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May 28 - June 2, 2016

6/3 - Lightering operations on the Roger Blough - USCG photos, Petty Officer 3rd Class Lauren Laughlin
160603-G-ZZ999-001.jpg (64885 bytes)
Fleetmate Philip R. Clarke Along side to take on cargo.
160602-G-ZZ999-002.jpg (227152 bytes)
Ariel view
160603-G-ZZ999-003.jpg (201178 bytes)
Blough's shuttle boom off loads its cargo of taconite into the Philip R. Clarke.
160603-G-ZZ999-002.jpg (161839 bytes)
160603-G-ZZ999-005.jpg (45737 bytes)
Petty Officer 3rd Class Ryan Tig Hogan
160603-G-ZZ999-004.jpg (54563 bytes)        

6/2 - Point Iroquois - Doug and Peg Hoort 
IMG_5120edited.jpg (194221 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke alongside the grounded Roger Blough.

Canadian resources observe from above.

GLT tug Missouri and the USCG Buckthorn assisting.

6/2- St. Clair River - Kevin Majewski

Saginaw entering the St. Clair River at Port Huron.

Downbound in the river.

Baie Comeau upbound at Marysville.

CCGS Limnos downbound above Stag Island.

Tug Genesis Victory and Barge GM6506 entering Lake Huron. 

6/1 - Point Iroquois
- Doug and Peg Hoort 

Edwin H. Gott passing the grounded
 Roger Blough.



5/29 & 5/30 - Saginaw River -
Gordy Garris

Olive L. Moore/Lewis J. Kuber headed past Crow Island.

Moore/Kuber unloading at the Burroughs dock.

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder departing from the Bay City Wirt dock.

Upbound at Wheeler's Landing, making the tight squeeze through the railway and the Liberty Bridge.

Passing through the Vet's Bridge in Downtown Bay City.

Stern view passing through the Lafayette Bridge.

Close Up of the tug Dorothy Ann en-route to Saginaw.

Aerial view from atop the I-75 bridge in Zilwaukee.

Closer view passing underneath the bridge.

Sending out a work boat to handle the lines at Saginaw Wirt dock.

5/30 - Point Iroquois
- Doug and Peg Hoort 

Roger Blough aground on
 Gros Cap Reefs.

USCG Mobile Bay and ATN barge
 CGB-12002 alongside.

MCM Marine tug Mohwak and
 Spud Scow 138 assisting.

5/30 - Roger Blough aground - USCG
160530-G-VH840-075.jpg (209484 bytes) 160530-G-VH840-062.jpg (196928 bytes) 160530-G-ZZ999-003.jpg (188671 bytes) 20160530_102405.jpg (109397 bytes) 160530-G-ZZ999-002.jpg (209914 bytes)
160530-G-ZZ999-001.jpg (207622 bytes)        

5/29 - St. Clair River -
Don Detloff

CCGS Griffon downbound at
 Algonac State Park.

CCGS Griffon passing.

CCGS Griffon stern view.

American Integrity unloading at St. Clair Edison while Paul R. Tregurtha waits.

Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder departing from Marysville.

Sailboats at Port Huron.

Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder upbound
 at Port Huron.

Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder under the Bluewater Bridge.

Algoway upbound at Port Huron.

Algoway under the Bluewater Bridge.

5/29 - Recent Detroit River
DJI_0104.jpg (216040 bytes)
Baie Comeau
DJI_0122.jpg (209330 bytes) DJI_0125.jpg (212193 bytes) P1001243.jpg (230205 bytes)
Defiance and Ashtabula
P1001242.jpg (97086 bytes)
Barge traveling light with skeg visible.
DJI_0197.jpg (190962 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker upbound
DJI_0200.jpg (211963 bytes) DJI_0203.jpg (127606 bytes) DJI_0209.jpg (219400 bytes) DJI_0081.jpg (292849 bytes)
Diamond Belle passing with charter from electronic music festival.
P1001235.jpg (171837 bytes)
CSL Laurentien
DJI_0181.jpg (304782 bytes) DJI_0132.jpg (375316 bytes) DJI_0167.jpg (305388 bytes)
Diamond Jack charter
DJI_0075.jpg (299855 bytes)
P1001230.jpg (177214 bytes) P1001232.jpg (191849 bytes)
Westcott II heading to deliver to the American Mariner
DJI_0054.jpg (247217 bytes)
Returning to station.

5/28- Roger Blough grounded on Gros Cap Reef -
160527-G-ZZ999-004.jpg (37223 bytes) 160527-G-ZZ999-003.jpg (35021 bytes) 160527-G-ZZ999-001.jpg (81539 bytes) 160528-G-ZZ999-001.jpg (45069 bytes) 160528-G-ZZ999-002.jpg (109403 bytes)
160529-G-ZZ999-004.jpg (228184 bytes) 160529-G-ZZ999-002.jpg (146190 bytes) 160529-G-ZZ999-001.jpg (156598 bytes)    

5/27- Recent Soo Traffic - David Kaye

Roger Blough grounded on Gros Cap Reef.  Tug W.I. Scott Purvis alongside.

Tim S. Dool under tow.

Tim S. Dool tow.  Lead tug is Anglian Lady, stern tug is W.I. Scott Purvis and the Adanac III is off the port bow.

Kurt Paul

Federal Leda

Algoma Equinox in persistent fog.

5/28 - Saturday at Welland Canal - Bill Bird

Cuyahoga clear of Lock 2.

Crew waiting to tie up below Lock 3


Cuyahoga on the wall as Rt Hon Paul J Martin exits the lock.

Isadora not wishing to tie up above Lock 3 slowly exits the flight locks. 

 After stopping at Cleveland Minervagracht is on her way back through the Seaway heading for Belgium.

Making the wall above Lock 3 as Baie Comeau is upbound.
Wash of Baie Comeau as the skipper slows her down heading to Lock 4 west. 


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