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June 4-5, 2016

6/3 - St. Marys River - Gordy Garris

Vlieborg downbound from the MacArthur lock.

Victory/James L. Kuber passing the Federal Yukon.

Avenger IV pushing barge PML 2501 just below the locks.

Spartan/Spartan II downbound, exiting the MacArthur lock.

American Integrity waits to lock through at the West Pier.

Federal Yukon passing by the American Integrity.

Algoma Transport downbound, Federal Yukon upbound.

Lisanna downbound passing the Federal Yukon.

Undaunted/Pere Marquette 41 unloading scrap at Essar Steel.

State Of Michigan upbound at Soo Harbour.

John B. Aird downbound at Mission Point.

Gros Cap Reef Light to the left of the Blough. Tugboats Scott Purvis and Anglian Lady are rafted to the side of the Blough.

Another view of the group with the Federal Yukon passing by in the distance.

Boom from the Blough seen between the two ships, along with a Yokohama fender to keep them apart during the unloading process.

Cargo being offloaded from the Blough into the holds of the Clarke.

USCG Buckthorn overlooks the Roger Blough.

Roger Blough and Philip R. Clarke rafted together; note the slight listing of the Blough to her port side.

Recent 1000 Island Passage
- Frederick Hager

Robert S. Pierson downbound under the Thousand Islands Bridge. Loaded with salt for Prescott.

Upbound through the 1000 Islands at 8:45 PM for Lake Ontario, about 35 river miles west.




October 2015 - Soo
- Bob Buchanan

Saginaw in the lock on a fall evening.

Sugar Islander holding for Lee Tregurtha.

Lee Tregurtha below Mission last fall.

6/3 - Roger Blough refloating
- USCG photos, Petty Officer 3rd Class Lauren Laughlin
160604-G-ZZ999-001.jpg (49355 bytes)
Roger Blough sits anchored in the Waiska Bay anchorage area. Chief Warrant Officer Kenneth Kahle
2634612.jpg (67000 bytes) 160604-G-ZZ999-004.jpg (88302 bytes) 160604-G-ZZ999-002.jpg (160793 bytes)
Roger Blough holds steady with assistance of support tugs as the ship is refloated. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Craig Gorman
160604-G-ZZ999-003.jpg (139369 bytes)
2634410.jpg (100159 bytes)
George Fill, a deck hand aboard the motor vessel Roger Blough, measures the amount of water in a ballast tank. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Craig Gorman
160603-G-ZZ999-001.jpg (64885 bytes)
Fleetmate Philip R. Clarke Along side to take on cargo.
160602-G-ZZ999-002.jpg (227152 bytes)
Aerial view
160603-G-ZZ999-003.jpg (201178 bytes)
Blough's shuttle boom off loads its cargo of taconite into the Philip R. Clarke.
160603-G-ZZ999-002.jpg (161839 bytes)
160603-G-ZZ999-005.jpg (45737 bytes)
Petty Officer 3rd Class Ryan Tig Hogan
160603-G-ZZ999-004.jpg (54563 bytes)      

6/3 - Gros Cap Reef - John DeCarli

Approaching Whitefish Point and Gros Cap reef, the Blough could been seen aground.

Getting closer to the reef shows a down-bound freighter passing the site.  The Buckthorn, Clarke and Blough are visible.

The Buckthorn is at the bottom of the photo, the reef marker, the Clarke and Blough.

Purvis tugs alongside the Blough, and the Clarke taking on pellets.

6/3 - Detroit River Thursday
DSCN8363.jpg (174462 bytes)
J.W. Westcott II delivering to the Arthur M. Anderson
DSCN8364.jpg (193435 bytes) DSCN8367.jpg (197674 bytes) DSCN8368.jpg (109253 bytes) DSCN8370.jpg (185898 bytes)
DSCN8371.jpg (106699 bytes) DSCN8372.jpg (127980 bytes)
Heading to unload on Zug Island.
DSCN8373 (2).jpg (161785 bytes)
Detroit Princess heading back to dock.
DSCN8383.jpg (149487 bytes)
Cruise ship Pearl Mist docked in Windsor.
DSCN8380.jpg (141251 bytes)
Saginaw downbound
DSCN8338.jpg (223401 bytes)
Patricia Hoey clearing Mistersky
DSCN8340.jpg (93489 bytes) DSCN8341.jpg (125026 bytes) P10012972.jpg (1057484 bytes) P1001289~2.jpg (203860 bytes)
J.W. Westcott II delivering Pizza to the tour boat Friendship off Zug Island.
P10012912.jpg (191870 bytes) P1001292~2.jpg (431694 bytes) DSCN8320.jpg (122977 bytes)
G. L. Ostrander upbound.
DSCN8322.jpg (118009 bytes) DSCN8325.jpg (100962 bytes)
Fleetmates pass, Samuel De Champlain downbound.
DSCN8326.jpg (98323 bytes) DSCN8327.jpg (115396 bytes) DSCN8315.jpg (134601 bytes)
CCG Limnos
DSCN8317.jpg (138313 bytes)  

6/3 - Welland Canal - Bill Bird

G3 Marquis passing under Bridge 5 at Glendale Avenue.

Edging into Lock 3.

No need for winches due to hands-free mooring.

As G3 Marquis begins to depart the lock you can see yellow hands free mooring pads in the raised position.

Headed towards Baie Comeau, Quebec.

She's followed by Robert S Pierson clear of Lock 3.

Crew member sunning himself on the 2nd hatch.

Bound for Prescott, Ontario.

6/2 - Saginaw River
- Gordy Garris

Olive L. Moore/Lewis J. Kuber outbound passing Zilwaukee Park.

Headed underneath the I-75 bridge in Zilwaukee.


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