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April 12 - 17, 2016


4/17 - Port Huron weekend - Roger LeLievre

Arthur M. Anderson

Anderson and Algorail bows

G3 Marquis



4/17 - Port Huron
- Don Detloff

Algoma Hansa passing

Algoma Hansa stern shot

Algoma Harvester downbound
at the Bluewater Bridges

Algoma Harvester passing

Stern shot

4/17 - Detroit and Windsor
- Joe Van der Doe

4/17 - Welland Canal traffic
- Barry Andersen

Whitefish Bay  upbound headed for Lock Two

Tug Reliance & barge PML 9000 at Lock Three 



I4/17 - Wheatley, ON scenes
- Joe van der Doe

Toronto's new harbor tug Iron Guppy
under construction

Fishing tugs returning to port

4/15 - St. Clair River traffic - Don Detloff

Manitowoc upbound at Marine City

Exeborg downbound at Algonac State Park


4/15 -
Stephen B. Roman departing Rochester, NY - T. Brewer

Passing the Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse
after unloading a cargo of bulk cement at Essroc's terminal.

4/14 - Welland Canal traffic
- Ian Baker

4/14 - Welland Canal traffic -
Barry Andersen

Federal Caribou upbound above Lock 7. First trip into the Lakes.

Stern view

Jana Desgagnes upbound at anchor when Bridge 4 is unable to raise in high winds.

Cape Labrador, ex Heloise - upbound in the Canal


Minervagracht down bound
clear of Lock 2

Barge Delaware with tug Calusa Coast upbound headed to Lock 7

ug Calusa Coast works hard
 approaching Lock 7

4/14 - Catherine III, ex Catherine Desgagnes, docked in Sydney, N.S. - Jason Day


4/13 - Recent Detroit area traffic -
Capt. Mike Nicholls

Kaye E Barker inbound the Rouge River at Fort Street.

John J Boland unloading coal in the Rouge Short-cut Canal.

CGB 12002 and Mobile Bay in Toledo, OH.

CSL St Laurent at Sterling Fuel In Windsor.

Great Lakes Trader turning
 into the old Rouge River.

Norman Mc Leod and Everlast in Monroe, MI

Robert S Pierson passing through the Short Cut Bridge with a load of coke.

Joyce L Van Enkevort at Mistersky's Fuel Dock in Detroit.

4/13 - Marshall Islands-registered laker Federal Caribou (2016) at Picton Terminal -
Liam R. E. Quin

Federal Caribou seen from above, alongside the dock; stern view

View from across the inlet with lights and reflections.

Stern and starboard beam showing the mooring rope and dock

4/13 -
Port Huron Traffic - Don Detloff

Pilot boat Huron Belle


Stern view

CSL Welland downbound

Under the Blue Water Bridges


Stern view

Cuyahoga downbound




H. Lee White upbound



Under the bridges

Out into Lake Huron

4/13 - Detroit River/Amherstburg Channel traffic
- Jan van der Doe

Cedarglen down bound
 in the Livingston Channel

Algonova upbound
in the Amherstburg Channel

.Algonova stern view

USCG Mobil Bay upbound
at Amherstburg with her buoy barge

Stern view

4/12 -  Salties in the Welland Canal
– Ian Baker

Vectis Castle

Stern view


Stern view


4/12 - Rouge River Scenes - Ken Borg

M/V/ Kaye E. Barker up-bound the Rouge River  at Fort St

Calendar says its April, springtime in Michigan....That's Pure Michigan.

M/V/ Kaye E. Barker up-bound the Rouge River passing the stored Ste. Claire at the Dix Bridge. 

M/V Robert S. Pierson loading coke in the Rouge River at Zug Island

4/12 - G3 Marquis upbound at Port Colborne on her first trip after renaming – Barry Andersen

Upbound at Port Colborne

After house

New stack logo

Stern view

4/12 - The Capt. Henry Jackman sailing under the Hoan Bridge
 to enter Milwaukee’s inner harbor
- Cathy Drexler



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