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May 23-27, 2016

5/27- Recent Point Edward/Sarnia Passages - Marc and Craig Dease

Federal Welland downbound on a blustery May day.

Algoway upbound at the Black River entrance.

Algoma Transport upbound at the Black River entrance.

Capt. Henry Jackman upbound at the Black River entrance.

CSL Welland downbound for the bridges.

John D. Leitch framed by beautiful sunset.

Tim S. Dool downbound at buoys 1 & 2.

Algoma Guardian downbound at buoys 1 & 2.

Tug Dorothy Ann and barge Pathfinder downbound at buoys 1 & 2.

Algolake downbound at buoys 1 & 2.

Paul R. Tregurtha downbound above buoys 1 & 2.

Algoway abeam Fort Gratiot Lighthouse.

Walter J. McCarthy Jr., downbound with a load of coal.

Roger Blough upbound at the Black River entrance.

Cason J. Callaway upbound for Lake Huron.

Edwin H. Gott downbound at buoys 1 & 2.

American Century downbound with a load of coal.

Algolake downbound below buoys 1 & 2.

Whitefish Bay upbound for Lake Huron.

5/27 - St. Clair River
- Kevin Majewski

Federal Kivalina downbound at the
‘Bean Dock’.

Stern view.

Arthur M. Anderson upbound just above Marysville.

ATB Everlast/Norman McLeod downbound at Marysville.

CSL Laurentien downbound at the
 ‘Bean Dock’.

5/26 - Zug Island
- Kenneth Borg

Mississagi loading coke at Zug Island.


Ken Boothe
loading in Marquette, Mich. - Neil Harri
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Sunrise panoramic on Lake Huron from the Boothe.
5/24 - Recent photos, St. Marys River - Roger LeLievre

Alpena upbound for Duluth on her first trip after repairs from a fire.

Alpena, stern view

American Century

American Century, stern view

BBC Haren upbound into the Mac Lock.

Cedarglen in the Mac Lock headed for Thunder Bay.

Canadian Coast Guard vessel Constable Carriere at Mission Point.

Great Lakes Trader downbound.

Mackinac Island ferry Huron headed up river.

Mesabi Miner upbound at Nine Mile Point.
Mississagi at Mission Point, upbound for Essar Steel.

Mississagi and Great Lakes Trader meet in Soo Harbor.

Mississagi, stern view

Ojibway supplies Joyce L. VanEnkevort and barge Great Lakes Trader.

Tug Teclutsa headed for Thunder Bay, Ont.

Teclutsa, stern view

Saltie Vikingbank upbound at Nine Mile Point.

5/24 - Seaway Blockhouse Island Brockville Ontario
- Murray Blancher
1-Kurt-Paul-24-05-16-mb.jpg (170881 bytes)
 Kurt Paul upbound
2-Kurt-Paul-24-05-16-mb.jpg (118811 bytes) 3-Ocean-Castle-24-05-16-mb.jpg (121235 bytes)
Ocean Castle downbound
4-Ocean-Castle-&-Kurt-Paul-24-05-16-mb.jpg (164129 bytes)
Kurt Paul & Ocean Castle meet in the sun

5/24 -  Detroit River
- Capt. Mike Nicholls
LAMISUPERIORb07052416mn.jpg (271420 bytes)
Tug Michigan towing tugs Louisiana and Superior to Milwaukee, passing Hart Plaza.
LAMISUPERIORs14052416mn.jpg (250055 bytes)
The Superior was picked up in Detroit.

5/24 - Welland Canal and Vicinity
- Jeff Cameron

Federal Nakagawa (Majuro, Marshall Islands) sailing northbound on Lake Erie as she approaching the Welland Canal entrance at Port Colborne.

Federal Aashi (Majuro, Marshall Islands) departing from the entrance of the Welland Canal at Port Weller.

Ocean Castle (Valetta, Malta) departing from the entrance of the Welland Canal at Port Weller.

American Fortitude at Port Colborne scrapyard.

American Fortitude's bowthruster.

Former Algosar at Marine Recycling, Port Colborne.

5/24 - Vintage kALIUTIk
- Jeff Cameron
kALIUTIk (Nanticoke, Ontario) - Photographed September 18, 1999  in the Welland Canal at Port Weller, Ontario when she was brand new and on her delivery voyage from Nanticoke and Port Dover.  In the years since she has led a varied career which took her far from the lakes. She is presently in Hamilton on what is believed to be her first visit back to the Great Lakes since her construction.    

5/23 - Recent Soo Passages
- Stephen Hause
Alpena meets Arthur M. Anderson near the Sugar Island ferry dock. 

BBC Haren entering the upper harbor.

Constable Carriere meets Cedarglen near Mission Point.

Great Republic down bound approaching Mission Point.

Huron makes an appearance on its way to the M.C.M. Marine dock.

Walter J. McCarthy Jr. meets fleet mate American Century below the locks.
Mesabi Miner and Cedarglen meet below Mission Point. 

Ocean Castle downbound.

Tug Victory with barge James L. Kuber heads toward Lake Huron.

5/23 - St. Ignace - Tom Hynes

Ferry Polaris.  Appears to be owned by The Island Ferry Service, Inc of Grand Rapids, MI.  Used to run to Bois Blanc Island.


Arnold Ferry Dock.  This once served as State Dock #1 for the cross straits auto ferries.


Isle Royal Queen III


Anna May

The Hope

The Welcome

The Hope stern view.

5/23 -  Manitowoc in Cleveland
- Kate White
1-manitowoc-5-23-16-kw.jpg (229785 bytes)        


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