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September 3, 2015

Columbia arriving in Buffalo Wednesday afternoon - Brian W.
columbia9-2-15-bw11.jpg (131971 bytes)
 Escorted by the Fireboat Cotter & the schooner Spirit of Buffalo.
columbia9-2-15-bw7.jpg (68971 bytes)
 The Erie County Sheriff Marine Unit 3 cleared the way while the tugs Michigan & Washington brought her in.
columbia9-2-15-bw21.jpg (111157 bytes) columbia9-2-15-bw3.jpg (130827 bytes) columbia9-2-15-bw4.jpg (190871 bytes)
columbia9-2-15-bw5.jpg (158156 bytes) columbia9-2-15-bw6.jpg (109986 bytes)      

American Century and Gregory J. Busch downbound under the Bluewater Bridges on August 30 - Dave Noordhoff & Joanne Noordhoff
1-ACentur-15-8-30-dn.jpg (159208 bytes)
American Century approaches the Bluewater Bridges
2-ACentur-15-8-30-dn.jpg (138342 bytes) 3-ACentur-15-8-30-dn.jpg (83705 bytes)
Aft detail
4-GBusch-15-8-30-dn.jpg (233766 bytes)
Gregory J Busch with barge

Federal Beaufort
Federal-Beaufort-(Mtl-2015-09-01)-René-B-(2).jpg (126701 bytes)
Pointe-aux-Trembles anchorage for Seaway inspection and a few minutes after her arrival on September 1. - Rene Beauchamp
FEDERAL-BEAUFORT-----IRMA-010.jpg (197998 bytes)
Jacques Gauthier
FEDERAL-BEAUFORT-----IRMA-024.jpg (196406 bytes)    

Edgar B. Speer trip - Ed Labernik
We departed BNSF #5 in Superior with 61,680 tons of iron ore pellets and went to Conneaut, Ohioto unload. We returned to Two Harbors 7 days later.
1-ebspeer--8-9-15-el.jpg (216079 bytes)
From the pilothouse of the Edgar B. Speer looking forward with the loading shuttles of BNSF #5 extending over the open hatches.
2-ebsper-8-9-15--el.jpg (141437 bytes)
 Loading the forward hatches of the Speer.
3-ebspeer-8-9-15-el.jpg (152344 bytes)
Looking into one of the hatches as iron ore pelletss are loaded.
4-ebspeer-8-9-15-el.jpg (182496 bytes)
 A loaded Edgar B. Speer departs out the Superior Enntry to lake Superior, passing the Wisconsin Point Lighthouse.
5-ebspeer-8-9-15-el.jpg (178008 bytes)
 The deck of the Speer on Lake Superior under a settting sun.
6-ebspeer-8-9-15-el.jpg (249799 bytes)
A Lake Superior sunset off the stern of the Speer.
7-ebspeer-8--10-15-el.jpg (46515 bytes)
Pilothouse view on the Edgar B. Speer of Lake Superior fog that persisted much of the second day.
8-ebspeer-8-10-15-el.jpg (192726 bytes)
The fog lifts as the Speer approaches the Soo Locks and the upbound Stewart J. Cort.
9-ebspeer-8-10-15-el.jpg (234985 bytes)
The upbound Kaye E. Barker departs the Poe Lock.
10-ebspeer-8-10-15-el-0.jpg (168479 bytes)
The downbound Speer passes under the Internationall Bridge and heads for the Poe Lock.
11-ebspeer-8-10-15-el-.jpg (150062 bytes)
Coming behind the Speer is the also downbound Herbbert C. Jackson, waiting for the Poe Lock behind the Speer and loaded with iron ore pellets loaded at Marquette for AK Steel in Dearborn, Mich.
12-ebspeer-8-10-15-el.jpg (147314 bytes)
Pilothouse view of the Speer departing the Poe Lock.
13-ebspeer---8-10-15-el.jpg (231157 bytes)
After passing through the Poe lock, the Edgar B. Speer is resupplied by the supply boat Ojibway.
14-ebspeer-8-10-15-el.jpg (115113 bytes)
The view from the pilothouse as the Speer heads down St. Mary’s River.
15-ebspeer-8-11-15-el.jpg (171959 bytes)
The Speer pushes across Lake Huron on the third day.
15a-ebspeer-8-11-15-el.jpg (151462 bytes)
Stern view of the Speer crossing Lake Huron.
16-ebspeer-8-11-15-el.jpg (187598 bytes)
The Speer passes the tug/barge Lakes Contender/Ken Boothe in the St. Clair River.
17a-ebspeer-8-12-15-el.jpg (179176 bytes)
A Lake Erie sunrise off the deck of the Speer.
17-ebspeer-8-12-15-el.jpg (158176 bytes)
The Edgar B. Speer unloads iron ore pellets into the hopper at Conneaut, OH.
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18-ebspeer-8-12-15-el.jpg (231809 bytes)
The short, retractable shuttle unloading boom of the Speer unloads into the hopper.
19-ebspeer-8-12-15-el.jpg (119357 bytes)
 The Speer continues to unload through the night.
20a-ebspeer-813-15-el.jpg (89880 bytes)
A Lake Erie sunrise off Deck C of the Speer.
20-ebspeer-8-13-15-el.jpg (163499 bytes)
The upbound Speer about to enter the Livingston Channel of the Detroit River.
21-ebspeer-813-15-el.jpg (168321 bytes)
The downbound American Spirit, headed for Zug Island in Detroit with iron ore pellets, passes to the portside of the Speer on Lake St. Clair.
22-ebspeer-8-14-15-el.jpg (158415 bytes)
The Edgar B. Speer cautiously approaches Johnson's Point, the sharpest turn in St. Mary’s River.
23-ebspeer-8-14-15-el.jpg (242337 bytes)
As the Speer waits for the Poe Lock, the Herbert C. Jackson passes to the portside.
24ebspeer-8-14-15-el.jpg (186863 bytes)
 After locking through, the downbound Herbert C. Jackson is resupplied by the supply boat Ojibway.
25-ebspeer-8-15-15-el.jpg (52349 bytes)
Dawn on Lake Superior off C Deck of the Speer.
26-ebspeer--8-15-15--el.jpg (34963 bytes)
Thick Lake Superior fog as seen through the pilothouse of the Speer.
27-8-15-15-el.jpg (87713 bytes)
The Speer enters the harbor at Two Harbors near dusk, soon to load iron ore pellets for Gary, IN at the CN Dock.

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Toledo.jpg (69878 bytes)
Edmund Fitzgerald in Toledo

In memory of Dennis Hale please send in any pictures you would like to share.
100_0821.jpg (243048 bytes)
Spending time with Dennis Hale at the Boatnerd Headquarters, Nov. 22, 2014 - MattJ
dennis-hale.jpg (137953 bytes)
Dennis and Matt Weisman, Wakeman, Ohio Library, October 10, 2009.


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