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May 14 - 22, 2016

5/22 - Cleveland - Kate White

Sea Eagle II and St. Marys Cement II.

Tug Iowa assisting.

5/21 - Welland Canal and Lake Ontario -
Jeff Cameron

The Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin discharging grain at wharf 19 east in the Canal at Port Colborne.

American Fortitude at MRC in Port Colborne.

Evans Spirit upbound in the Canal at Glendale bridge.

Teclutsa departing the Canal at Port Colborne.

Happy Ranger on Lake Ontario back on May 4th.

Harbour First in the anchorage off Port Weller back on May 17th.

Trudy departing the anchorage at Port Weller.



5/20 St. Clair River
Friday - Don Detloff

Federal Shimanto downbound at Algonac State Park.

Tug Teclutsa upbound.

Tug Teclutsa passing.

Tug Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder downbound.

Algoma Harvester upbound.

Tim S. Dool downbound.

A friendly wave from the Dool.

5/19 - Algomarine Scrap tow departs Montreal Wednesday
- Capt. C. Marcil
algomarinescrap5-18-16.jpg (91082 bytes)
She will be towed to Aliaga Turkey for scrapping. She has been renamed Mari and registered in Freetown Sierra Leone for the trip.
Diavlos-Pride-Leading5-18-16.jpg (51456 bytes)
Tug Diavlos Pride Leading.
Molly-M-1-trailing5-18-19.jpg (69267 bytes)
Tug Molly M 1 trailing.

5/19 - May Passages on Lake Ontario -
Jeff Cameron
BBC-Plata---2016-05-01---01.jpg (208633 bytes)
BBC Plata on Lake Ontario.
BBC-Plata---2016-05-01---02.jpg (179537 bytes)
Fearless arriving at Hamilton.

Sten Baltic approaching the Welland Canal.




5/19-  CSL Laurentien and  Prosna in Seaway South Shore Canal Wednesday - Roland Van Bulck
IMG_0527.jpg (145102 bytes)
CSL Laurentien bow view
IMG_0533.jpg (128333 bytes)
stern view
IMG_0534.jpg (171796 bytes)
CSL Laurentien meeting Prosna
IMG_0537.jpg (141330 bytes)
Prosna bow view
IMG_0539.jpg (153643 bytes)
stern view

5/19 -  Port Weller Dry Dock -
Brenda Benoit
Algosar in her final stages of life getting ready to head out for scrapping.
Algosar5-10-16-brendab.jpg (186517 bytes)
Algoma Spirit.

5/19 St. Clair River
Wednesday - Don Detloff

Capt. Henry Jackman upbound Marine City
John J. Boland arriving Marine City

5/18 - Lorain
- Rich Nicholls

Tug Prarieland in Lorain.


5/14 & 5/16 - Mariatown -  Ron Beaupre

Evans Spirit.

Stern view.




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