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May 22, 2016

5/22 - Alpena - Ben and Chanda McClain

Alpena inbound on first trip of 2016.

Michigan Department of Natural Resource's new Lake Huron research vessel Tanner.


5/22 Detroit River weekend
IMG_20160522_163817.jpg (164518 bytes)
J. W. Westcott II delivering pizza to the tour boat Friendship.
IMG_20160522_010324.jpg (193427 bytes)
American Mariner
IMG_20160522_005552.jpg (112951 bytes) IMG_20160522_010136.jpg (242384 bytes) IMG_20160522_010059.jpg (190971 bytes)
CSL Laurentien
IMG_20160522_010033.jpg (110689 bytes)
Diamond Jack passing the Westcott Company station.
IMG_20160522_010000.jpg (199966 bytes) IMG_20160522_005926.jpg (111491 bytes) IMG_20160522_005817.jpg (59760 bytes)
Pilot change on the Trudy
IMG_20160522_005744.jpg (48580 bytes)
IMG_20160522_005659.jpg (67436 bytes) DSCN8280.jpg (115687 bytes)
Yacht White Eagle with the Federal Nakagawa astern.
DSCN8284.jpg (178151 bytes) IMG_20160522_175151.jpg (59519 bytes)
Pilot change on the Federal Nakagawa.
IMG_20160522_175057.jpg (119277 bytes)
IMG_20160522_175252.jpg (209724 bytes)
Beautiful day
IMG_20160522_175358.jpg (74688 bytes)
Pilot change on the Rosaire Desgagnes.
IMG_20160522_175523.jpg (57022 bytes) IMG_20160522_175458.jpg (84277 bytes)
Joe Buchanan manning the boarding ladder.
IMG_20160522_175326.jpg (54210 bytes)
IMG_20160522_175623.jpg (127260 bytes)
Deck crew keeping busy.
IMG_20160522_175713.jpg (98857 bytes)
Capt. Walker off.
IMG_20160522_175545.jpg (347647 bytes) IMG_20160522_175850.jpg (102965 bytes) IMG_20160522_175806.jpg (221791 bytes)
P1001140[1].jpg (152166 bytes) DJI_0007.jpg (169495 bytes)
DJI_0018.jpg (229519 bytes)
DJI_0028.jpg (209602 bytes) DJI_0036.jpg (345715 bytes)
Westcott Co. Dock.
P1001143[1].jpg (265308 bytes)
CSL Niagara downbound
P1001149[1].jpg (192402 bytes) P1001146[1].jpg (83568 bytes) P1001145[1].jpg (181691 bytes)  

5/22 Montreal
- Joe Delaronde

Algoma Navigator has been renamed Navi for her scrap tow.

Evidence of two former names.

Wisps of smoke from the stack.

Waiting in Montreal's Old Port.



5/22 Seaway Iroquois Lock - Murray Blancher

Volgaborg downbound.

Federal Mackinac upbound.

5/22 Weekend along the St. Clair River - Bill Bird

American Integrity exiting Lake Huron.

Drone off to take pictures of American Integrity.

Having departed its Sarnia dock Algoma Hansa headed downstream.  And yes the blossom are in full bloom.

Meeting Sarah Desgagnes.

Ocean Castle.

Algorail remains in layup at her dock in Sarnia.

Algowood coming off the lake.

Buffalo with a bone in her teeth.

5/22 - Recent Soo Traffic
- David Kaye

American Integrity

Great Republic


Roger Blough


Algoma Harvester

Stewart J Cort

Presque Isle


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