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September 14, 2015

Alpena to Bath, Ontario - John McCreery
1-Alpena-9-13-15-jm.jpg (131177 bytes)
Alpena finally comes off the lake a little later than expected but to the delight of Boatnerds.
2-Alpena-Fortitude-9-13-15-jm.jpg (178859 bytes)
Passing the Fortitude at IMS, The Alpena is actually 10 years older, 1942 versus 1952.
3-Alpena-9-13-15-jm.jpg (145973 bytes)
Headed towards lock 8. They are still debating when the Alpena was last in the canal, could have been 1993.
4-TransHawk-9-13-15-jm.jpg (250738 bytes)
TransHawk and pilot boat
5-Alpena-Baiecomeau-9-13-15-jm.jpg (181732 bytes)
Baie Comeau passing the Alpena waiting on the wall below lock 8.
6-Baie-Comeau-9-13-15-jm.jpg (158710 bytes)
Baie Comeau upbound in ballast.
7-Mississagi-9-13-15-jm.jpg (186124 bytes)
 The upbound Mississagi ties up at the Robin Mill to take on a grain cargo, an infrequent event in recent years.
8-Mississagi-9-13-15-jm.jpg (210360 bytes)
Loading of the Mississagi
9-Alpena-9-13-15-jm.jpg (103015 bytes)
Alpena departs Lock 8, the black exhaust indicating frequent use of the bow thruster.
10-Alpena-Mississagi-9-13-15-jm.jpg (173559 bytes)
Alpena passing the Mississagi. Probably no other place than on the Great Lakes where you will see a 73 year old freighter passing another aged 72 years.

Alpena preparing to load at Lafarge cement Bath Ontario - Murray Blancher
1-Alpena-14-09-15-mb.jpg (166902 bytes) 2-Alpena-14-09-15-mb.jpg (103628 bytes)      

Port Colborne - Nathan Attard
image12mississagi.jpg (128183 bytes)
 Mississagi loading at Robin Hood in
image11alpena.jpg (92815 bytes)
Alpena in port colborne
image21alpena.jpg (90751 bytes)    

Port Colborne Sept. 13 -  J Bowser
IMG_6560transhawk.jpg (153755 bytes) IMG_6659--ALPENA.jpg (125334 bytes) IMG_6705-ALPENA.jpg (123423 bytes) IMG_6486BLUEMOON.jpg (110383 bytes) IMG_6576-PETER-S-CRESWLL.jpg (129076 bytes)

Tug Duluth at Gorden Park, Cleveland. Taking a Sunday break from breakwall work - Rich Nicholls
1-Duluth-9-13-15-rn.jpg (217830 bytes) 2-Duluth-9-13-15-rn.jpg (342243 bytes)      

St. Clair River - Don Detloff
1-stlaurent-13sep15-djd1.jpg (143488 bytes)
CSL St-Laurent
2-hansa-13sep15-djd1.jpg (192648 bytes)
Algoma Hansa
1-manitou-12sep15-djd.jpg (249029 bytes)
Tug Manitou and barge
2-presque-12sep15-djd.jpg (148591 bytes)
Presque Isle
3-viking-12sep15-djd.jpg (163334 bytes)
Vikingbank and Presque Isle
4-viking-12sep15-djd.jpg (170627 bytes)
5-viking-12sep15-djd.jpg (147544 bytes)
unusual bow
6-viking-12sep15-djd.jpg (442684 bytes) 5-miramichi-05sep15-djd.jpg (186756 bytes)
Federal Miramichi
1-mesabi-05sep15-djd.jpg (192929 bytes)
 Mesabi Miner
2-mesabi-05sep15-djd.jpg (302162 bytes) 3-jackson-05sep15-djd.jpg (181024 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson
4-jackson-05sep15-djd.jpg (294544 bytes) 6-miramichi-05sep15-djd.jpg (285404 bytes) 7-jackman-05sep15-djd.jpg (190277 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman
8-jackman-05sep15-djd.jpg (313478 bytes) 1-belle-05sep15-djd.jpg (373279 bytes)
Pilot Boat Huron Belle
1-boothe-06sep15-djd.jpg (145118 bytes)
Ken Boothe Sr. and Lakes Contender at Marine City

On board the Foresight crossing Lake St. Clair - Capt. Ryan Gazdecki
IMG_0166.jpg (86785 bytes) IMG_0143.jpg (57816 bytes) IMG_0213.jpg (92424 bytes) IMG_0193.jpg (109386 bytes) IMG_0169.jpg (136640 bytes)

Badger docking at Manitowoc in heavy fog - Tedd Prater
IMG_0351.jpg (18954 bytes) IMG_0353.jpg (21917 bytes) IMG_0359.jpg (28479 bytes) IMG_0356.jpg (28844 bytes)  

