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May 14 - 17, 2016


5/17 - Algosar Tow - Jeff Cameron

Algosar---2016-05-17---03.jpg (236314 bytes)
Algosar upbound in the Welland Canal at mile 15 destined for Port Colborne.
Peter-R.-Cresswell---2016-05-17---01.jpg (239983 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell making her final voyage down the Welland Canal.
Algosar---2016-05-17---02.jpg (260055 bytes) Algosar---2016-05-17---04.jpg (217232 bytes) Peter-R.-Cresswell---2016-05-17---02.jpg (232431 bytes)

5/17 - Algosar Tow - Al Howard

Tug Jerry G. leads the tow.

Exiting Lock 2.

Tug Radium Yellowknife on the stern.


5/15 - Ships at the Bluewater Bridges
- Lorraine Morrill

15607---Hon-James-L-Oberstar--Sarnia-5-15-16.jpg (141074 bytes) 15585---CCGS-Constable-Carriere--Sarnia-5-15-16.jpg (142273 bytes) 15592---Cuyahoga--Sarnia-5-15-16.jpg (131602 bytes) 15600---American-Spirit--Sarnia-5-15-16.jpg (116194 bytes) 15609---American-Spirit--Sarnia-5-15-16.jpg (89464 bytes)

5/15 - Welland Canal
- Bill Bird

1-OceanCastle-05-15-16-a-bb.jpg (152741 bytes)
Ocean Castle at Thorold
2-BrettWalker-05-15-16-a-bb.jpg (92989 bytes)
A big smile and a wave from pilot Brett Walker.  I first met him in 2000 when he was skipper of Capt. Henry Jackman
3-OceanCastle-05-15-16-b-bb.jpg (120971 bytes)
On her way to Thunder Bay
4-AlgomaEquinox-05-15-16-a-bb.jpg (133212 bytes)
Algoma Equinox clear of the flight locks
5-AlgomaEquinox-05-15-16-b-bb.jpg (140051 bytes)
bound for Baie Comeau
6-AlgomaGuardian-05-15-16-a-bb.jpg (135919 bytes)
After spending some time at the wall outside the drydock at Port Weller, Algoma Guardian is on the move again approaching the Homer Bridge
7-AlgomaGuardiancrew-05-15-16-a-bb.jpg (189931 bytes)
Crew preparing to tie up below Lock 3
8-HomerBridge-05-15-16-a-bb.jpg (143138 bytes)
Bridge closing
9-AlgomaGuardian-05-15-16-b-bb.jpg (122651 bytes)
Thunder Bay this trip's destination.

5/15 Recent Detroit River

calusadelaware5-16.jpg (202573 bytes)
Tug Calusa Coast and barge Delaware heading to the Belle Isle Anchorage Sunday
calusadelaware5-16s.jpg (206996 bytes) IMG_20160518_155856 copy.jpg (216868 bytes)
Eemsborg downbound
IMG_20160518_155914 copy.jpg (141086 bytes) IMG_20160518_155931 copy.jpg (127806 bytes)
IMG_20160518_160035 copy.jpg (214256 bytes) IMG_20160518_155959 copy.jpg (293633 bytes) IMG_20160518_155621 copy.jpg (237468 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman passing the J. W. Westcott Company Station.
IMG_20160516_000034 copy.jpg (135489 bytes) IMG_20160516_000121 copy.jpg (110099 bytes)
IMG_20160515_235950 copy.jpg (156547 bytes) IMG_20160516_000217 copy.jpg (131063 bytes) IMG_20160516_000256 copy.jpg (168885 bytes)
Mesabi Miner downbound

5/14 - 15 Saginaw River
- Gordy Garris

saginaw5-17-16-gg021.jpg (155389 bytes)
Samuel D. Champlain/Innovation unloading at LaFarge
saginaw5-17-16-gg077.jpg (135340 bytes)
Olive L. Moore/Lewis J. Kuber passing by the Champlain/Innovation

saginaw5-17-16-gg105.jpg (144961 bytes)
Another view of the Moore/Kuber as they fly the "Don't Give Up the Ship" flag

"saginaw5-17-16-gg111.jpg (131878 bytes)
Close up of the tug Olive L. Moore

saginaw5-17-16-gg119.jpg (119366 bytes)
Stern view of the pair headed upriver
saginaw5-17-16-gg011.jpg (117405 bytes)
Moore/Kuber unloading at the Bay City Wirt dock
019.jpg (148551 bytes)
Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder departing from the Bay City Wirt Stone dock Saturday.
040.jpg (110534 bytes)
Upbound at Wheeler's Landing, making the tight squeeze through the railway and the Liberty Bridge
055.jpg (122176 bytes)
Passing through Downtown Bay City with City Hall in the background
105a.jpg (139403 bytes)
Stern view passing through the Lafayette Bridge
152.jpg (160655 bytes)
Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder arrives passing underneath the I-75 Bridge in Zilwaukee
117.jpg (122687 bytes)
Swinging the boom out to unload at the Saginaw Wirt Stone dock
324.jpg (136060 bytes)
Stern view as the blue skies peak out on a rainy day
297.jpg (80038 bytes)
Outbound at the Front Range; Karn Weadock plant in comparison to the pair as they pass by it

5/14 - Seaway Mariatown
- Murry Blancher

1-Adfines-Star-14-04-16-mb.jpg (135495 bytes)
Adfines Star up
2-Adfines-Star-14-04-16-mb.jpg (137202 bytes) 3-Happy-Ranger-14-01-16-mb.jpg (171990 bytes)
Happy Ranger down
4-Happy-Ranger-14-04-16-mb.jpg (148228 bytes)  

5/14 - St. Clair River
- Don Detloff

1-oberstar-14may16-djd.jpg (109041 bytes)
Hon. James L. Oberstar downbound at Algonac State Park
2-boland-14may16-djd.jpg (131873 bytes)
John J. Boland following
3-champlain-14may16-djd.jpg (126214 bytes)
Samuel de Champlain and Innovation upbound

5/13 - G3 Marquis downbound passing Windsor
- Capt. Mike Nicholls

C3MARQUISs01051316mn.jpg (187027 bytes)        


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