn.jpg (137122 bytes) ALGOMAHARVESTERs08072815mn.jpg (176176 bytes) ALGOMATRANSPORTb04072815mn.jpg (144129 bytes) ALGOMATRANSPORTs05072815mn.jpg (130766 bytes) AMERICANSPIRITb0308015mn.jpg (118310 bytes)
BARKERKAYEEb01072815mn.jpg (151468 bytes) BLOUGHROGERs09072815mn.jpg (167965 bytes) AVENGERIVb22072815mn.jpg (219935 bytes) ALGOSARb18072815mn.jpg (197262 bytes) CUYAHOGAb15080115mn.jpg (166284 bytes)
C204570ONb08073115mn.jpg (253755 bytes) CRESSWELLPETERRb13080115mn.jpg (177185 bytes) CGB12001s01080615mn.jpg (245854 bytes) CSLASSINIBOINEb10080115mn.jpg (164646 bytes) CSLNIAGARAb04073015mn.jpg (157515 bytes)
CSLLAURENTIENb05080215mn.jpg (136280 bytes) CSLWELLANDb14080615mn.jpg (159709 bytes) MANISTEEb05073115mn.jpg (205567 bytes) MANISTEEs06073115mn.jpg (184771 bytes) MUNSONJOHNGb04080615mn.jpg (167822 bytes)
MUNSONJOHNGs07080615mn.jpg (149928 bytes) KUBERJAMESLb05080415mn.jpg (187697 bytes) VICTORYb06080415mn.jpg (155651 bytes) KUBERJAMESLb09073115mn.jpg (170196 bytes) DIAMONDJACKb04080715mn.jpg (189603 bytes)
MACASSABAYOVATIONb10080715mn.jpg (168115 bytes) LighthouseLivingstone02080315mn.jpg (145915 bytes) WHITEFISHBAYb11080615mn.jpg (173873 bytes) WHITEFISSt. Clair river traffic, Monday July 27, 2015.
- Kevin MajewskiBAYMANITOWOCp10080615mn.jpg (167792 bytes)
Whitefish Bay passing Manitowoc in Whiskey Gulch.
RANDOLPHCURTISb06073015mn.jpg (213482 bytes)
SAINTLAURENTb01080415mn.jpg (187474 bytes) SAINTLAURENTs03080415mn.jpg (204676 bytes) WABI-SABIb10072815mn.jpg (183494 bytes)
Yacht WabI-Sabi at Detroit Yacht Club.
LEONARDMs07073015mn.jpg (166707 bytes) MARTINPAULJRTHONb10073015mn.jpg (177485 bytes)
PUT-IN-BAYb041080515mn.jpg (131792 bytes) PUT-IN-BAYs42080515mn.jpg (143119 bytes) MARKETWMb05080515mn.jpg (194142 bytes) SOUTHBASSb46080515mn.jpg (171133 bytes) ISLANDERb11080515mn.jpg (159051 bytes)
GOODTIMEIb34080515mn.jpg (137458 bytes) GOODTIMEIs24080515mn.jpg (246804 bytes) JETEXPRESSIIb27080515mn.jpg (184137 bytes) EMILYBb22080515mn.jpg (213666 bytes) LighthouseSBassIsland39080515mn.jpg (158216 bytes)
SONNYSb02080515mn.jpg (128506 bytes) SONNYSs21080515mn.jpg (162983 bytes)      

Summer on the Detroit River
- BoatNerd Crew
Untitled_HDR2.jpg (172778 bytes)
American Spirit
DJI_0395.jpg (220145 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine
DJI_0476.jpg (216856 bytes)
Westcott Company Dock
DJI_0412.jpg (270875 bytes) DJI_0444.jpg (489197 bytes)
Diamond Queen
DJI_0460.jpg (229601 bytes)
Diamond Queen
DJI_0453.jpg (296568 bytes) DSCN7249.jpg (44565 bytes)
Blue Moon
DSCN7185.jpg (168462 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw passing
DSCN7184.jpg (147837 bytes)
DSCN7164.jpg (150224 bytes) DSCN7169.jpg (177101 bytes) DSCN7158.jpg (130635 bytes) DSCN7160.jpg (28728 bytes)
DSCN7161.jpg (21830 bytes)
DSCN7179.jpg (149162 bytes) DSCN7193.jpg (200093 bytes) DSCN7197.jpg (190284 bytes) DSCN7194.jpg (185729 bytes) DSCN7136.jpg (154734 bytes)
Jet Express arrives at the Portofino Restaurant in Wyandotte.
DSCN7142.jpg (210134 bytes) DSCN7145.jpg (203643 bytes) DSCN7148.jpg (98528 bytes) DSCN7150.jpg (251422 bytes) DSCN7152.jpg (119820 bytes)
Friendship Crew

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