Thursday at the Soo - M. Young
DSC_5571.jpg (133019 bytes) DSC_5573.jpg (216142 bytes) DSC_5594.jpg (157345 bytes) DSC_5598.jpg (173037 bytes) DSC_5608.jpg (160674 bytes)
DSC_5606.jpg (156957 bytes) DSC_5612.jpg (161752 bytes) DSC_5617.jpg (178526 bytes) DSC_5624.jpg (256177 bytes) DSC_5635.jpg (187957 bytes)

Recent Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-foresight-9-4-15-dk.jpg (176320 bytes)
Foresight entering the MacArthur Lock.
2-foresight-9-7-15-dk.jpg (171788 bytes)
Foresight upbound near Rotary Park.
3-aintegrity-9-9-15-dk.jpg (121067 bytes)
American Integrity downbound at Mission Point.
4-presquei-9-9-15-dk.jpg (201333 bytes)
Presque Isle at the International Bridge.
5-sandechap-9-7-15-dk.jpg (121759 bytes)
Samuel De Champlain upbound in the Soo Lock Canal.
6-joycevan-9-2-15-dk.jpg (120618 bytes)
Joyce VanEnkevort downbound near Rotary Park.
7-kayebarker-9-4-15-dk.jpg (219659 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker upbound out of the Poe Lock.
8-hhlnile-9-7-15-dk.jpg (105295 bytes)
 HHL Nile in the MacArthur Lock.
9-spurvis-9-9-15-dk.jpg (160758 bytes)
Tug Scott Purvis.

CRESSWELLPETERRs12090215mn.jpg (130259 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell unloading at Nicholson's Ecorse. Trucks are loading and taking the cement to the St. Marys Cement up the Rouge River.
CALUMETb05083015mn.jpg (124737 bytes)
FEDERALMAASs03083015mn.jpg (154372 bytes)
Federal Maas
FORESIGHTb01090315mn.jpg (138713 bytes)
FORESIGHTs04090315mn.jpg (115598 bytes)
FRIENDSHIPb01083015mn.jpg (196920 bytes)
KUBERJAMESLb04090115mn.jpg (155738 bytes) KUBERJAMESLs07090115mn.jpg (146312 bytes)
James L Kuber and Victory
VICTORYs05090115mn.jpg (148466 bytes) LINNHURSTs07090215mn.jpg (266688 bytes)
Tug Linnhurst
SLOMANHERAKLESb16090215mn.jpg (186907 bytes)
Sloman Herakles
SLOMANHERAKLESs18090215mn.jpg (184222 bytes) TITANs16090215mn.jpg (167705 bytes)
Tug Titan and barge

Buffalo River history tour - Brian W. 
columbiaimage12.jpg (90722 bytes) columbia.jpg (97248 bytes)
Columbia at the Marine 'A' Elevator
columbiaimage23.jpg (186414 bytes)
SS Columbia was the first passenger steamer to dock in the river since the SS South American left town 50 years ago.
columbiaimage22.jpg (124572 bytes) columbiaimage32.jpg (204918 bytes)
image14.jpg (172212 bytes)
The Great Lakes Towing tugs Vermont & Washington at the GLT dock.
image24.jpg (225074 bytes)
Power Authority vessels starting with the tug Breaker.
image33.jpg (127475 bytes)
Derrick boat Hyvasu II.
image41.jpg (130175 bytes)
Ice Breaker Lathum on the new Marine Transfer Lift.
image51.jpg (253331 bytes)
Former Coast Guard buoy boat hauled out on the dock at the Bidco slip.
image15.jpg (156821 bytes)
Big US flag at the Naval Park.
columbiaimage11.jpg (197963 bytes)
Algorail departing Lackawanna
columbiaimage21.jpg (57143 bytes)    

Algowood at Anderson on the Maumee River in Toledo - Tom  Welles
IMG_20150906_115256_933.jpg (101070 bytes)        

Sarnia Summer Lay-up - Mark Harris
AlgosteelAlgosoo--Algoma.jpg (163614 bytes) Algoma-Navigator---Sarnia-Lay-Up---082215.jpg (210380 bytes) Algosoo--Algoma-Navigator---Sarnia-Lay-Up---082315.jpg (163852 bytes) Algosteel--Algoma-Navigator---Sarnia-Lay-Up---082315.jpg (260244 bytes)  

Historical Perspective - Marvet fishing tug - Carl  Feather 
Redwing-1.jpg (88265 bytes)
Redwing-2.jpg (89607 bytes) Mavret-H.jpg (175981 bytes) Marvet-2.jpg (60697 bytes) Marvet-3.jpg (58069 bytes)
Red-Wing-3.jpg (64292 bytes)        


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